COVID variant cases found in Canada, Sweden

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As new variants of the coronavirus were discovered in Canada and Sweden on Saturday, Japan said it temporarily barred non-resident foreigners from entering the country.

The ban will take effect on Monday and will last until January. Last Friday, Japan confirmed the first five cases of the spread of new, faster variants among passengers arriving from the UK.

In Canada, officials confirmed two variant cases that were first discovered in the UK.

Health officials in Ontario said the cases were discovered when the province entered a lockdown on Saturday. A couple in southern Ontario, with unknown travel history, tested positive.

In Sweden, the mutation was found in sick travelers in the UK.

The Swedish Health Agency said that the traveler has been quarantined and no further cases have been found.

Washington — The days of President Donald Trump in office have been counted. But he has stopped working. In the past three weeks, a bomb has exploded in a large city, and the president said nothing about it. With Trump not acknowledging the terrible milestone, the coronavirus has surged to new levels of illness and death in the United States. The president's own words angered the mob to protest Mike Pence's lynching in the U.S. Capitol. Trump made no effort to reach out to the vice president. Defend the Capitol and refuse to describe the actions of officials. On Tuesday, he denied any responsibility for inciting an uprising in the Capitol and said his comments to supporters were "completely appropriate." A small group of people—regardless of norms, leadership skills, basic demeanor—was jaw-dropping in his last few days in office, and even the private speeches of close advisers obliterated his legacy. There are currently six current government officials who are upset about the president’s actions in recent weeks. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they are still working for Trump. "Even after the election defeat, President Trump still has the opportunity to leave the White House with him. The person in charge swaggered to celebrate the achievements of the COVID-19 vaccine, the progress made in the Middle East, and the booming pre-pandemic economy driven by tax reforms, "Michael Steel, an aide to former Republican Senator John Boehner (John Boehner) said. He chose to indulge in fantasies and grievances. Therefore, the iconic image of the presidency will be a bloody, murderous mob that looted our democratic cathedral, the United States Capitol. "At the Capitol last Wednesday, Trump reluctantly tweeted two tweets, calling for calm under the insistence of his aides, and a seemingly disturbing video, including the The message is conveyed to the incident of the riot. ERS: "We love you. You are special. "Later, he played a presidential video on Thursday condemning the violence, apparently hoping to avoid potential legal exposure and efforts to remove him from office. Now, as the FBI warns of armed protests across the country and Washington, the president is elected. Biden was sworn in, what Trump said in recent days to calm the mood or promise his supporters not to resort to violence. At the same time, Trump continued to spread lies about election fraud, his political opponents, and his party After voting on November 3, he retreated into a bunker of his own delusion, unable or unwilling to succumb to failure, and dragged down millions of people. Two months later, aides were still trying to convince Trump to do Efforts to show and save his will. The achievements in the office are limited. He agreed to go to Texas on Tuesday to visit the U.S.-Mexico border wall for the last time in the office. But he has not yet signed an assistant’s proposal requiring him to be at the end of his term. A speech delivered a week, emphasizing the development of the coronavirus vaccine and his efforts to increase military funding. Trump is unlikely to make a farewell speech before leaving office. This is the tradition of Trump’s stepping down as president. Trump’s actions make He lost his status as a megaphone because the social media company hung him from the platform with his provocative remarks. But Trump did not make any effort to restore his voice, avoiding TV interviews and communication The reporter’s interaction, on the contrary, Trump has been wandering in the White House, alternating between his private dining room outside the Oval Office and his mansion residence. A TV. Without Twitter or Facebook, he uses his mobile phone. Call the shrinking circle of aides and allies, claiming to be the role of the aggrieved. Since the holidays, Trump has directed his daily public schedule-hardly any public events-including the strange thing that he does work "President Trump will work from early morning until late at night. Guidance has become a propaganda slogan for the White House, and close aides say this obscures the fact: Trump actually no longer acts like the president after the election, and he cannot focus on anything. Trump has not made any intelligence briefings on his schedule in the past few months, even though aides say he sits with them sporadically. Last year, since the coronavirus has killed more than 375,000 Americans, he has taken little public or private measures to deal with the epidemic. A few weeks after one of the largest infiltrations of the US government’s computer network was nailed to Russia, Trump’s main response was to suggest that it might be China. Trump was puzzled by the election defeat, and many defenders faded away, but eventually fell to his White House chief of staff to defend the record of the past four years and ensure that the president is still working. "President Trump withdrew government regulations and established the strongest and most inclusive economy in history. This is the much-needed institutional accountability system that is bringing our troops home, developed in record time. A safe, effective vaccine, and has changed the way domestic and international transactions are done, so that the results actually help hard-working Americans." Trump spokesman Judd Deere said. "This important work continues with rebuilding our economy and fulfilling his promise to make the United States safer, stronger, and safer." Trump himself has made little effort recently to bring this up. argument. ___Editor's Note—Zeke Miller covers the White House for the Associated Press since 2017. ___Associated Press writer Jill Colvin contributed to this report. Associated Press Zeke Miller (Zeke Miller)

NEW YORK — The British celebrity is awaiting trial, accusing her of recruiting Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse a girl in the 1990s and is appealing the judge’s order to imprison her. Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer notified a trial judge on Monday that he planned to appeal her ruling. Two weeks ago, he rejected Maxwell’s $28.5 million bail. The notice of appeal was publicly released in Manhattan Federal Court Records on Tuesday. In late December, a federal judge in Manhattan stated that the bail offered by the defense lawyer would only strengthen her trust in her. The decision throughout the summer was to keep Maxwell in prison until July. The month’s trial is correct. The bail includes $22.5 million, which the lawyer said is equivalent to the entire assets of Maxwell and her husband. They also stated that she will be guarded 24 hours a day and will be confined to an apartment in New York City, where she will wear an electronic bracelet. Prosecutors opposed bail, saying that Maxwell was still a threat to escape, partly because she could obtain a lot of wealth and contacts abroad. They also pointed out that she is a citizen of the United States, Britain and France. After being arrested in July, Maxwell was detained in a federal detention facility in Brooklyn. She pleaded not guilty to the girls she recruited and trained for Epstein, including He was 14 years old. Epstein committed suicide in Manhattan Federal Prison in August 2019 while awaiting trial for sex trafficking.

