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Kent Brown

Kent R. Brown, 79-year-old professor emeritus of the Department of Drama, passed away on December 6, 2020 in Greenville, South Carolina.

Dr. Brown joins the University of Arkansas

Served in the Department of Speech and Dramatic Arts at the time, and eventually became the Department of Drama in the fall of 1974.

When Brown joined American Union University, he was already an excellent director and playwright with a film background. His doctoral dissertation came from the University of Iowa, mainly in film writing, but his job of teaching undergraduate and graduate courses was mainly to direct directors, occasionally turning to general acting, comedy acting, cameras, drama history and script writing.

Brown also teaches scriptwriting, acting and director seminars at universities and writers’ workshops across the country, including at Manhattanville College, Clemson University, Chautokwa’s Writers’ Center, and Sewanee Writers’ Conference. Horton Foote teaches together. He also served as a member of the selection team for the Millais colony and new dramatists.

One of Brown's long-time colleagues and friends, Professor Emeritus D. Andrew Gibbs (D. Andrew Gibbs) said that Brown is also an excellent stage director.

"He has the talent to let people around him join the production team

 Actors, artistic staff, stage crew

 Gibbs said: "I feel good about myself and believe that their work is important whether it is secondary or important. He is fascinated by the details, and the seemingly endless yellow sticky notes during the rehearsal witnessed this. One point. But while trying to maintain the necessary discipline and focus for good production, he always praises him generously."

Gibbs said that Brown became


In 1980, with the support of the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Drama separated from the umbrella of speech and theater arts and established the Department of Drama.

During the first five years of the new department, Roger Goss served as chairman, and then from 1985 to 1993, Brown served as the helm.

Gibbs said: "Under Kent's leadership, the drama department's reputation for excellence in performance and production has continued to increase." "A few new teachers have been added and the number of students has grown significantly."

During Brown’s chairmanship, he also co-founded the new Mount Sequoyah theater in Fayetteville, where he worked as a director for 14 years. The program brings six carefully vetted playwrights to campus each year so that they can develop new scripts when working with actors in the department.

Gibbs said: "Many of Sequoia Mountain's playwrights continue to pursue career goals with their important works, including appearances on Broadway, the famous university playwright center."

During all this, Brown himself is still an active playwright.

Eventually, he stepped down as chairman in 1993 and handed over the position to Gibbs. Before retiring, Brown continued to be active on the show for about five years and moved to Connecticut to continue working on screenwriting. As Gibbs said: "Most importantly, marry Gail Selgel Brown! "

Subsequently, Gibbs served as the chairman of the theatre department until 2013, when the current chairman Michael Riha assumed the leadership position. In 2014, the department name was changed to the current name

Department of Drama.

Riha said that Brown was the inspiration for everyone and his beloved colleagues, and he continued to serve as a playwright, director and artist after his retirement.

Riha said: "His resume is prolific, including original scripts and adaptations. He has always focused on interpersonal values, commitment to important principles, and in most cases the love between individuals. "Later he taught at the University of Connecticut and served as a guest director in the Greenville Theater Community.

Brown’s instructional credits at American universities include:



His performance credits include John Honeyman in

, Scotty Templeton (Scotty Templeton)

And Judge Wargrave

Brown's original

Produced in the United States, Australia, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands

Won multiple awards, including


And the Beverly Hills Theatre Association/Julie Harris (Julie Harris) first place award

The script he prepared for young audiences includes


Brown also studies and writes

 In 1982, the first book provided a visual history of Fayetteville. 

Brown’s recent director credits include

Greenville Little Theatre;

Center stage; and

At Furman University.

Kent Brown will continue to live in our minds, in the minds of the hundreds of students who are connected to him, and the audience who saw his work as a director and screenwriter, especially in his descendants And of course, he is an excellent wife Gail of 23 years," Gibbs said.

Riha added: "Rest in peace, dear friend." "Your contribution to our lives is endless, and will continue with your spirit and good memories."

Chairman and Professor Michael J. Riha

Department of Drama


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