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Edward L. Salerno (Edward L. Salerno), MD, FCCP, is a nationally recognized, board-certified pulmonologist and intensive care specialist. He has joined the Northern District Hospital as the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) and All lung programs provide medical leadership.

The areas he will work on or oversee include pulmonary rehabilitation programs, planned outpatient pulmonary care clinics, and expanded sleep medicine programs.

Dr. Salerno’s experience includes more than 15 years of various clinical settings pulmonary/intensive care drugs, including Hartford Hospital, a major teaching hospital in Hartford, Connecticut; and more recently, Doctor Millennium, an independent doctor in Naples, Florida group.

Chris A. Lumsden, President and CEO of the Northern District Hospital, said: "We are very happy to welcome Dr. Salerno to our medical staff." "He is in the field of lung and critical care medicine. His extensive knowledge and experience will enable us to further enhance and expand patient care capabilities in these areas; as we and all hospitals across the country continue to develop, and due to the current COVID pandemic, opportunities to treat and more effectively transfer patients with respiratory distress, Continue to greatly increase the number of patients.

Lumsden added: “We look forward to working with Dr. Salerno as we will continue to achieve our mission focus of providing high-quality care for all patients.”

Dr. Salerno said: "During my recent visit, I was impressed by the sense of community and friendliness among the hospital staff. They all helped each other so that patients received the best care." "I also serve the hospital. The leadership is excited about the vision of expanding lung programs and services, which include the use of advanced tests to measure airway inflammation, and exploring the need for internal sleep planning to further address the sleep apnea epidemic."

After treating dozens of patients with COVID-19 and related respiratory complications, Dr. Salerno insisted that people follow the guidelines recommended by the CDC to protect themselves and others, including wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, and self Isolate and get vaccinated as needed. He said: "We need to work together to deal with this pandemic." "When it comes to vaccines, I try to educate patients on science-so they understand and believe that this vaccine is safe and effective. I will get it."

Dr. Salerno graduated with honors in 1990 from the Brooklyn College of the City University of New York with a Bachelor of Philosophy. Salerno said: "As an undergraduate, I am a pre-medical student. When I had to choose a major, everyone else chose biology or chemistry, but I wanted something that really interests me. That's philosophy." "Since then, I have learned that having this background has helped me in my work – helping the family deal with very difficult end-of-life decisions, which usually occur in the ICU. In the intensive care setting. It’s especially important for doctors to remember that they have two patients: one on the bed; the other on the bed. In addition, family members sitting next to the bed need guidance and support."

Salerno studied at the University of Saint George's School of Medicine in Granada, West Indies. "This is a great experience. The program requires students to use their newly acquired clinical skills to reason and think about problems, instead of relying on computers and databases. "It also allows me to see the gap between the United States and the third world medical care. The huge difference. Here, we are privileged and have all functions such as CAT scan and MRI. There, the admitted patients must bring their own sheets, and the family members must wash them. "

After graduating from medical school in 2000, he returned to the United States to receive advanced medical training at Hartford Hospital and other medical institutions affiliated to the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. After completing an internship in internal medicine and a three-year residency plan, he served as the chief medical resident at Hartford Hospital, which has 938 beds. He then completed a three-year lung/critical care medical fellowship program at the University of Connecticut Health Center.

Dr. Salerno is accredited by the Board of Directors of Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, and Sleep Medicine, and is a Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians. Dr. Salerno has received many honors and awards (including the Aldo Bellucci Award for Teaching Excellence and the Maxwell Ophelps Scholarship); he is a contributor to numerous studies, abstracts and reviews, many of which have been Published in peer-reviewed academic journals.

Dr. Salerno and his wife Mary, who were once company executives, have now transformed into the real estate industry, and he is keen to be part of Mount Airy's expanded community. As part of their combined family, the Salernos often live with their two daughters (Eileen and Christine); their son Eddie and two young grandsons-5 years old Benjamin (Benjamin) ) And 16 months of Landry (Landry).

Dr. Edward Salerno will serve patients in the Northern Cardiology Office at 708 South Street, Mount Airy. For more information, please call 336-783-8998.

Steel reports revenue, profits rise

January 31, 2021

Insteel Industries, Inc. (NasdaqGS: IIIN) announced the first quarter of 2021 results last week, showing that net profit increased from 600,000 US dollars (3 cents per share) in the same period last year to 8.1 million US dollars (42 US dollars per share) Minute).

Net sales increased by 22.6% from US$97.6 million in the same period last year to US$119.6 million, mainly due to a 21.6% increase in shipments and a 1% increase in average selling prices.

The company said in a written statement: "As construction activity remains strong throughout the market, Insteel's first quarter results benefited from strong demand."

Net income for the quarter included $700,000 in restructuring expenses related to the company's March 2020 acquisition of almost all assets of Strand-Tech Manufacturing Inc. ("STM"), which reduced earnings per share by 3 cents.

Capital expenditures increased from US$600,000 in the same period last year to US$2.9 million, and are expected to reach a total of US$20 million by 2021, including the growth of the engineering structure grid used to upgrade and deploy STM assets, support business growth, and investment in information systems , And provide funding for regular maintenance needs.

Insteel paid a special cash dividend of $1.50 in December for a total of $29 million, in addition to its regular quarterly cash dividend of 3 cents per share, and received $50.2 million in cash at the end of the quarter when it was debt-free, and its There is no borrowing line of credit for the $100 million cycle.

HO Woltz III, President and CEO of Insteel, said: "The first quarter is the weakest seasonal season. We are encouraged by the resilience of the market." "In the first few weeks of the second quarter, momentum has remained strong, which benefits Because of strong customer demand and substantial price increase plans, these plans are necessary to make up for the rapidly rising raw material costs."

"Although we are cautiously optimistic about the full-year outlook for 2021, we are still affected by the uncertainty of the economic impact of COVID-19 and the related uncertainty of the funding available for non-residential construction projects. We hope that the new government We can successfully negotiate an infrastructure plan with Congress to increase confidence in these markets and resolve critical infrastructure deficiencies."

January 29, 2021

On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the annual meeting of the Greater Ailishan Chamber of Commerce is different this time.

On February 11th, a virtual meeting will be held on YouTube for people who buy tickets for online events. Usually, the annual meeting is held at the Cross Creek Country Club, usually with 250 to 300 guests attending. Given the COVID-19 pandemic and guidelines that must be followed, this year's meeting cannot actually be held in person.