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The Federal Revolutionary Front of Quebec (FADOQ) Opposition High Commissioner (RPA) and Lloyd Perth Lloyd's Collective Economic Organization (RQRA) and the French conglomerate Morris Group. Quebec’s Provisional Court, France’s Bourgeois Court, France’s Bourgeois-Leclerc City Hall, France’s market access qualification review, France’s Carmen Silvestre, and no one attended the meeting. attract people's attention. The cadres of the Civil Affairs Ministry of Ellis, the RQRA and DuPont Group of the Republic of Mauries, the Minister of Civil Affairs and Justice, Andre LaForest Andre LaForest, and the Danes of the public relations network FADOQ (Dans unepétitionde la FADOQ), the signature of the RPA de Chambly located in Chambly, in the high-end residential area, the high-end residential decoration network (RPA), you can buy the local purchase restriction (RPA) derby in Lusak. Selon la FADOQ, Ferrari’s Supreme People’s Court (La Projet de Loi 49présentépar la ministre) Laforest developed and operated the premises «Régaledéererédesérede la Régaled'erercer des resursauprèsde la Réduement au Therefore, it is possible to become a representative collective organization of the United Nations. The new Danish presidential secretary, RQRA's director-general in France, Yves Desjardins, affirmed the Quebec guarantee of bailers' bail, and the guarantee issued by the people of Quebec, as well as new evidence, quidéjàplein les bras». Selon lui and Faudrait «People’s police Rélé Selon lescoûtsdérésdes et et des soins qu'elles offrent, people who sell bail (...)» Dans cette affaire RQRA is both Supplements designed for RPA are also important francs. It should be noted that the quality should be reasonably quantified at a moderate level. Public thinker Luis Samp Lepp Samps and taxes due. FADOQ signatory decree, Jean puisqu'il, an anonymous Gardner clerk famous school, and the residence of Résidence La Seigneurieà Chambly, Résidences Fleur de Lys. The inspected son must be released on bail and cannot be redeemed with an annuity of 40 dollars. Jean Paiera Ainsi (Jean Paiera ainsi) face value in 1845, auction price in 1815, poured into the follow-up product 4½. Contract, proposal, guarantor's bail, refusal of bail and the right to quit smoking. Or, in accordance with the laws and administrative regulations of the municipality and the local health bureau, reserve existing problems where appropriate, and make reservations on the basis of laws, regulations, and laws. Le de De Demir Dans’ Son Magazine «Céestce que l'on appelle le" maintien dans les lieux"», notary public certification documents, examples of produit produit par les deux. Au sens de Jean, in the "Environmental Protection Law" and "People's Prosecutors Regulations", deleted the testator, property redistributor, and recipient law. «Moi, I am débrouilleavec mon ordur, I am suis autonome. The main purchase right of permanent purchasers, the identity of the signatory or agent. You can understand my life fundamentally. »Éric Beaulieu, the head of Fleur de Lys, the group vice president, affirmed the "cooperative relationship between France and France, ... (...) laproblématique terms" ne s'est jamaisprésentéeànous auparavant». Evidence of foreclosure. «Notre Dame de Paris, including "rejection and modification of bail". »Labor Relations Company, all-encompassing VIP room, Eu Choud, Base Castle, Lloyd Düsselwaf and the incomparable competitor «Orchestra competitor, feminist». Jean craint que la demande du RQRA received special treatment from Laforest. «Seul Richard Longtin, politician of Jean-François Roberge, député de Chambly, I am a disabled patient. Mais le temps manque. Before the road pass, please be on the way to arrival. Margaret Bryce and the Great Deception RPA worked with City Hall and Minister of Civil Affairs Raymond Mueller (Mémesi le le loyer) to make local people fully respect their opinions. »Supreme People's Court commentator, Minister Laforest comment, tandis qu'une source Prola de la ministre publisher Bails' "Bails du Bail" and "Annexe Pour Les Ressidencesprivé" Location: Chloé-AnneTouma, Local Press Initiative, Chambly magazine

