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At-Large Member Annissa Essaibi-George announced that she will serve as this year's mayoral candidate, play her role as a city-wide political network, and bring more than ten years of experience to the classroom.

George, who has been elected in Parliament since 2015, has been focusing on many issues-especially education and homelessness/substance abuse/mental health issues. She is the chair of the Education Committee, or the former chair of the Homeless, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Committee.

She said that she believed in her record in Parliament, experience in running a small business in Dorchester (she owns the Stitch Building on Dorchester Avenue), and worked in the classroom of East Boston High School for 13 years. This provides her with unique skills that will help New York City rebirth after COVID.

She said this week: "I'm running for mayor." "In the past few weeks, I have talked with family, friends, and supporters to discuss what is good for New York City and how I can contribute to it. This That’s the answer. I believe that as the mayor of Boston, I have the experience and skills to be the leader needed now. We have considered this crisis and this pandemic, but we still need to consider entering a period of recovery, which may be New York City A period of continuous recovery and growth. I believe that my skills and work in council have made me the person of the mayor."

In addition, she said that her experience will be the focus of her government's deployment, and if elected, her skills as a teacher, mother, small business owner and elected official are things the city will need.

She said: "My experience and experience as a teacher and a small business owner and a city councillor. They can accomplish a lot of work. These are the parts that I think will provide opportunities for successful administration." "For me, having Egypt The Seby George administration will provide opportunities for continued recovery. I hope to bring another side of the recovery to the city of Boston. I think I can best position the city for rebirth."

A key part of her campaign will not focus on other candidates, two of which are currently her colleagues in the Security Council. Instead, she will focus on the benefits she brings. One thing she quickly adopted as an attribute was the establishment of a clear city-wide political network, and she said that she had worked hard to establish a general membership system. Although others may not have this network, she said it will be something she will rely on in the upcoming elections.

She said: "As a city councillor, I have worked very hard to ensure that every community can feel my support and support and know that I am responsible for the work that is important to them." "That's in every neighborhood. In my work, no community is not important enough to attract attention."

An important issue for Essaibi-George is her involvement in the school. She was a former teacher and chairperson of the Board of Education and the mother of a child who went to BPS school. With these three things in mind, she attended most of each school committee meeting—some of them were in the early hours of the next day.

She said: "I want to participate in these discussions and want to know what happened in our school because I personally invested a lot in what happened in school, but I hope to have a positive impact on what happened in school."

In the early morning of that school committee meeting, Essaibi-George had a "moment." When the former chairman of the committee seemed to be mocking the names of some Asian American parents, it was Essaibi George who first made the request and asked the chairman to be held accountable. This led to the resignation of the chairman and the sincere retraining of the committee through anti-racism seminars. Essaibi-George said that she has not dared to call out such a thing. If elected mayor, she will continue to challenge those who show bad behavior.

She said: "I am not afraid of making people responsible for misconduct or offending others and everything that does not represent us here as a city." "As a person with a different name; I have an ethnic name. I have an Arabic name-AnnissaEssaibi- I was very offended when the former chairperson laughed at the name of the race and called it out. I think it’s important. I think elected officials should speak up and hold others responsible for this bad behavior. That’s how I was in that situation. Done next."

She firmly believes that her straightforward style will distinguish her from the supposed candidates, and she believes it will be fresh air-her supporters already know this, and she hopes that others in the city will become more Familiar with.

She said: "Voters know my style." "I am very direct and very clear. I speak very simple, and open my thoughts, hopes and desires for the city. The unfinished work is very important and I look forward to it. Do it."

But if she were the mayor, would that end her reputation as a stubborn hockey mom? Does she often post videos of her children playing sports on a remote skating rink or nearby baseball fields? She said that it will never change.

She smiled and said, "I will still be the mother of hockey." "You will still find that I sometimes beat on ice and glass as the mayor of Boston, and continue to scare my children while doing so. You. I will find me in baseball fields, lacrosse fields, football fields – I will play a sport, and I am proud to be the greatest cheerleader in the playground and classroom for children."

Assemblyman Essaibi George will announce her candidacy in front of East Boston High School on the morning of Thursday, January 28, where she spent 13 years as a teacher and coach.

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