Randy Collins, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, said: “We have decided to put the digital presentations together and shoot them before the event.” “We have considered doing a real-time feed, or zoom or Facebook Live, but we found this to work for some of our activities and not for others."

Although the concept of online viewing parties on YouTube is a new concept for Chamber of Commerce members, they have often participated in virtual events since the beginning of the pandemic. The Chamber of Commerce hosts regular virtual mixing desks, holds virtual open days in the spring, and even awards annual business excellence awards through Zoom.

At the ceremony, new board members including chairman Chris Lumsden will be selected. Rumsden has been selected as one of the two keynote speakers that evening to discuss plans for 2021. The current Chairman of Cooke Trucking James Etringer (James Etringer) will be responsible for the 2020 review.

It can be said that the biggest topic in the speech was the disclosure of the winner of the Citizenship of the Year Award. According to Collins, the award has been awarded annually since 1962.

"We asked the entire community to nominate, not just the Chamber of Commerce. This year we received 15 nominations. A committee was formed and they reviewed the nominations and selected the winners. The process has been completed." Collins said.

Although there are obvious downsides to not being able to hold the meeting in person, there are still some downsides to posting it on the web.

"Normal activities will take several hours, but the advantage of operating in this format is that it only takes a little over 30 minutes. Collins said that we have nearly 600 companies that are members of the Chamber of Commerce, which is more convenient for people to use. The way."

The online viewing party will start at 7pm on February 11th and will last until 8pm. Tickets cost US$20 per person, and those interested in buying tickets can visit mtairyncchamber.org for more information.

January 26, 2021

Parker Enterprises, LLC was recently selected to participate in the U.S. Army Youth Success Partnership Program.

The program partners signed an agreement to provide job interviews and potential employment opportunities for former soldiers. As long as all other requirements are met, training of soldiers and/or interviews after the first term can be guaranteed.

As part of this plan, the military professions are matched with civilian jobs. After the training is completed, Army Reserve soldiers and Army National Guard soldiers are eligible for immediate interviews.

Pike Enterprises, headquartered in Mount Airy, said in a press release about the plan: “The plan provides young Americans with the opportunity to serve their own country while also preparing for their future. "Soldiers learn the technical skills required by the industry and certain government agencies; as well as professional ethics, teamwork, communication and leadership skills after enlistment."

The company and Army officials held a ceremony to commemorate the partnership last week.

January 24, 2021

Pediatrician Nicholas Tallman, DO recently joined the North Pediatric Clinical Team led by a physician, a department of the North District Hospital dedicated to the prevention and diagnosis/treatment of diseases and disorders affecting children.

Jason W. Edsall, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Northern District Hospital, said: "We are delighted to welcome Dr. Nicholas Tallman to our team of pediatricians." "He demonstrated clinical knowledge and skills, his collaborative and evidence-based approach to patient care, As well as his active and sensitive interactions with patients, parents and colleagues, this reflects our mission to provide high-quality care to everyone, including precious children in the community."

Dr. Talman said: "Children are not just adults." "They have their own unique set of clinical problems," which is why he emphasized that the pediatricians who are familiar with them, their medical history and their family support system regularly The importance of checking children.

Dr. Talman, the father of two children, said there are several aspects of pediatric care that are particularly attractive-including the opportunity to help alleviate parents' concerns about their children's health and clinical prospects.

“Many times, when I see patients and their families feel scared or witty, I am very happy to be able to use my knowledge and skills to help them better understand the problem and make suggestions. I might want to solve this problem,” he said.

Dr. Tallman's clinical experience taught him to respect and appreciate the important information he received from his parents (usually his mother). He said: "When dealing with children, especially the very young children who cannot clearly express their problems, I must trust and rely on the mother to explain the problem, and the mother's intuition is almost always correct."

Dr. Talman’s pursuit of medicine was partly shaped by his father, who attended medical school and became a doctor after serving as a naval submarine. Father's perseverance completed his medical education and training, and at the same time helped raise five children, which left an indelible impression on the young Talman.

"When I was young, I thought my father was just about to go to school, but looking back at that time, I now realize how much determination and effort he needs to make to achieve his career goals."

Talman's path to becoming a pediatrician was also influenced by his experience during several medical visits in Honduras. During his undergraduate degree, he voluntarily participated in two church-sponsored trips to Central America, where he and other volunteer nursing staff worked with a team of surgeons and local doctors to help the poorly served Guaymaca (a Small cities) provide care and life-saving procedures in central Honduras. He said: "It is eye-opening to see how people live and how to get medicines in that part of the world." "There is a great need for medical services; and family members are always grateful for everything we do."

After graduating with honors from Clemson University in 2012, Tallman enrolled in the School of Osteopathic Medicine (part of Virginia Tech) at Edward University in Blacksburg, Virginia. The new medical student received a special gift from his father and started his studies. The father proudly passed his own doctor's "black bag" to his son, which is a recognized symbol in the medical world.

After earning his medical degree in 2017, Talman completed a three-year pediatric residency course at the Carilion Clinic of Virginia Tech School of Medicine in Roanoke, Virginia. In the process, he also obtained basic life support (BLS), pediatric advanced life support (PALS) and neonatal resuscitation program (NRP) certification. Talman also co-authored a pivotal peer-reviewed study related to infertility. He also gave oral reports on various pediatric issues, including childhood obesity and juvenile arthritis.

When not serving young patients, Dr. Talman likes to spend time with his family, including the pediatric occupational therapist wife Lindsay and two children: three-year-old Eliza and two-year-old Levi (Levi). He said: "I like to be a husband and father." This young active family likes all forms of outdoor activities, including camping and hiking together. Talman pointed out: "A few weeks ago, we had a relaxing hike on Pilot Mountain." Pediatricians are also active participants and/or spectators of various sports such as football, basketball, frisbee and football.

Dr. Nicholas Tallman can contact Northern Pediatrics at 336-789-6267. The office is located at 100 North Point Avenue, Mount Airy.

Local sales professionals have the opportunity to join a new exclusive club while also helping the Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce continue to grow.

The Chamber of Commerce is looking for professional sales personnel and launched a new project called The Granite Club on January 29.