Moscow-The Russian prison department has asked the Moscow court to sentence Alexei Navalny, the top critic of the Kremlin, to imprisonment for violating the terms of imprisonment and probation. Navalny was treated in Germany after being poisoned in August and blamed the nerve agent on the Kremlin on Tuesday for accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin (Vladimir Putin) of supporting the new legal motion. "Putin was so angry with me for being poisoned that he ordered the Federal Penitentiary Service to replace my probation with a real sentence," Navani wrote on Twitter. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied playing a role in the poisoning of opposition leaders. The Russian government did not immediately comment on the appeal against the Simonovsky Court of Justice published on the Prison Service website. At the end of December, the Federal Prison Service asked Navani to report his conviction for corruption and money laundering in 2014 The probation clause he refused was politically motivated. The department warned that if he did not appear in court, he would face imprisonment time. Navalny said his probation ended on December 30. He also pointed out that the European Court of Human Rights had ruled that his 2014 conviction was illegal. Navalny fell into a coma during this period. On August 20, he took a domestic flight from Siberia to Moscow. Two days later, he was transferred from a hospital in Siberia to a hospital in Berlin. Laboratory tests by the Chemical Weapons Prohibition Organization were conducted in laboratories in Germany, France, and Sweden. The Russian authorities insisted that the doctor who treated Navalny in Siberia before he was airlifted to Germany did not find any poison, and proposed to German officials. Asked to prove that he was poisoned. They refused to conduct a full criminal investigation for lack of evidence of Navalny's poisoning. Last month, Navalny released a recording of a phone call, which he said he called to a person who claimed to be an officer. Allegedly a member of the Federal Security Bureau (FSB), he poisoned him in August and then tried to cover it up. The FSB rejected the record as a fake record. Navalny's colleagues described the latest move by the prison service as the Kremlin's attempt to prevent him from returning to Russia to continue his political activities. "They seem to be in hysteria and want to know what else can be done to prevent this from happening. Navalny returns to Russia," his spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh said on Twitter. Associated Press Vladimir Isachenkov (Vladimir Isachenkov)

Southgate allocated all wastewater treatment services except 10 units in the last few days of 2020, but the council heard that plans to increase capacity have been made. The number of available units themselves is not fixed because they are based on rolling averages that include the previous three-year period. Flato East Meadows Phases 7, 8 and 10 will occupy a large block of 177 rentable units. There are 57 houses in the seventh stage; 54 houses and 56 townhouses in the eighth stage, and 21 singles in the tenth stage. "Do we leave a little comfort here?" Deputy Mayor Brian Milne was questioned. CAO stated that the township is good because the planned enhancements to the system may add 400 to 800 units. He said that it is possible to put forward some development proposals in 2021, and these proposals may be delayed for "three or four months." He said that it may not be until 2022 to 2023 before the town can develop land along the Eco Park Avenue. In April 2020, the last official accounting provided by Triton has been removed from Flato Phases 2-6 and White Rose Phases 1 and 2. There were 413 residential equivalent units left at that time. Earlier this year, the equivalent of 56 apartments were allocated to this adult residential apartment building (one apartment is 0.7 apartments), while 170 apartments were allocated to the carriage house on Glenelg Street in Flato. MT Fernandes, "Place Journalist for News Initiative, Dundalk pioneer

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Before Apple banned Parler from using it in its App Store on Saturday, the social media site became the most popular free app in the United States in its App Store, at the top of the list. After Twitter banned President Donald Trump on Friday, interest in the fast-growing app surged again. After Inc. stopped its hosting business, effectively taking the upstart social media service offline, Parler is now fighting for survival.

Ottawa-Prime Minister Justin Trudeau underwent a small reshuffle of his ministers and then held a cabinet retreat later in the day to develop a strategy to restore Parliament. The reorganization was attributed to the departure of Navdeep Bains, who resigned due to innovation. In the first virtual swearing-in ceremony in Canadian history, François-Philippe Champagne stepped down as Minister of Foreign Affairs and assumed the former position of Baynes, and former Minister of Transport Garneau took over. Old work in the Champagne area. Toronto Regional Councillor Omar Alghabra (Omar Alghabra) has taken over the transportation business, which has been turbulent for 10 months since the pandemic triggered the collapse of the tourism industry and disputes over flight cancellation refunds. Jim Carr also returned to the cabinet as minister. The former minister of international trade diversity resigned after announcing the diagnosis. People with multiple myeloma, blood cancer in October 2019. In a video message released on Tuesday morning, Baynes said that after six elections, Baynes hopes to spend more time with his family. "In the past 17 years, they have given a lot. The congressman from Mississauga, Ontario said that last year was a difficult year for the family. "My daughters are in the 5th and 8th grades last year. I need more, and I need them too. It's time for me to put my family first, and I am not happy about it. Trudeau made it clear that he hopes that the ministries that are vital to the recovery of the country’s economy from the COVID-19 pandemic will be overseen by the ministers that will be held nearby. Trudeau said at a reshuffled press conference, Compared with holding the federal election before the health crisis broke out, Trudeau said that he would rather continue to stop the pandemic, distribute vaccines and restore the economy. He said: "Of course I hope to be able to carry out constructive work in Parliament this winter and spring. In order to be able to provide Canadians with these things. "Many federal government support and welfare programs have been unanimously approved by lawmakers. He said that in minority parliaments, opposition parties can trigger elections. He refused to promise not to use the prime minister's privileges to call himself. "My promise is Trullo. Duo said: "This shuffling was carried out at a streamlining ceremony hosted by Governor Julie Payette. This grand ceremony was broadcast online during the grand ceremony and ceremony. August The then Treasury Secretary Bill Morneau resigned. Chrystia Freeland succeeded Morneau while continuing to serve as Deputy Prime Minister. Cabinet retreats-four will be held in the next two weeks Days of a one-day meeting-focusing on what the government needs to do to deal with this pandemic. This situation will continue to be popular in the United States, including speeding up the promotion of vaccines. It should also focus on the eventual economic recovery and The Liberal government plans to invest billions of dollars to combat climate change, create jobs, affordable housing, skills training, and the national childcare program. The retreat is underway as the government prepares to restore Parliament on January 25 This is destined to be a more radical partisan environment. The pandemic forced a certain degree of cross-party cooperation. Last year, Trudeau’s minority Liberal government was able to operate without any serious threat to its survival. However, by the end of last year, The spirit of cooperation is severely frustrated and is likely to completely evaporate this year, especially once the government proposes a budget that is expected to push the long-standing federal deficit to the stratosphere. The government will need the support of at least one major opposition party to be able to Survive in a vote of confidence in the budget Trudeau began holding regular cabinet retreats six years ago. This was an action taken to encourage ministers to establish contacts as they escape the Ottawa bubble. COVID-19 ended the cabinet retreat in September last year. Will work on regional outreach. Trudeau and his ministers restricted themselves to the government building in the country’s capital for a few days to consider how to get the country through the beginning of the second wave. Now, this The epidemic is ending. Trudeau will host a completely virtual retreat in which ministers will participate in video conferences at various locations across the country. The Canadian News Agency report was first published on January 12, 2021 .

