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When you have to spend more time on others (taxi, train or plane or inauguration), double masking is a wise and easy way to reduce the risk.

Many of us watched the inauguration this week

-Colorful jackets and

An ensemble dressed by first lady Jill Biden and Biden’s granddaughter,

Worn by Vice Presidents Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton and ex officio Senator Bernie Sanders

Made from recycled wool sweater.

But what excites me most is the double-layer mask! Double masking is a wise and easy way to reduce risk, especially if the situation requires you to spend more time on other people, such as a taxi, train or plane or inauguration. Former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg (Pete Buttigieg) is now the nominee for the Minister of Transportation and has been double-covered. It appears that he is wearing a high-quality medical mask under a black cloth mask. His husband Chasten has a similar double mask appearance, but wears a fashionable plaid mask that matches his winter scarf.

We should all immediately consider the quality of masks. new

The continued emergence of the coronavirus is a cause of urgent concern especially in the United States because it is extremely contagious and spreads rapidly. I wrote

Protect yourself better.

Most importantly, you should continue to take the same pandemic precautions as usual, but do better. The new variants circulating in the United States seem to be able to lock our cells more effectively. (You can find the detailed appearance

) Mutations in the virus may mean that it may take less virus and less time to infect someone in the same room as the infected person. People infected with this variant may also shed a large amount of the virus, which increases the risk of people around.

This is why the quality of your mask is more important than ever. You can read about

Suitable two-layer or three-layer mask. Or, you can keep the masks you have been using and find that you are still a double mask when you go to the store, or find yourself spending a lot of time with someone outside your family. You can read more

I found that the big advantage of double masking is that it can better fit and narrow the gap around the edges of the mask. I like to layer masks. When I walk my dog ​​or go outdoors to exercise, I will wear a regular mask to comply with regional mask regulations. When I want to provide more protection for errands, I wear a mask. When I take a taxi or train, I will double cover.

I just bought a set of masks that I like very much, called KF94. They fit perfectly, adding flaps to close the gaps around the face, and include a plastic strap to tightly fit around the bridge of the nose. Now, I wear KF94, which is a Korean-made mask that can be easily purchased online, with cloth masks on it. I recently


Dean of Brown University School of Public Health. Dr. Jha pointed out that it is still difficult to find gold-standard N95 masks, and we should save them to health workers. The KF94 mask is similar to N95, but different. It is made of similar non-woven materials and can block 94% of the most difficult to capture virus particles. However, the KF94 has ear loops instead of an elastic headband, so it is not as close-fitting as the N95-although double covering can help narrow the gap.

The KF94 is also one-off-you can buy a pack of 20 packs on Amazon for around $40. Although you can let the KF94 mask air dry and reuse it several times, it cannot be washed and it will not last as long as a cloth mask. One solution is to save KF94 masks for high-risk situations, such as taking the subway, shopping in a store, or seeing a doctor.

If you, like me, saw Chief Justice John Roberts yelling on TV as the mask of Chief Justice John Roberts slipped under his nose at the inauguration, then you will like my colleague James at the science desk. Gorman's story:

This week I was fascinated by Amanda Gorman, the youngest inaugural poet in American history, who read "We Climb the Mountain". You can watch her appearance video, and in "

. In 2017, The Times wrote an article about Ms. Gorman

However, in the hours after the inauguration, the best interview with Ms. Goldman was in front of CNN's Anderson Cooper. This is about the research she conducted before writing the poem, the spells she said to herself before each reading and the eight-minute chat on how Twitter, the musical "Hamilton" and the January 6th Capitol Uprising affected the final work.

, Which overwhelmed Mr. Cooper except for telling the young poet "Wow! You are awesome."

As usual, the Well team has been working hard to share the latest advice on healthy living every day. Jane Brody is exciting

Gretchen Reynolds

This is some big news! Now we provide a sharing link for those who want to do

More frequent!