When announcing the group, the Chamber of Commerce said: "This exclusive group will help the Chamber of Commerce to find companies in the area that are not members of the Chamber of Commerce and invite them to join."

Members of the Granite Club will receive a list of job prospects, training and monthly rewards. The Chamber of Commerce is looking for members of this group who hold professional sales positions in the community and need stable business prospects. One of the benefits of representing club members is to represent the chamber of commerce, while also presenting their own products or services to prospective customers. Other benefits include networking, community service, recognition, etc.

The Granite Club is a voluntary event that is open to sales professionals of all members. Non-members of the Chamber of Commerce are welcome to attend the meeting on January 29, but they will be encouraged to join the Chamber of Commerce.

The first meeting of the Granite Club will be held on Friday, January 29, from 10 am to 11 am, during a video conference on Zoom. This will be a reference meeting to provide detailed information. Interested parties should contact Randy Collins, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce via email, randy@mtairyncchamber.org, to send out an invitation and link to the conference. The invitation can also be found on the meeting hall’s Facebook page @MountAiryChamber and viewed under "Events".

The Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit private business association with 555 business members. The Chamber of Commerce was established in 1959 with the purpose of "promoting, promoting and encouraging its members to successfully conduct business".

January 17, 2021

Although high school internship programs are nothing new, a program of this type provided by the school system of the four regions and Surry Community College is touted as the first such program in North Carolina.

The project Surry-Yadkin Works was officially launched on January 1. The plan spans two counties and is a collaboration between Mount Airy City School, Surry County School, Elkin City School and Yadkin County School and community colleges. Create a regional internship program.

The program is already in operation and 48 students have been arranged for internships in the spring semester of 2021.

After participating in the human resource development training, the students started their internship on January 11 and will continue until May 15. Students will receive high school or university credits and a monthly travel allowance.

Funding for the plan is also a joint effort of the Surry County and Yadkin County Commissions. An anonymous donor introduced the program at an education summit and donated $100,000 for this.

"We are very pleased that the school districts in our area can coordinate our workforce development plans," said Dr. Kim Morrison, principal of Mount Airy City Schools. “This allows employers in our area to work closely with our school system to prepare the next generation of workforces to stay in Surrey County and thrive in their careers.

"We look forward to working with colleagues in these areas to prepare our students to realize their dreams."

"I am proud of the Surry-Yadkin Works partners.... The reason for establishing this partnership is that recognized regional needs expand students' experiential learning and work-based learning opportunities," Dr. Travis Reeves, principal of Surry County Schools Say.

Reeves said: "By allowing students to enter local businesses, they learned soft skills, including the development of strong professional ethics, positive attitudes and problem-solving skills, while gaining industry recognition and getting paid." "I thank you. Commitment from the commissioners of Surrey and Yadkin counties and the anonymous donors who funded this work."

SCC President Dr. David Shockley said: "In a truly regional effort, all school partners have equal representation, that is, by establishing a unified organization for companies seeking internships, creating job-based opportunities for our students. "

Shockley said: "The special thing about Surry-Yadkin Works is that it covers two counties, and the commissioners have promised to fund the program for three years." "This is unique in the state and the whole country, especially in rural America. Regions. As individual organizations, we are strong, but we are stronger when we are united. This partnership will also help our economic developers because they can tout the plan to help attract and maintain businesses in our region."

Crystal Folger-Hawks is the project director of Surry-Yadkin Works, and Dale Badgett is the workforce development expert of Surry-Yadkin Works.

It is planned to hold a virtual kick-off event for Surry-Yadkin Works business partners and companies wishing to join the program on March 9.

For more information about the program, please contact Crystal Folger-Hawks at 336-401-7820 or email to follower-hawksc@surry.edu or visit www.surryyadkinworks.org. Follow Surry-Yadkin Works on Facebook and Instagram @surryyadkinworks and Twitter @SurYadWorks.

January 16, 2021

Meadows in Tanah, Virginia-Primland's high court has risen 5 places to 27th in the 2021 "Top 200 U.S. Resorts" list released by Golfweek.

The Highfield Field is located in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains of 12,000 acres of pristine land in Southwest Virginia, Primland State. Among hundreds of public transportation courses in the state, it also won the second place in Virginia. These new accolades are followed closely in the high courts, ranked 37th in Golf Weekly's "100 Best Courses You Can Play in America", in the country's more than 10,000 public courses, in the Golf Digest Biennale Ranked 30th in the "100 Best Courses in America" ​​The Greatest Public Course in 2019-2020. "

Steve Helms, Vice President of Primland, said: "Primland is very grateful for this recognition and has been named one of the most iconic and famous golf courses in the country. "Our mission is to inspire guests through our wide range of luxurious facilities and activities. "

The layout of the high court designed by the famous British architect Donald Steel is carved out of the natural landscape of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This 18-hole course has no surrounding development and is known for its impeccable conditions, dramatic elevation changes, vast greens and magnificent scenery.

Steele said: “A good course will protect the environment, and a bad design will destroy the environment.” Stephen rarely advises every club or stadium that has or has participated in the British Open. "They should provide an interesting challenge and fair test for players of every level; they should make the most of the land."

Hundreds of Golf Weekly assessors continuously evaluate courses and rank courses based on 10 criteria, including routes, hole types and memorability, conditions, and overall land planning.

Primland provides a variety of accommodation options and facilities through the Celestron CGE Pro 1400 telescope in the dome of the observatory, such as spa, farm-to-table dining, fishing, ATV cycling, hiking, mountain biking and deep sky stargazing.

For more information, please visit Primland.com, call 866-960-7746, or send an email to Reservations@primland.com.

January 15, 2021

The industrial building purchased by a local company not only helps to ensure that there are 58 jobs remaining in the city, but also creates conditions for three to four new jobs in the next few months.

LS Starrett (NYSE: SCX) announced this week that it has sold its Mount Airy plant to Wise Storage Solutions, a real estate development company based in Mount Airy.

"We are very pleased to complete this transaction with Wise Storage Solutions, which is mutually beneficial to our employees, Mount Airy City and Surry County," said Doulas A. Starrett, President and CEO.

"Our building has been underutilized in the past three years, so as we continue to operate the North American sawn timber sales and service center, this sale and leaseback will enable our personnel to stay at home in a familiar environment. In addition, it expands a good space for maintaining other businesses and provides future employment opportunities for Mount Airy and surrounding communities."