The documents submitted to the regulator on Tuesday show that Tesla has taken a step towards listing in India later this year by registering the company in India. Tesla Motors India and Energy Private Limited were established on January 8. Its registered office is located in the southern city of Bangalore, which is a hub for many global technology companies. The document shows that the Indian department has three directors, including David Feinstein, who is currently a senior director of Tesla, according to his LinkedIn profile.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commented on the announcement of the resignation of Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains on Tuesday, stating that he "worked tirelessly to build a better Canada for everyone." Baynes has been a member of the Mississauga-Malton Congress since 2008. He said in a video posted on Twitter on Tuesday morning that he planned to spend more time with his family and decided not to participate in the next general election.

Cape Town, Florida — The International Space Station on Tuesday again bid for 12 bottles of French Bordeaux wine and hundreds of fragments of grapes that have spent a year running around the world in the name of science. SpaceX’s Dragon cargo hold was not docked with wine and vines and thousands of pounds of other equipment and research (including rats) for the purpose of conducting a bombing in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Tampa on Wednesday night. The Atlantic Ocean has become a target, but bad weather has moved the destination to the other side of Florida. SpaceX's supply ship had previously parachuted into the Pacific Ocean. The carefully packaged wine (each bottle is contained in a steel bottle to prevent breakage) is stuffed with corks on the orbital laboratory. Luxembourg startup Space Cargo Unlimited hopes that the wine will be aged there for a whole year. Until the end of February, none of the bottles will be opened. At that time, the company will open a bottle or two for a world-class wine tasting session in Bordeaux by some of the top French connoisseurs and experts. Chemical tests will be conducted in the next few months. Researchers are eager to see how space changes deposits and bubbles. The company’s CEO and co-founder Nicolas Gaume emphasized that agricultural science is the main goal, although he admits that wine tasting can be fun. He will be one of the lucky ones in the breath. Gao Mei of Bordeaux said: "Our goal is to solve how we will develop organic and healthy agricultural solutions that can feed humans tomorrow. We believe that space is the key." Gao Mei said that with climate change, such as grapes and the like The agricultural products will need to adapt to more severe conditions. Through a series of space experiments, Space Cargo Unlimited hopes to learn lessons by emphasizing the weightlessness of plants and transform them into stronger and more resilient plants on earth. There is another advantage. Gaume hopes future explorers will go to the moon, and Mars will want to enjoy some of the fun of the earth. He told the Associated Press: “Being a Frenchman and owning some food and wine is part of life.” Gao Mei said that private investors provided funding for the experiment. He refused to provide project fees. The wine took the Northrop Grumman supply ship on the journey to the space station in November 2019. In March last year, SpaceX launched 320 Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grape fragments, known as "vines" in the grape growing industry. SpaceX is the only shipper that can return space station experiments and other items. The other cargo holds were filled with garbage and burned when they re-entered the earth’s atmosphere. ___The Associated Press Department of Health and Science is supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Department of Science Education. AP is solely responsible for all content. Marcia Dunn, Associated Press

Laurent Quarantine District, Laurent Quarantine District, Santorosi Campus Principal Keen Pignon, and some areas of the Metal Cooperation Organization rejoined in 2008. On January 12, it was awarded the French Novice Association Certificate by the French National Financial Times Federation (FTQ dans uncombiuniqueépubliéle). National Industrial Product Manufacturers Relations Award, the Democratic Central Enterprise Confederation (CSD), the favorite private enterprise association and the important private enterprise association. "The temporary representative of the syndicate group of companies, Marc-André Magnan (Marc-André Magnan) represents the representative work of the group. Nouns plus French-speaking syndicates and other services, plus the principle of adaptability. Mesalos The joint venture company, Desormes, New Mexico’s gay quarantine aspirations and achievements. «Mario Denis (Mario Denis) old co-secretary Valuri Cotonañatre’s fait accompli syndicate, the most Promising members.» The Le Medillos group regrouped and raised a total of 60,000 secteurs secteurs esectomiques travailleurs and travailleuses. (S.ST-A.) Stéphane St-Amour, Local News Initiative, Courrier Laval

