Design Studio Re-imagines Movie Theater Seating For a Post Covid World

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Due to the COVID-19 lock-in and necessary precautions, certain aspects of the entertainment industry have been reluctantly abandoned in the past year, one of which is to obtain a safe and exciting movie watching experience. On the bright side, the London design studio

It not only helps to reshape the entertainment life after lock-in, but also presents this entertainment life in a hopeful and thoughtful way. The innovative design studio has created a series of seating units to alleviate COVID-19 anxiety among restless movie audiences. Glossy seat series, titled

—Hope to contribute to the new renaissance of entertainment culture after COVID-19.

The design of these devices prioritizes "safety", but they also hope to incorporate experience in travel and comfort. The fully adjustable seats are placed separately and include the most hygienic details. Moviegoers of the future will find themselves interested in details, such as removable frosted protective screens and UV-C lamps that can sterilize the seats themselves, not to mention small storage spaces for storing personal belongings. The fabric upholstery (3D knitting) of the seat is hydrophobic and contains antibacterial copper wires, which are woven in a way that prevents dust from accumulating in the gaps. Slim frame

Units (which may be considered uncomfortable compared to larger theater seats in the past) are based on

, Designed to support different body types in a variety of ways.

It will also include all the decorations for the movie, including front speakers with immersive sound, movable armrests and a flat table. There are even LED panels built into each individual headrest, designed to flash the customer's name and seat number. The anti-fouling material used on the seats allows theater staff to quickly clear the space after each performance. The chair even has a cinematic aesthetic, and its color palette is inspired by the crayons used in Wes Anderson's movies.

Pay attention

The unit may be in a theater near you!

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