Carlos Estrada, engineering manager of LS Starrett, explained that the company did not intend to move its operations out of Mount Airy, but given that it only used about 1/3 of the 320,000 square foot building, the company decided to sell the structure.

He explained: “If a building is to be sold and they (the new owner) want the entire space, the entire building is for sale, which means we have to relocate.” Now, with the purchase of Wise Storage, Starrett's 58 local employees will continue to use it, accounting for about one-third of the factory.

The rest of the building may have been used.

"We are very happy to work with Doug and LS Starrett to keep this company in Mount Airy and help other companies find much-needed space in our market. Dean Bray III, president of Wise Storage Solutions, said that we will work with both The companies are working hard together to meet their needs. "We look forward to long-term relationships with these companies as they will grow and create jobs in Mount Airy and Surrey. "

Neal Willard, property manager of Wise Storage Solutions, said that one of them is a national steel supply company and the other is an international furniture distribution center. "We are very happy to work with these companies to help them solve the space needs in our market. Wise Storage Solutions is able to work with a variety of customers and can customize solutions to meet their needs."

He declined to disclose the names of the two companies, but he said that once the new plant is up and running, the steel company will bring 35 to 50 jobs for the plant, while the furniture distribution business will create about six jobs.

Todd Tucker, President of Surry County Economics, said: “The smart storage solutions team has done a great job in cooperating with LS Starrett to help them find a solution that suits their situation and help other companies find a solution in the process. They need room for development." Develop partnerships.

Tucker said: "The area needs good space and we are very happy that Wise Storage Solutions can make this transaction work for everyone involved. Being able to work with local development companies is our advantage in Surry County."

Although he also refused to disclose the two new companies, he did say that one was a steel company and wanted to develop its business, while the furniture company wanted to expand its business on the east coast of the United States in order to ship to customers in that region of the United States more quickly.

Willard added that he hopes that both new companies will be operational by the beginning of the second quarter of this year.

January 11, 2021

Customers of Carter Bank and Trust branches in Mount Airy find themselves in misfortune if they need banking services this week.

A sign on the door said on Monday that the bank had closed due to circumstances beyond its control, but would reopen soon.

Although an official at the bank’s corporate office in Martinsville, Virginia did say that the branch should reopen on Thursday, the bank’s officials were cautious about why the branch was closed.

"At Carter Bank and Trust Company, the health and safety of employees and customers is a top priority," Marketing Director Brooks Taylor said in an email on Monday afternoon. "Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our branches may temporarily close or adjust business hours with little or no notice. These changes are temporary and we recommend calling the branch directly before departure to obtain the relevant branch time The latest information."

However, no one answered the call directly to the Mount Airy branch, and did not choose to leave the voice mail on the regular number.

In a later email, Taylor deviated from the idea that COVID-19 might be related to branch closure.

"Carter Bank & Trust reserves the right to temporarily close any branch for any reason in order to

The health and safety of employees and customers," he said in a later email. "The (Mount Airy) branch may be closed for air conditioning/travel

, Roof leaks, safety, staffing or many other reasons. "

He said that the bank should be open to the public again by Thursday, and that customers who need help before then can use Carter on the Go app or visit other locations. According to the location of the branch on the company's website, the nearest branch is in Wilkesboro or the Virginia border in Healesville, Gallax, and Stewart.

January 10, 2021

Edward Jones (Mount Airy) financial adviser Tammy Joyce (Tammy Joyce) participated in the Barron's 2020 Top Women Advisers Summit held from December 7th to 11th. This is the seventh time Joyce has been invited to participate in an invitation-only event.

This conference brought together America's top female financial advisers and industry-leading decision makers. During the three-day event, participants have the opportunity to share ideas, develop professionally, and build connections with peers.

Joyce said: "This is an amazing learning opportunity. I am very happy to have this opportunity to learn from my peers."

Edward Jones is a Fortune 500 company headquartered in St. Louis, providing financial services in the United States and its subsidiaries in Canada. The company's more than 19,000 financial advisors provide services to more than 7 million clients, with total client assets of US$1.2 trillion.

January 6, 2021

The Charlotte-Duke Energy Foundation (Duke Energy Foundation) awarded Copeland Elementary School a $10,000 Duke Energy Renewable Energy Grant to fund the purchase of Chromebooks by students at the school.

"The generous grants provided by the Google Energy Foundation will directly affect the students of Copeland Primary School," said Margaret Spicer, the principal of Copeland Primary School. "This grant will enable all Copeland students to use Chromebooks for distance learning or face-to-face learning in schools, so that students have equal opportunities to obtain educational opportunities. Copeland is fortunate to invite Duke Energy to become an education partner. "

In this uncertain period, Duke Energy is aware of the challenges that some students may face when accessing online learning resources and tools. The purpose of the grant is to reduce the burden so that students can continue their studies at school and remotely.

Chris Fallon, president of Duke Energy Renewable Energy, said: "Every child should have a fair chance academically, which means ensuring they have access to the appropriate technology." "We are able to support Copeland Elementary School Are proud of our students and help them provide the tools and resources they need for their studies."

The Duke Energy Foundation provides charitable support to meet the needs of the communities where Duke Energy customers live and work. The foundation donates more than $30 million in charitable gifts each year and is funded by Duke Energy shareholders.

January 2 2021

The long-awaited, long-awaited Mount Airy Hobby Lobby store opened on Friday and attracted hundreds of customers, all eager to start the new year by visiting the city's newest retailers.

The store’s official opening time was Monday, but a soft opening was held on Friday, which allowed local residents to shop in the store and gave employees the opportunity to wet their feet before the official big day on Monday.

December 27, 2020

The Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce recently completed the 2021 election of officials and board of directors of the organization. The vote was voted and approved at the meeting of the House Committee on December 15.

Elected as a member of the Bureau and a member of the Executive Committee. Board members include: Chris Ramsden Northern Regional Hospital, elected as chair; Connie Hamlin, of Ridgecrest, elected as deputy chair/chair 2022; Luke Morrison, Treasurer of Gates Pharmacy; Clay Nowlin, Vice Chairman of Aprio Inc. CPA; Brian Johnson, Event Chairman of Johnson Granite Inc.; Connie Hamlin, Member Chairman of Ridgecrest; Next to the 2020 Chairman After that, James Etringer of Cooke Trucking; and Randy Collins, President and CEO.

