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If you have a small apartment (New Yorkers are looking for you), an adult loft bed is a practical way to increase bedroom space. In fact, real estate expert Holly Waterfield’s 

He said that loft beds were popular with renters who lived in SoHo lofts in the 70s and 80s. And, who doesn’t like nostalgic style?

She said: “For adults, everyone now works from home and can use [loft beds] to create office spaces in smaller apartments such as studios or one-bedrooms.” 

A loft bed with a desk is easy to understand, but if you don’t need a home office, there are many other space-saving creative solutions such as walk-in closets, lockers or reading corners, such as by Lauren Martin Moro Overview

. Loft beds and adult bunk beds are great choices for guest rooms and holiday homes. 

Before setting up, you also need to consider your space. Laura Hodges

If the ceiling height is at least 9 feet, it is recommended that you create a livable area under the raised bed. If your ceiling is low, she recommends that you find a low raised bed and place drawers or storage underneath. 

Then, the fun part: design an adult loft bed in an adult way. "I recommend using bookshelves, lighting equipment and decorative pieces to design the style to make it look like an adult's space. In addition, packing the bedding can also make it look brighter."


The designer agrees that a high-quality mattress is essential to creating a comfortable loft bed. Many loft beds do not leave much space between the bed and the ceiling, making the box spring or bed frame unusable. "Add extra pillows to save space and replace the headboard to soften the mood." Martin Moro suggested. 

The moral of the story: loft beds and bunk beds are not just for children. 

As Hodges said: "The well-crafted modern design, made of fine solid wood, with soft linen bedding and high-quality mattresses, is very popular for adults."

You can now buy 13 highly acclaimed loft beds and adult bunk beds online.

This modern 

Highly recommended by the designer. Mary Patton of Mary Patton Designs said: "I recommend a very modern and streamlined product, such as Oeuf's products. You can use the area below for storage and cover it with a coordinated white curtain." Smooth Scandinavian Navia design works well in urban environments. It is in birch or walnut color, suitable for all mattresses.

Oeuf Perch Loft bed, $1,650,

This one 

It is ideal because you can use it as a loft bed or adult bunk bed. It is fully customizable; the steel frame is available in 16 colors, from bold orange to classic black. It was recommended by Barney, and according to user reviews, “It’s strong enough for me to climb up and change paper, and it’s beautiful under the table. High quality and great design.”

Room&Board Chase Loft color bed, $1,999,

The golden details will fit well into the fashionable space of the middle of this century. Get matches 


Install it below, or leave space for seating areas or temporary wardrobes. It has two sizes: double size and full size.

PB Teen Waverly loft bed, $1,399,

This one

It has the iconic medieval style of West Elm. It was developed in collaboration with Pottery Barn Teen, featuring sustainably sourced wood, and it is guaranteed not to emit any harmful chemicals or toxins. The built-in desk is the ultimate space saving feature. This also saves money, because you don't have to buy extra. It is suitable for full mattresses and comes in white, pebble and acorn colors.

West Elm Medieval Loft Bed, $1,999,

If you like modern Scandinavian style, then this simple industrial style will not disappoint you

. It comes with a built-in desk, and the clean (not clumsy) design is perfect for small spaces. "This raised bed is very satisfying. The desk below is perfect, and bean bags or other small chairs can be placed underneath." A user shared.

IKEA Vitval, $229,

Your guests will thank you for this 

 When they had to get up in the middle of the night to drink a glass of water. This is an ultra-comfortable loft bed because you can use the above-mentioned full set of stairs and the option of two full mattresses, or you can mix and match and place a double top bed and a bottom bed on it. It has white, charcoal and warm wood color. This is a necessity for a guest room or holiday home.

Pottery Barn Kids Catalina Staircase Loft Bed, $2,695,

This is the unicorn:

! According to the product description, "Urbano extra large loft bed is designed to meet the needs of urban residents living in small or micro apartments." It is equipped with built-in closets, dressers, shelves and desks. In addition, it has two sets of stairs for easy access to the bed area. For people with small living spaces, this is an incredible design-basically it is the entire bedroom.

Casa Collection Urbano King bed, prices are available upon request.

Another great adult bunk bed for a party host is

. It has a single bed at the top, a single bed at the bottom, plus a pull-out dwarf bed. In theory, you can sleep four people in a raised bed. If you decide to change the design, it can also be divided into two separate beds.

Hillsdale Kids and Teen Lake House Bunk, $1,919,

For rooms with lower ceilings or for taller people, it is a great choice to save space! The elegant navy blue wooden base can be designed according to male or female space, and the bed has a large number of hidden storage solutions; there is a built-in desk, drawers and a mini closet, for example, summer coats can be stored in winter.

South Shore Asten Loft Bed with Desk, $955.99,

Minimalists will be attracted by this modern log

. It fits a full-size mattress and has a built-in desk, closet and shelf. Even if it is a step, you can double it to get the most storage space. 

Casa Collection Aspen loft bed, price upon request.

Simple piece 

There is a built-in table, drawers and a small closet. The mattress is on the slats without springs. The white and gray color scheme is both bright and modern, yet classic, making it very suitable for contemporary and traditional residences.

ACME Nerice double storage loft bed, $930.77,

Equipped with pull-out desk, drawers and shelves. The compact design is very suitable for walls. It has white and "brush fog" color.

Pottery Barn Teen Sleep & Study Low Loft Bed, $2,500,

this is very simple

There is enough space below. This is a versatile choice because you can switch as needed to change the condition under the bed. In addition, customers say it is easy to build. "These instructions are easy to understand. It took us less than two hours to assemble and install it. Once installed, it was very attractive and looked stable. When we assembled this After the product with the mattress, they left a deep impression. Buy the second one," one commenter wrote.

Dorel Living Denver Loft Bed, $798.99,

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