Cranbrook graduates express human needs through furniture and products

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Featured work consists of nine designs

Products from Cranbrook Academy of Art include an AR headset that entertains everyday life and an aluminum lamp that reflects fairy tales.

The project introduced here is the final result of students' graduation

The company is located in the Michigan campus of Cranbrook and aims to "explore the needs of humans, which are expressed through the furniture and products we use."

"The 3D Design Department of the Cranbrook College of Art is an experimental laboratory designed to explore the needs expressed by the furniture and products needed by humans. Through the process of questioning, production and discussion, our graduates have established a wide range of evaluation designs The key framework.

"The program spans the environment of mass production

Exquisite design, located in the overlapping part between designs, exquisite


. The selected works displayed here represent the results of our 2020 graduating class of nine students. "

Acrylic, lamp and motor

"Light is something we have been using, but we rarely stop and think-we see it as a bright moment. I tried different methods

Light sources, and then combine them with lenses and other materials to create unique visual effects.

"Once we start to change the role of light, we can see our world from a new perspective. Whether you like it or not, light and shadow are always with us. Whether it is sincere or tender."

Post-industrial, post-consumer and original HDPE plastic

"My work explores the relationship between chaos and order. I am influenced by natural forces, bionics and

. I use a handheld extrusion gun to form

To become an organic form similar to trees and corals, the purpose is to create objects that trigger a dialogue about matter, process and form.

"My process is not a plastic solution

The crisis has raised awareness. These objects are similar to nature, but have functional elements, alluding to "useful" plastic objects. I tried to create a work that imitated the natural structure and made the audience question the materials and craftsmanship used. "

Raspberry Pi, LCD monitor, camera, 3D printed PLA and battery

"Earth Online is a conceptual design that focuses on the boundary between'real life' and online games. It includes immersive

, Camera, electronic muscle controller, etc.


"In this case, users can observe themselves through the camera behind their heads, just like playing an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). They can control their body movements by clicking on virtual buttons.

"This concept combines

By using the third-person perspective, users are allowed to see themselves objectively, converting some of their behaviors into pressing buttons and converting user status information into life value, experience, and reputation value, thus playing a role in the real world. "


Hand-tufted decoration, high-density foam, brass sled base and chair back


Made by hand cutting and forging

The chassis has a welded brass back. The seat cushion is made of high-density foam and is equipped with hand-tufted


"Each side of the cube cushion is different and can be removed from the brass base to change the display direction."

Mixed materials and fiberglass chairs

"Growing up between the ocean and the city, I was caught in the tide pool and

The waste taken away by each wave.

"Through various media, I try to create objects that need to be exploited and studied, while embodying the concepts of identity, violence, disgust and weirdness. From biomorphology to weird eyes and everything in between, I have always Imagine through humor while exploring one's own realm, checking the process and diligently learning from failure."

Aluminum, epoxy, fiberglass and polystyrene

"My work explores whimsical forms and reflects the positive values ​​found in fantasy narratives. Even the simplest, naive fairy tales are more hopeful than the world we live in.

"These other worlds do not exist in our material world, but this does not mean that they are not real. If they are not real, as adults often say to children, where does the value and all the positive energy come from? Come?"

Wood and ceramics

"My work attempts to create new object systems, including our own, human understanding of them, and the experience of objects living in these structures. Some of the structure design experiments explored the "intermediary" between objects from the value of objects. ". Functional furniture and items that can have their own agency rights.

"In a broad sense, my work uses

And public systems to redefine their role in the changing domestic landscape. The final application ranges from desktop containers to full-size ambiguities that may be ambiguous

, All my items are a mixture of two traditional materials –

. "

UV-sensitive colored polyurethane rubber

"Kyle Joseph is a designer based in Miami, Florida, currently living in Detroit, Michigan.

"His work focuses on form, and the distortion or expansion of our preconceptions about what objects are and how objects should behave in the home environment."

Recycled plastic, glass mirror, brass, birch and LED

"This frame

It is made of mixed recycled plastic compressed board with architectural bronze hardware.

"in the darkness,

The lining glass creates an illuminated arch. "

 It provides a simple and affordable platform for students and graduate students to showcase their work during the coronavirus pandemic. 

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