The new board members elected for 2021 include Dr. John Gravitte, Amanda Fretwell of DDS, PA; Chad Tidd of Chick-fil-A; and Wendy Wood of Surry Yadkin Electric Membership Corp.

Current members of the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce include Dr. Candace Holder of Surry Community College; Rocky Killon of Shenandoah Furniture; Chris Knopf, County Manager of Surry County; Lenise Lynch of Hampton Inn Mount Airy; and Principal of Mount Airy School Dr. Morrison; Lilnette Phillips of the National Employees Credit Union; John Philips of National Farm Insurance; Dr. Travis Reeves, Supervisor of Surry County Public Schools; Hall Roberts of the Federal Credit Union; Mount Airy Tourism Development Agency Jessica Roberts (Jessica Roberts); Jeffrey Trenter of Carport Central; Todd Tucker of Surry County Economic Development Partnership; and Steve Yokeley of Mount Airy.

The board of directors has a total of 24 seats, and public elections for seats are held every year. The term of the board of directors is three years, staggered. The Greater Ailishan Chamber of Commerce was established in 1959 as a private non-profit business association with 555 business members. The mission of the Chamber of Commerce is to "promote, promote and encourage our members to successfully conduct business." For more information about the conference hall, please visit www.mtairyncchamber.org.

December 24, 2020

Surry Community College has appointed North Surry alumni and long-term educators and healthcare professionals to take charge of its Yadkin Center.

Dr. Douglas Underwood of Hamptonville was recently appointed director of the Yadkin Center at Surry Community College and will assume his new position on Monday, January 4.

Dr. David Shockley, Dean of Surry Community College, said: "We are pleased and fortunate to invite Dr. Douglas Underwood (Douglas Underwood) as the director of the Yadkin Center." He will bring this position. Rich leadership skills and experience. He succeeded Forrest Lineberry, who had been working due to the sudden death of Dr. Wayne Matthews who worked at SCC from August 1993 to June 2020, and left a legacy of education and community service because he played a key role in the SCC. The director of the Yadkin Center and has served as the director for many years. "

Vice President Dr. Candace Holder added: “We are very pleased that Dr. Underwood will join the workforce, technology and community education team. With his extensive leadership experience and dedication to the citizens of Yadkin and Surry County, I believe he is expanding the plan at the Yadkin Center And the right person for the service."

Underwood graduated from North Surry High School and became a paramedic in 1981. He received an associate degree in nursing science from New York State University in 1992. He also holds an associate degree in humanities and an associate degree from New York University. Applied Science at Surry Community College. He received a bachelor of science degree in nursing from the University of Winston-Salem State University in 2006 and a master degree in advanced nursing education in 2008. In 2013, Underwood received a doctorate in nursing education from Capella University.

Underwood has a wide range of medical and educational backgrounds in his career over the past four decades. Since 2014, he has been working as a nurse educator at Surry Community College, responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating associate degree nursing programs, including medicine/surgery, laboratory and simulation, leadership and clinical guidance. He is also a lecturer in the SCC Emergency Medical Services Program.

Underwood also served as Director of Clinical Services and Director of Surgical Services at Hug Chatham Memorial Hospital. At Wake Forest Baptist Health, he served as inpatient operating room manager, senior operating room coordinator, staff nurse, nurse trainer and staff flight paramedic. He was employed by the Surry County Emergency Medical Services Department as an assistant trainer and medical staff. He also worked as a nurse in the Northern District Hospital.

In addition, he has taught nursing courses at Winston Salem State University, Lees-McRae College and Walden University. Over the years, he has been awarded many honors, including monthly employee and Wake Forest Baptist Health's nurse excellence award. He received the honor of Sigma Theta Tau from the Rho Lambda Chapter of Winston Salem State University and was a keynote speaker at the nursing and nursing staff graduation ceremony at Surry Community College. Underwood has been active wherever he has worked and has served on dozens of project committees.

"I am honored to be selected for this position. I hope to continue the excellent work done at the Yadkin Center." Underwood said. "I look forward to working with citizens and business leaders in Yadkin County and surrounding areas to achieve their educational goals."

You can contact Underwood at underwoodd@surry.edu or 336-386-3854.

December 21, 2020

Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital was rated "A" in the Yuejin Hospital's safety level in the fall of 2020. This is a national honor to recognize Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital for protecting patients from harm and providing Achievements in safer healthcare.

The Leaping Group is an independent national hospital monitoring organization. The security level assigns "A", "B", "C", "D" or "F" levels to all general hospitals across the country, and is updated every six months. It is based on the hospital’s performance in preventing medical errors, injuries, accidents, infections and other injuries to patient care.

Paul Harms, CEO of Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, said: "At Hugh Chatham, we are passionate about providing the safest and highest quality care for every patient." "We are very happy to receive the Leapfrog Group 'A-rated' rating-this is one of several external measures issued in the past year that have confirmed our commitment to providing high-reliability healthcare in all environments."

Leah Binder, President and CEO of The Leapfrog Group, said: "We are very grateful to hospital leaders and medical staff for consistently putting patient safety first in our country's fight against COVID-19." "'A' proves Hugh Cha The care and dedication of the staff at Tam Memorial Hospital. The current pandemic has exposed existing flaws in the U.S. healthcare system, and we are very grateful that you put patient safety first. Life depends on it."

December 20, 2020

The board of directors of Surrey Bancorp (pink: SRYB) announced last week that it will pay a special cash dividend of 10 cents per common share. The cash dividend will be paid on January 15 to shareholders of record before the end of business hours on December 31.

Ted Ashby, President/CEO of Surrey Bancorp, said that dividends are based on the company's current operating performance, strong financial status and commitments to achieve shareholder value.

Surrey Bancorp is the bank holding company of Surrey Bank & Trust, located at 145 North Renfro Street, Mount Airy. The bank has full-service branches at 145 North Renfro Street, 1280 West Pine Street and 2050 Rockford Street in Mount Airy. Full-service branches are also located at 653 South Key Street in Pilot Hill, 393 CC Camp Road in Elgin, 1096 Main Street in North Wilkesboro, and 940 Woodland Drive in Stewart, Virginia.