Hi guys. Chris Jordan is here. Welcome to my 7-minute standing training. No floor movement is required, only chairs and walls, this is what you need. We will do 12 exercises, each for 30 seconds, with a 5 second rest in between. Please remember, before starting exercise, please consult a doctor and ensure exercise safety. If you think you will suffer any adverse effects, please refrain from exercising. Of course, if you have any pain or problems during exercise, please stop immediately. Please make sure you have warmed up and we will start. Well, let's start the first exercise-running/jogging on the spot. let's go. Lift those knees. Smoke those arms. This is aerobic exercise. The goal here is to make our heart beat faster. If we can, let us start jogging, jogging on the spot. Smoke those arms. Lift those knees. Step on the soles of your feet. If you can, please speed up. Looks good. Well, too much, then slow down. Step back in place. Remember, just for your fitness level. 3, 2, 1. carry out. The next exercise for the legs-chair squat. here we go. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly, then lower yourself onto the chair. Use your arms to balance. While maintaining good form and skill, go as deep as possible. Put those knees behind the toes. Can't go so deep, it's okay. Half down beautiful. keep going. Use your arms again to balance. 3, 2, 1. carry out. Prepare time for the upper body. Let's do a push-up. Lean your hands on the wall, leave your feet, and keep your body straight from head to heel, lower yourself, and then push against the wall. Every time you put down and push yourself away, feel the work of your arms, shoulders, and chest. Too hard? Bring your feet closer. so easy? Put your feet farther. You did very well. Keep breathing. We are almost done. 3, 2, 1. The next exercise of the core-standing bicycle sit-ups. Put your hands behind your ears. here we go. Move in place and bring the opposite elbow to the opposite knee. Twist your upper body and do sit-ups. Looks good. If your elbows cannot touch your knees, please do your best. Get as close as possible, but make sure to tighten your abdomen and move your upper body toward your lower body. 3, 2, 1. carry out. Time for aerobic exercise-standing or squatting and push-ups. let's go. The feet are shoulder-width apart and slightly wider, and then punch holes. Have your shelf and box. If possible, let us squat down like a box. Looks good. Remember, the goal here is aerobic exercise. Let's increase the heart rate again. The punching speed is faster. Squat faster. Too much? Stand still and punch. here we go. It's almost done. 3, 2, 1. carry out. Move forward. Leg time is up-chair assisted squat. The left foot is in front and the right foot is behind. Place your right knee on the ground. Keep your front knees behind your front toes. Well, if necessary, use a chair to maintain balance and stability. beautiful. Okay, switch legs. Front right, rear left. The same action. Place the back knees on the ground. Good upright posture. Keep breathing. Adjust the range according to your fitness level. 3, 2, 1. carry out. Let us move on. It's time for the upper body exercise. Let's make a chair assisted push-up. Put your hands on the edge of the chair, leave your feet, and go. Make the body straight from head to toe. Put your body down towards the chair, and every time you put it down and push away, you will feel the work of your arms, shoulders and chest. Squeeze the abdominal muscles, squeeze the core, squeeze the gluteal muscles and legs to keep the body straight and stable. It's almost done. here we go. 3, 2, 1. keep going. Now is the time for another core exercise. Let's make a wall panel. Lean forearms against the wall, feet away, body straight from head to heel. Have your plank. You can operate on the floor or against the wall. same. Again, is it too easy? Let the feet go further. Too hard? Bring your feet close to the wall. You understand that the abdominal muscles work hard to keep the body straight from head to toe. Squeeze the legs and hips. 3, 2, 1. Time to move on. Next exercise-step on or jump on the jack. here we go. It's aerobic exercise time. What is the purpose? Let's increase the heart rate. This is a stepper jack. If you can, take a bungee jump with me. It's a bit difficult and has a greater impact, but it will increase your heart rate. If you can do this. If not, it doesn't matter, you can go back to the step jack. Let's increase our heart rate, but do it safely. 3, 2, 1. carry out. It's time for leg exercises. Let us sit on the wall. Sit on the wall with your knees directly above your ankles. Lean back flat against the wall, arms crossed. Keep that position. Once again, you can adjust. Too hard? Propose a bit higher. so easy? Lower it a bit. You will find the level that suits you. Stick to it. Knowing that it feels like your thigh muscles are working hard to keep you in place. You have this to start. 3, 2, 1. carry out. Let's upper body again. We are going back to the wall, push-ups. Hands against the wall. You know what to do. Leave your feet and lower yourself. Push your arms away again, and push your arms, shoulders, and chest down to the wall. Keep breathing. And you know that you can adjust the position of your feet to make it easier or harder. It's almost done. here we go. 3, 2, 1. The last exercise of the core-standing side crunches. Put your hands behind your ears. look at this. Right knee to right elbow, left knee to left elbow. Touch the knee to the elbow as much as possible. If you can't, that's okay, please do your best. Make sure to bend your upper body and core so that your knees and elbows are close to each other. You will feel tightening on both sides of your abdomen. superior. 3, 2, 1. carry out. Congratulations, you have just completed my 7-minute standing training. well done. Come back and try again.

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