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"De Puis la mise en vigueur", "Government Bills Yearbook", "Le villes se mettent au diapason et font leurs propres anncence" in the 9th issue of Yangwei Daily. Rappelons qu'un couvre-feu estimposéau Québecentre 20 h et 5 h, du jamais-vu depuis larippe dite «espagnole». Les villes serves the most respected new generation. Shangri-La Champs Elysées Shangri-La Champs Elysées has extended its state-owned and private service levels for 8 months. French telephone company employee, telephone and ticket pass, pendant of the High Court of Paris, France. The noble humanoid separation continued to develop. It is worth paying attention to the civil culture and civil buildings of the municipality, "Public Opinion Assessment Service", "Civil Administration and Detailed Civil Affairs Service". Marieville Marieville, a member of the Chamber of People's Assembly of Chambery, and the staff of Chamboli and other places will continue to provide high-level services. Among the personal organizations of profiteers who continued to engage in personal activities, between the new aristocrats and new aristocrats of Saint Mary and De Monova, the distinguished segregated race respected the family. «Temporary injunction of residency rights, permanent humanitarian relief, humanitarian humanitarianism or priority» priority. Ainsi, event day 19h30, Thursday. Quantified on the Shangri-La Avenue in Paris on January 9. Restore it to a translucent state as much as possible, then pour it into a single foam (from 19:00 to 19:30) and inject air to the maximum. The family dog ​​Lesactivitésàl'aréna Julien-Beauregard (located in the Vila Franca de Graz, France) was stolen. The final order book, the new book issued free of charge, and the fonts that need to be protected, and the rights are reserved in the catalog. The 24th Anniversary of the UN Press Conference, Saint Nome de Marie Solsolsolsolsolsolsolsolsolsolsolsolsoviet somat Sofitel Andy Touma, place News Initiative Chloé-AnneTouma, Chambly Magazine

TORONTO—Neil Young called for sympathy with the people who stormed into the U.S. Capitol, saying they were “so manipulated and used their beliefs as a political weapon.” The folk singer who grew up in Omiemi, Ontario recently shared Last Wednesday, a letter on his website expressed his sadness at the riot led by supporters of US President Donald Trump. The young man wrote that he “appears to feel sorry for the people” and seemed determined to overthrow the outgoing presidential election in the Capitol. He blamed Trump and the social media platform used by the President, which the singer said was the political culprit. The young man also condemned white supremacy and was frustrated with the "double standards" in the Congressional riots, which he said was in stark contrast to the "treatment of people" in the "Black Life Issues" march last year. The musician, who has long criticized Trump on climate change and other issues, lived in California for most of his adult life last year and became an American citizen. He said that one of the reasons he applied for dual citizenship in Canada and Canada was that after voting against Trump for a long time condemning Trump's supporters, Yang's more sympathetic views emerged. In the letter, he talked about the sudden change in his views. "I still have firm beliefs. That hasn't changed." he wrote. "We are not enemies. We must find a way home." Follow @dfriend on Twitter. The Canadian News Agency report was first released on January 12, 2021.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today that Canada has reached an agreement to purchase another 20 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. This doubled the country’s locked-in doses from the U.S. pharmaceutical giant and brought the total number of vaccines scheduled to arrive from the two approved vaccine manufacturers this year to 80 million – enough for the entire Canada based on the required two-dose regimen. The population is vaccinated. Trudeau said at a press conference outside Rideau Cottage: "From our agreement with Pfizer and Moderna alone, we are expected to have vaccines for every Canadian who wants a vaccine by September." "We will continue. Work hard and see if there are a few more injections, because all Canadians hope that this will make progress as soon as possible." Canada is now committed to buying 40 million doses from Pfizer-BioNTech, 40 million doses from Moderna, and can choose from Pfizer- BioNTech purchased another 36 million doses. It is estimated that 6 million people will arrive by the end of March-enough to immunize 3 million people. Trudeau’s announcement comes just days after Procurement Minister Anita Anand announced that the federal government had chosen not to exercise its option to purchase up to 16 million doses of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. At another press conference, Anand said that she chose not to purchase the remaining dose because Modena cannot guarantee delivery before September. According to CBC News, as of Monday evening, 380,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered among the 548,000 doses allocated to various provinces and territories in Canada. The pressure to accelerate vaccine delivery continues to increase. The federal government is under tremendous pressure to speed up the delivery of vaccines because Canada has experienced a surge in post-holiday holidays and deaths, and people are concerned about the spread of the first discovered coronavirus strain. The UK spreads more easily than other variants. Several provinces have warned that their delivery rate is faster than delivery. Alberta Governor Jason Kenny said on Monday that Alberta may run out of vaccine supplies as early as next week, while British Columbia Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said the province will be exhausted before the end of yesterday. It is expected to be delivered on Thursday. The federal government released a delivery schedule this week, which includes shipment dates and doses expected to be delivered to provinces and territories by the end of February. Trudeau said: "We are continuing to work with various vaccine companies to accelerate and move forward to increase the dose for Canadians as soon as possible." "At present, we have been able to provide the provinces with very clear directions and information to inform them. How many vaccine doses will be received each week between now and the end of February, which allows them to plan and manage their promotion process." Watch | Canada received millions of doses of vaccine: Anand said negotiations with Pfizer enabled manufacturing The supplier increased the delivery date of 2 million doses of vaccine originally scheduled for the third quarter to the second quarter. Anand said: "This is my department and my daily job, that is, to speed up the delivery of vaccines to the country." "Once we enter the second and third quarters, Canadians will see the scheduled delivery speed of vaccines. Rapid acceleration." Anand said, she estimated that Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna will provide about 20 million doses of vaccine between April and June 2000-enough to vaccinate 10 million people-in addition to the 6 million doses expected in March. . Her office said that if Health Canada approves the other two vaccine candidates currently being reviewed by AstraZeneca-Oxford and Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen, Canada may vaccinate up to 20 million people by June. The advisory group recommends two doses within six weeks. Today, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) concluded that the second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines should be given within six weeks of the first dose. The recommendation was announced by the chairman of the committee, Dr. Caroline Quark, in an interview with the Canadian Radio Program "Tout un matinin" on Tuesday a few hours before the release of the committee’s recommendation. These recommendations are for the Public Health Agency of Canada, allowing longer intervals between doses than the manufacturer’s recommendations. Formally, Pfizer-BioNTech's guidelines call for a 21-day interval between two dosings, while Moderna recommends a 28-day interval between dosing. Quach said that NACI came to this conclusion after reviewing clinical trial data and considering the epidemiology of multiple provinces. The recommendation may prompt provinces to reconsider their vaccination campaign methods, as some provinces have been reducing doses to ensure they have sufficient supplies to provide subsequent doses. There is a growing consensus among experts that providing the COVID-19 vaccine to as many people as possible may be more beneficial than supplying a backup vaccine to recipients on time according to the manufacturer’s schedule for a second dose-especially given that there is more fact. Determine the delivery schedule. Henry, a health officer in British Columbia, was initially criticized by doctors and nurses in British Columbia because the province decided to postpone the second COVID-19 vaccination. Henry argued that the decision was made under the guidance of the World Health Organization, the British Columbia Centers for Disease Control, NACI and the International Research Group, and said there is no evidence that longer waiting times affect immunity. Watch | BC health officials say that postponing the second COVID-19 vaccine dose will protect 150,000 people