Surrey Bank & Trust engages in insurance sales through its wholly-owned subsidiary Surrey Investment Services (Inc.). dba SB&T Insurance is located at 199 North Renfrow Street, Mount Airy.

Surrey Bank and Trust can be found online at www.surreybank.com.

December 16, 2020

The pilot mountain middle school and pilot elementary school, as well as the Surry County School, recently awarded Katie Key nurse as the head of the Surry County school in December.

In announcing the news, the school said: “Nurse Key has played a vital role in helping manage all COVID-19 procedures and protocols.” “She has worked hard and is resilient in the face of change. She has always been the true frontline The leader, because she plays a vital role in our school, many of our students pay tribute to her. Thanks to the head nurse, the Pilot Mountain School is a better school and learning environment."

December 13, 2020

High point-The native of Mount Airy has been appointed as a partner/member by Smith Leonard PLLC.

Scotti Vaughn Teschke was appointed as a partner of the accounting firm five years after she joined Smith Leonard's guarantee business in May 2015.

When announcing the appointment, the company said: “She quickly established herself as the company’s technical resource and became a key leader in the practice of Smith Leonard’s employee benefit plan.” “She brings more than 20 years of accounting experience and valuable to her clients. Insights, and often seek to provide information to the group on guarantee matters."

"Scotty is an important member of our audit team," said Mark Bulmer, managing partner of Smith Leonard. "She is not only the resource and speaker of choice for determined technical matters, but also a mentor for many young employees and a role model for community and team participation. We are honored to be the newest partner of Smith Leonard (Smith Leonard) people."

Teschke grew up in Mount Airy and holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Virginia and an MBA from Georgia Institute of Technology. She lives in High Point with her two daughters, Maddie and Hannah. When leaving the office, Teschke likes to spend holidays on the beach, reading books and watching college basketball.

The company stated: “She has an incredible connection with the Triad community and is involved in it, and has held board positions on Towne Bank, High Point YMCA and High Point Joint Finance Committee.” “She was Greensboro Leadership in 2014 Graduates of the college are also members of the 2021 leadership development plan of our alliance."

December 6, 2020

Elgin Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital was named one of the best stroke centers in the United States by the Women’s Choice Awards. According to a joint statement issued by the hospital and the awarding agency, the award marks the Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital in the top 4% of the 4,542 American hospitals that provide stroke care.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in five women in the United States has a stroke in their lifetime. Nearly 60% of deaths from stroke are women, and the number of female deaths caused by stroke is twice that of breast cancer. Studies have shown that even with the same symptoms as men, women are more likely to be misdiagnosed as strokes.

"Timely diagnosis and effective care are essential to prevent disability and increase recovery opportunities. It is time to determine the time at the leading stroke care hospital in your community, not in an emergency where every minute is precious time," Women's Choice Award Said Delia Passi, the founder and CEO of. "We congratulate these hospitals and their dedication to education, prevention and early intervention to reduce the devastating effects of stroke."

The stroke center must be certified as an advanced junior stroke center and/or advanced comprehensive stroke center by the Joint Commission Stroke Certification Program and/or Det Norske Veritas (DNV) before the award can be considered. Those with the title of "Advanced Comprehensive" will receive additional honors.

The statement stated that this is the only award that recognizes excellence in stroke care based on criteria that consider patient satisfaction and clinical excellence. The method of selecting Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital as one of the best stroke centers in the United States is unique because it can evaluate the hospital’s consumer evaluations of healthcare providers and systems, as well as systematic patient survey results, as well as women’s healthcare A preliminary study of preferences.

Hospitals must also rank all hospitals in the top 80% of the percentage of patients receiving head CT scan results within 45 minutes, and the mortality rate for severe treatable complications cannot exceed the national level.

"Hugh Chatham became the first stroke center in the region to be accredited by the Joint Commission as early as 2011. Since then, our physicians, clinical experts and support team members have implemented emerging best practices. Clinical practice and the latest diagnostic and treatment methods are relentlessly working to raise the threshold. Treatment options so that our patients can rely on us in seconds." said Paul Hammes, CEO of Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital.

December 3, 2020

One of Mount Airy's oldest and most well-known companies is changing hands.

The North Carolina Granite Company is a local company that has been mining and producing the iconic white Airy Mountain granite since its establishment in 1889. It has now been acquired by Canadian company Polycor Inc.

The two companies jointly announced the agreement on Thursday morning.

Polycor was founded in 1989 and is owned by Canadian equity investment company Torquest. It has more than 50 quarries and 20 manufacturing plants in North America and Europe. The company has approximately 1,100 employees throughout the company.

The North Carolina Granite Company has approximately 80 employees, and Polycor officials said that they initially expected these numbers to not change and that they would grow over time.

Nicholas Punzi, the communications company of RooneyPartners, said: "Polycor not only plans to maintain, but will continue to invest and expand NCGC's quarry and factory operations."

Todd Tucker, president of the Surrey Economic Development Partnership, said the information he collected from company officials supports this claim.

He said: "This will not affect local operations, this is my understanding." "They did not initially plan for any unemployment, any negative plans." Tucker said that his organization learned of this a few days ago. transaction.

The granite of Mount Airy is widely known throughout the construction and stone industry, and is the world's largest open-air quarry resort. Its white granite has been used in many national historical monuments, including the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kitty Hawk.

The two companies said in a statement issued on Thursday: "NCGC was founded in 1889, and its high-quality White Mount Airy Granite is recognized by architects and other industry stakeholders." "This stone is the world's most One of the brightest, most uniform, and highest-quality white granites, has a good reputation throughout the industry."

William Swift, CEO of North Carolina Granite Company, said: "For more than 125 years, we have been an independent company with an extraordinary reputation in the markets and communities in which we operate. "We are very happy to work together with Polycor. The company has our values ​​and passion for natural stone, and is a leader in the global natural stone industry. We are very happy to work together to continue to develop our business and contribute to our Diligent and dedicated employees provide opportunities."

Pounds said that the discussion around the transaction took place in 2020, beginning at the beginning of this year.

He said: "The two parties have known each other and have been friendly for many years."

Polycor CEO Patrick Perus said: "The acquisition of NCGC is another important strategic milestone for Polycor as we will continue to expand our geographic coverage and further strengthen our world-class natural stone product portfolio.

Perus said: "This is an exciting time for us, because our business will continue to grow organically or through acquisitions." "We are very happy to bring NCGC's vast resources, expertise and talents Of employees have been brought into the Polycor family. This acquisition further demonstrates our firm commitment to becoming a leader in ethical quarrying."

Polycorp declined to disclose details of the sale. The company said it expects to complete the transaction before the end of this year.

November 29, 2020

Insteel Industries Inc. (NasdaqGS: IIIN) announced last week that its board of directors declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of 3 cents per share and a one-time special cash dividend of $1.50 per common share.

Both dividends should be paid on December 18 to shareholders of record before December 1.

Insteel President and CEO HO Woltz III said: “We welcome the opportunity to return capital to our shareholders by paying special dividends, while at the same time providing full funding for our active capital investment plan and maintaining sufficient financial flexibility to Look for possible acquisition opportunities."

Headquartered in Mount Airy, Insteel is the largest manufacturer of steel wire reinforced products for concrete construction applications in the United States. Insteel produces and sells prestressed concrete strands and welding wire reinforcement materials, including engineering structural mesh, concrete pipe reinforcement materials and standard welding wire reinforcement materials. Insteel's products are mainly sold to manufacturers of concrete products used in non-residential buildings.

November 28, 2020

The Carroll County Farm Bureau Office in Virginia is one of two states across the state and was recently recognized by the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation for its projects completed in its community in 2020.

The chairman of the Carroll County Bureau of Agriculture, Bennie Quesenberry, received the County Excellence Award. The County Agriculture Bureau organized a call-to-action event with members and other local citizens to preserve the Carroll County land use assessment plan. B

Speaking at a virtual public hearing, had useful discussions with members of the Carroll County Board of Supervisors, cooperated with the special committee and launched a direct mail campaign, and members of the Farm Bureau helped county supervisors understand the importance of land use assessment to agriculture community.

As a result, the Carroll County land use assessment plan remains unchanged.

The second recipient of the County Excellence Award is the King William County Agriculture Bureau near West Point, Virginia.

The organization has 130,000 members in agricultural bureaus in 88 counties and is the largest farmer advocacy organization in Virginia. The Farm Bureau is a non-governmental, non-partisan voluntary organization dedicated to supporting the agricultural industry in Virginia.

November 24, 2020

DOBSON — Anthony "Tony" P. Suess of Mount Airy, the principal lecturer of construction management at Surry Community College, has obtained the Environmental, Safety and Health (MESH) certificate of construction manager. The certificate series is sponsored by North Carolina State University, North Carolina State Safety and Health Commission, and North Carolina Department of Labor.

North Carolina State Labor Commissioner Cherie K. Berry said: "The Department of Labor is very pleased that Mr. Suess has been appointed as the issuer of the Environment, Safety and Health Certificate." "The certificate reflects a commitment to workplace safety and health. We believe this A goal is essential to ensure that workers in the state return home safely after the working day."

The MESH program aims to improve the professional level of environmental, safety and health managers in North Carolina government, commercial and manufacturing facilities through a series of continuing education programs. The plan aims to recognize these managers, raise industry standards, and increase the value of these practitioners to their employers and others who provide services to them.

For more information about MESH, please visit ies.ncsu.edu/mesh.

Surry Community College offers various courses on architecture, electrical, and heating and cooling systems. These courses are provided to students seeking skills through labor, technical and community education departments.

Individuals can learn about the supervision and management of the construction trade industry through in-depth understanding of labor relations, schedules, bidding strategies and other key skills, and get hands-on training on carpentry, HVAC or electrical system installation and maintenance through participation. In assisting projects organized by the Surry community.

For more information about the Surry Community College construction plan, please visit surry.edu.

The fees paid by Virginia residents for workforce training courses are the same as the tuition fees for North Carolina students. There are many bursaries and scholarship opportunities available to help pay for many courses. Fill out the form on surry.edu/funding to see if you qualify. Surry Community College can assist students with job search, job search and resume. For more information or to register for a course, please call 336-386-3618 or register online at surry.edu.

DOBSON-Surry Community College will provide Google IT support experts in an online format from Tuesday, December 1 to Thursday, April 1.

This course aims to introduce students to various diagnostic and guidance tools used to evaluate the performance of technical support technology. The topics of this course include technical support basics, troubleshooting, customer service, computer networks, operating systems, system management, IT infrastructure, and IT security. This course uses Google IT to support professional courses. Those who successfully complete this course will prepare for employment in entry-level IT roles.

Pre-registration and payment are required. The course fee is $183. May provide tuition assistance. To check eligibility, please visit surry.edu/funding.

For more information or registration, please contact Dr. PMP Kathryn Moland at 336-386-3306, or send an email to molandk@surry.edu or register online at surry.edu/comptech.

November 23, 2020

The valley's hospice and palliative care company appointed Jennifer Richardson as the director of voluntary services.

"We are very happy that Jennifer can join our team," said Melissa Hiatt, Senior Development Director at Mountain Valley Hospice. "She has more than 15 years of experience in hospice care and knows the importance of our volunteers in providing compassionate care to patients and supporting their families."

Richardson said: "I am honored to join the Valley Hospice Family and look forward to recruiting and supporting our outstanding volunteers."

She came to the Valley Hospice Hospital from Medi Home Health & Hospice in Boone (previously known as "High Country Health Care System Hospice"), where she recruited and supervised volunteers. She also helped increase referrals and donations to the institution.

Richardson has served as Chairman of the Ashe County Voluntary Advisory Committee and Community Resources Committee. She has also served as a member of the Family and Community Collective Funding Committee and is a trainer for Virtual Dementia Tour. She is active in her church and community, is a Sunday school teacher, and enjoys spending time with her family.

November 22, 2020

The board of directors of Surrey Bancorp announced a quarterly cash dividend of 10.5 cents per share on the company's common stock. The cash dividend will be paid on January 8, 2021 to shareholders of record as of the end of business hours on December 18.

Ted Ashby, President and CEO of Surrey Bancorp, stated that the dividend is based on the company's current operating performance, strong financial status and commitment to creating value for shareholders.