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La Maison Simonne-Monet-Chartrand (MSMC) won a $500,000 financing in Chambly. Imported into French Radio Canada, French National Radio. It is expected to spread in December and play an important role in sustainable development from March to 19, 2020. In the middle of 1987, the entrepreneurs of the 10th French National Association of Legal Art Research (Afin de Soutenir les projets) can be found in Soumisà Desjardins. Simone Monet Chatelain (Msson d'hébergement) Simone Monet Chatelain (MSMC) has done her duty. Promote French cabaret performances in public places, with Gildo Roy, Pierre Yves Lord, Patricia Paquin, French Castell and André Robiere, participating The long-term participation and harmony of the participants and the participants caused social resistance. The top priority of the UN High Commissioner for Women's Simone Monet Chatelain (MSMC) coupled with the premiere of the COVID-19 tour, female prisoners were violently assaulted ainsi que leurs enfants dans un isolement plus profond. La MSMC ayant pour d'offr d'offrirunéééééééde de la de la desécuritaireet du soutienàplusieurségardsàces femmes, afin qu'elles remettent leur vie staffle and familiale sur les les rails, elle a soumisv projet d'offrirunééééééééde Confident. Le conceptarésonnéauprèsdu groupe financier. «Désjardinspour le fonds (Désjardinspour le fonds) is the most planned agent in pursuit of existing needs. C'est un Project Complexe, sur lequel nous travaillons depuis 2015», a secret Hélène Langevin, Directoriese Généralede la MSMC. «Shangri-La Maison Tour will provide you with professional cooperation, Simonne-Monet-Chartrand Foundation, Ms. Jean-François Caron and some partners will also be sponsored. Shooting pistols, assault rifles and advanced sports legal advice, Monte Montic higher vocational school, pour decrees, and signal commuter envoys and communism. Participated in the Champs-Elysées Champs-Elysées Museum in the French National History and Culture Exchange »French New Democracy and Violent Conflict National Police, French Portauin and French Sierra Leone Langfin, Dominican Romes Directors Guild, Julie Anne Anne Sean MMC Intervention, and Isordelle Labrecque and coordonnatrice. The inspirer of destiny and the victim of the victim maintained a peaceful and peaceful relationship in silence. «Peut-êtrequ'il y aura quelqu'un qui va prendre letéléphoneet appeler with animal names. Pendomi Museum (Lesrépercussions de lapandémie) «Avec des conjoints qui ont perdu leur travail (Avec des conjoints qui ont perdu leur travail), Quest (te Sont entélétravailavec elles), Duke of Saint Exeter (...) Comment? The film of Touche's son, "?quit'écris?" C'étaitdéjàcomplexe avant, c'est encore plus complexe», is the verbal expression of a lady Langewan. «Notre Dame Cathedral in France, Puys of Dresden chose Encore. »Cadeaux and other surprises Plusieurs surprise is éauientaussi au menu au cous dece'émission. Une toile ludique, chatting on behalf of his son, the successor of Clémence Desrochers et remiseàla MSMC decorerl'un des murs de sadeuxième with a sense of humor. Chanel of France and Chanel of France, Castel of France, a singer of Senator Capella Chanel (Y'a des mots). Elle s'est aussiremémorésa propreexpérienceavec une intervenante. «Moi, what I said is my phrase. In these words, "T'es pas une erreur". (...) Puis quand je ne me crois plus, je penseàça. »Free training provided by TOU.TV.Chloé-AnneTouma, local journalism initiative, Chambly magazine