Surrey Bancorp is the bank holding company of Surrey Bank & Trust, located at 145 North Renfro Street, Mount Airy. The bank has a full-service branch at 145 North Renfro Street, 1280 West Pine Street and 2050 Rockford Street in Mount Airy; it is located at 653 South Key Street, Pilot Mountain, 393 CC Camp, Elgin Road and 1096 Main Street in North Wilkesboro, and 940 Woodland Drive in Stewart, Virginia.

November 18, 2020

The Pilot Mountain Business Council held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Indulge Soapery, one of the town’s newest businesses, on November 11. The enterprise is located at 104 West Street.

The ribbon cutting continued the busy autumn of the new opening of Pilot Mountain commercial community.

“It’s always exciting to see good people investing in our community,” said Mayor Evan Cockerham (Evan Cockerham) at the pilot’s ribbon cutting ceremony.

Indulge Soapery is owned by Julie Henne and has only been open for more than two weeks. The business includes a variety of handmade soaps and bath products for the entire family.

For about six years before opening, Henne ran the company from home. She was in a small shop downstairs from her home, using soap to soap a vendor.

"When I had the opportunity to expand to Main Street, I jumped up. Over the years, I have thought that Pilot Hill has such great potential. Now, I see small shops and boutiques opening, and I am very happy to be this one. Part of the growth," she said.

After growing up in Pilot Mountain, Henn moved to Charlotte. She returned to Pilot Mountain about eight years ago and now lives in the small town with her husband Nick and son Langdon.

His mother recalled that when Langdon was a baby, it was because of skin eczema that she began to explore soap making. She quickly found success and now caters to many skin patients. She also finds herself happy to do things that can help others and make people happy.

She said: "It may be time-consuming, but I like it. I like meeting new people and I like things that make them like."

Now, the joint venture involves her husband, who specializes in making popular "bath bombs," and her son, who helps mark the finished product.

In her new store, mother Joni Handley (Joni Handley) helps her. In addition to helping to build a store, Handley is now an important part of its daily operations.

Henney said: "This is a family effort, for us, this is family time spent together."

November 10, 2020

Washington North Carolina Goodwill Industries recently appointed Barbara Maida-Stolle as President and Chief Executive Officer, effective January 1. In June, 15 years after the current CEO Art Gibel announced his retirement, he began searching for the organization's new leader. At the helm.

Maida-Stolle has been with Goodwill Industries, headquartered in Charlotte's southern Piedmont, since 2006. He has held various positions, including vice president of retail services and chief commercial officer, and served as the organization's chief operating officer. In addition to cooperating with well-intentioned organizations in Piedmont in the south, Maida-Stolle is also active in her community and has served on many non-profit organization committees and advisory committees, including KIPP Charlotte, Wake Forest University, American Leadership Forum, Winston Salem Chamber of Commerce and good friends.

"We are very happy to welcome Barbara to our organization," said Linda Wood, chairman of the Northwestern North Carolina Board of Directors. She gained a wealth of experience and insights during her leadership role at Goodwill Industries in the southern state of Piedmont. Her enthusiasm for the mission of good faith will enable us to continue to effectively provide services that have unlimited impact on the economic health of individuals and communities. "

Prior to joining Charlotte Goodwill, Maida-Stolle was the co-founder and vice president of Stolle Technology Inc., a plastic injection mold manufacturer in the aerospace, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries in Winston-Salem. And held a position in Sara. Lee Direct.

Maida-Stolle said: "As an advocate of creating an environment where people can reach their full potential, I am committed to life and career, creating opportunities and opportunities for people to prosper." "I think this work is my goal, leading such a It’s a great honour to be an excellent organization."

November 9, 2020

Sheds by Design recently opened for business. The company is located at 809 Fowler Road in Mount Airy. The phone number is 336-755-3171. Business hours are Monday and Tuesday, 10 am to 5:30 pm; Thursday to Saturday, 10 am to 5:30 pm. The company is closed on Wednesday and Sunday. The business can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ShedsByDesignMtAiry.

We built a warehouse in Cleveland, North Carolina. We have the opportunity to bring the storage shed to Mount Airy, for which I am very grateful. We have reasonable prices and provide a variety of inventory warehouses that people can visit. Our friendly staff can also use our 3D shed designer to help you order a customized shed.

We provide ranch sundries sheds, elevated barns and many variations, such as ranch roof sheds, ranch huts, ranch garages, loft garages, and loft cabins. Customers can choose a conventional prefabricated storage shed with double doors to store the lawn mower, or purchase a more advanced building. We have many choices and custom sheds. We have many customization options, such as shed windows, shed doors, and interior options such as shelves and workbenches.

Customer satisfaction is the reason for our business. We want to ensure that each of our customers is taken care of in the Mount Airy area. We hope anyone can buy stock sheds or customized custom sheds from Sheds By Design to get quality storage shed products that can serve them for many years. We use the best quality shed products, the 50-year-old LP Smartside shed siding, which prevents rot and termites. Corrosion and termite-resistant pressure-treated floor joists, 50-year-old 3/4-inch floor sheathing, 40-year-old metal roof, 20 types of Sherwin Williams paint and other durable peeling wood and products. All our buildings also have a 5-year workmanship warranty. When customers have a happy story, we will like it and say that they highly value our experience in building and delivering storage sheds.

It seems very optimistic that the demand for storage sheds in Mount Airy is growing. They use affordable storage shed prices to obtain the storage space they need for home storage, equipment storage, vehicle storage, tractor storage, etc. Home office sheds, gym sheds and studio sheds are also becoming more and more popular. We provide cash payment, do not provide any personal credit check, and provide the same 90 days as cash.

We are located at 809 Fowler Road, just along the way from the Clayton Homes exit of Mount Airy Toyota and Hwy 52. Come and see our friendly staff, go to the outdoor showroom to see if there are sheds around you in the style, size and model you like. You can be sure that your shopping experience will be relaxing and enjoyable.

November 1, 2020

Surrey Bancorp (pink: SRYB), the holding company of Surrey Bank & Trust, reported that third-quarter earnings fell from the same period last year, largely due to Caused by the pandemic.

For the quarter ended September 30, net income totaled $1,052,172, or 25 cents per share, while net income for the third quarter of 2019 was $1,676,806, or 40 cents per share.

In announcing the results, the bank said: “The decrease in earnings was due to a decrease in net interest income and an increase in loan loss reserves.” “Net inter

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