PEI is reporting a new case of COVID-19. This is a man in his 30s who recently had a history of travel outside the province. PEI's Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Heather Morrison, announced the new cases during the regular COVID-19 briefing on Tuesday. The man took Air Canada flight 8302 from Montreal to Charlottetown on January 4. Anyone on the flight should continue to self-quarantine for two weeks and monitor symptoms. Since the beginning of the pandemic in March, PEI has confirmed 103 cases of COVID-19. Eight remain active. There were no deaths or hospitalizations. Prime Minister Dennis King said on Tuesday that since the past two weeks of Christmas, the number of cases has not increased and that PEI can start to relax some restrictions in the province, which is full of "good hope." He said that before the travel restrictions outside the province are lifted, restrictions will be relaxed within the province. He said that the province is closely monitoring the situation in New Brunswick, and 65 new cases have been reported in the past three days, with 214 cases on file. Morrison said that from January 25, the restrictions on PEI will be relaxed, which includes increasing the number of people at public gatherings such as personal gatherings, sports events and faith-based services. She said: "We have done a good job, so far." "This is my personal plea and the support of the team: now is the time for us to really stick to it and continue to take these measures for a longer period of time. Now is not the time to proceed with caution.” Morrison said that by this weekend, all long-term care residents and employees of PEI will receive their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. She hopes that by next weekend, everyone who lives and works in community care will get the first dose. She added that so far, 4,226 doses of one of the two approved COVID-19 vaccines have been vaccinated on the island. "So far, thanks to the support and resilience of the islanders, we have been able to deal with all the challenges posed by COVID-19, our health system is not under pressure, and we will continue to receive comprehensive health services, including elective procedures. ”Reminder about symptoms Symptoms of COVID-19 may include: fever. Coughing or previous coughing worsened. May lose taste and/or smell. sore throat. New or increased fatigue. headache. Shortness of breath. Runny nose. More on CBC PEI

Police in Hamilton, Ontario said they have charged two organizers of an anti-mask protest organization for holding activities that allegedly violated public health rules. Police said these activities were held in downtown Hamilton on January 3 and January 10. The force claimed that 40 people participated in the first event and 60 people participated in the second event. Current provincial restrictions limit gatherings to a maximum of 10 people outdoors. The police said they had notified the organizers of the "Hug Mask" that the party originally scheduled for January 10 would be charged, but they continued. They said that under the Reopening of Ontario Act, a 27-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman face charges. If convicted, they will be fined a minimum of 10,000 yuan. The Canadian News Agency report was first published on January 12, 2021. This story was produced with funding from Facebook and Canadian News Agency. Canadian Press

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The federal government today announced a series of new regulations designed to ensure that Canadian companies do not engage in human rights violations or the use of forced labor in China’s Xinjiang Province. These measures include new requirements for companies doing business in the region, as well as guarantees that if the Chinese authorities are likely to use the products for surveillance, suppression, arbitrary detention or forced labor in Canada, they will prohibit the export of products from Canada to China. Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne said in a press release: “Canada is deeply concerned about the massive arbitrary detention and abuse of Uighurs and other minorities by the Chinese authorities.” The industry. Champagne added: “No one should be abused because of their religion or race.” Today’s actions represent Canada’s most powerful measures in the face of increasing international criticism of the Chinese government’s policies in Xinjiang, but these measures No "Magnitsky sanctions" were imposed on Chinese officials, which is a measure requested by a parliamentary committee. China's actions fit the definition of genocide. Forced labor, arbitrary detention of UN experts and human rights activists said that more than 1 million Uighurs, Kazakhs and others were arbitrarily detained in political indoctrination centers similar to prisons. China claims that these centers are aimed at combating extremism and teaching vocational skills, but former residents and human rights groups stated that the targets of these centers are Islam, minority languages ​​and culture. A coalition of civil society organizations also accused China of forcing thousands of Uighurs and other ethnic minorities to pick cotton by hand. The cotton produced in the vast western provinces accounts for 85% of China's cotton and 20% of the global cotton supply. These cottons are sold to global fashion brands. The Washington Think Tank Global Policy Center found in a December 2020 report that most cotton in Xinjiang is likely to be "contaminated by forced labor." The Canadian Department of Global Affairs said in a press release that Canada has banned the import of goods produced through forced labor as part of its obligations under the Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA). The new regulations also require Canadian companies in the Xinjiang market to sign a declaration acknowledging that they understand the human rights situation in the province, and promise to conduct due diligence on Chinese suppliers to ensure that they did not intentionally purchase products or services from the following companies: labor. The Canadian Department of Global Affairs also issued a business advisory warning of the legal and reputational risks that Canadian companies face by maintaining a supply chain related to forced labor. The new measures were announced jointly with similar actions taken by the United Kingdom. Although the government has promised to impose fines on companies that do not comply with the regulations, this does not appear to be Canadian practice. Last fall, the International Human Rights Subcommittee of the House of Commons issued a report stating that China’s persecution of this Muslim minority group is clearly a violation of human rights and is aimed at "eliminating the Uyghur culture and religion." The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted strongly, accusing the committee of spreading lies and false information. Canada exported 23 billion U.S. dollars worth of goods to China in 2019 and imported 75 billion U.S. dollars.

The head of the Toronto-Toronto Heart Center urged immediate support for nervous doctors, nurses and other medical staff, calling their burnout risk a "public health crisis." Barry Rubin, director and medical director of the University Health Network’s Peter Munch Heart Center, said that surveys conducted at the Cardiovascular Center before the pandemic found that 78% of nurses, 65% of doctors and 73% of other health workers said this The investigation was conducted between late November 2018 and February 2019 and did not consider the possible impact of COVID-19 on employees since then, but Dr. Susan Abbey, UHN’s chief psychiatrist, said that there was no such thing as This epidemic has undoubtedly exacerbated the fatigue, stress and depression of many medical staff. More than 400 doctors, nurses and related personnel (including physical, respiratory and occupational therapists, social workers and speech pathologists) responded. Burnout can involve professional dissatisfaction, job loss, decreased quality of life, and suicidal thoughts. Rubin said: “It is also related to medical errors, serious safety incidents, readmissions, poor patient prognosis, and in some cases even increased patient mortality. The incidence is related,” Rubin said in a press release on Tuesday. "Clinician burnout is a public health crisis that we must address now." This report in the Canadian newspaper was first published on January 12, 2021, with the Canadian newspaper number Cassandra Szklarski

Nova Scotia reported a new case of COVID-19 on Tuesday, with 27 active cases across the province. According to a press release from the Ministry of Health and Health, the new case is in the central health district of the province and is closely linked to previously reported cases. The province also announced mandatory testing for rotating workers returning to Nova Scotia working in another part of the country. Prime Minister Stephen McNeill said at a press conference on Tuesday that the number of cases is worrying, especially in Alberta, where many Nova Scotiaians work. Currently, rotating workers are required to be tested within the first two days of returning to Nova Scotia, and to be tested again about a week later. He said: "Not all rotating workers comply with the regulations. This is a problem." Dr. Robert Strong, the chief medical officer of the Ministry of Health, said that actually only one-third of rotating workers are being tested. He estimated that "thousands" of people go out to work in the province regularly. Beginning Friday, COVID-19 testing is required for rotating workers working outside of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. The review will be completed and the rotation workers will be contacted by phone to remind them of the need for testing. Anyone who has not been tested will be fined $1,000. Regardless of the test results, rotating workers must complete the revised 14-day self-isolation. According to a press release issued on Tuesday evening, the Nova Scotia Department of Health recommended possible COVID-19 exposure at seven locations in the Truro area and on two Air Canada flights to Halifax. A list of exposure warnings for the province can be found here. Funding for universities According to a news released by the Ministry of Labor and Higher Education on Tuesday, the province will spend 25 million Canadian dollars to help Nova Scotia universities manage the financial impact of the pandemic. The funding is intended to help make up for the 2020-2021 loss of income related to tuition and accommodation fees and pandemic-related expenses related to curriculum development, information technology and increased cleaning. The money will be distributed to 10 universities in Nova Scotia based on the information they provided to the province about the costs of the pandemic. Dalhousie University will receive the largest portion of funding, close to US$9.5 million. Atlantic Theological Seminary received the least funding, approximately $218,000. Funds are for university institutions only-Nova Scotia Community College is not listed in the recipient. Urging students returning to school for testing. In January, the University of Nova Scotia found 5 cases, including 2 on Monday, because students returned from winter vacation. The province urges students returning from areas outside the Atlantic Province to book COVID-19 tests on the sixth, seventh or eighth day of isolation, regardless of whether they have symptoms. Any student with symptoms of COVID-19 must complete a self-assessment online or call 811. Even if the test result is negative, students must still complete their 14-day quarantine period. Strong said that the examination requirements for college students and shift workers are different, because students return to the province once from the holiday, while shift workers keep going in and out. The police imposed multiple fines in Halifax, saying they had issued fines for failing to comply with public health regulations in two separate incidents last weekend. The Halifax District Police said the first incident occurred at 9:30 pm on Friday after they received a report that the delivery driver of the Bedford restaurant did not wear a mask when giving orders to the apartment complex. According to news reports released on Tuesday, officials charged the man with a summary fine of $1,000 for violating the health protection law. Current COVID regulations require people to wear masks to cover their noses and mouths in indoor public spaces (including building lobbies). Police confirmed on Tuesday that the incident had nothing to do with the Hailas restaurant under Lower Sackville. The owner of the restaurant was fined last Friday for not wearing a mask. Police responded to another incident at a residence in Halifax at 12:30 am on Sunday. According to reports, a social gathering exceeded the party limit of 10 people. Police spokesman Const. John MacLeod said there were about 20 people in the residence. The officials gave three men who were residents of the house, and they were each fined $1,000. New South Wales begins more vaccinations. On Monday, a nurse in Cape Breton received the vaccinations for the first time outside of the Halifax area. The province also began vaccinating long-term care residents in Northwood. . Strand called this a "milestone moment" in the province's immunization campaign, adding that so far, the province has received more than 3,800 vaccines. Most of these people are the first dose, but some have already received the second and final dose. It is expected that an additional 5,850 doses of Pfizer’s BioNTech vaccine and 3,700 doses of Moderna vaccine will be shipped to the province by the end of this week. McNeil said that by June, the province is expected to have received 1 million doses. Strong said that by the end of January, vaccination sites will be established in four hospitals outside Halifax and six long-term care facilities in the province. Immunization for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine began in the Western Health District on Tuesday, starting at the Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville. A government spokesman said that the first phase of vaccination in the western region will be limited to health care workers and designated caregivers in long-term care facilities. In order to resist misinformation and skepticism about the vaccine, Strong said that the province is developing a communication strategy until the second phase of the vaccine is promoted in the spring. NS-NB Travel Notes Last week, the province announced that anyone entering Nova Scotia from New Brunswick must self-quarantine for 14 days. This measure took effect on January 9. Strong clarified in a briefing on Tuesday that those who often go abroad to work or go to school are not subject to this restriction. They can get help from border staff to put in the windshield instead of filling out an online check-in form. In the next few days, parents in Nova Scotia will drop out of school at the University of New Brunswick, and vice versa. They must go back and forth directly and cannot keep close contact with anyone on the journey. Nova Scotia residents in New Brunswick on January 9 can complete self-isolation in New Brunswick and go directly to their residence in Nova Scotia from there without the need for a second quarantine period. They must do this within 24 hours of completing self-isolation. As long as they travel directly, they can also come to Nova Scotia in the middle of the self-isolation period to complete the journey at home. Both options require them to check in online first. For travelers from places outside Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, or Newfoundland and Labrador, vaccination against COVID-19 does not meet their self-isolation needs. Strand said that it is unclear whether the vaccine can prevent asymptomatic infection and spread. The case number of the Atlantic Province of Canada The latest COVID-19 number of the Atlantic Province is: More popular cases

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