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Gratnells is known as the manufacturer of iconic school storage trays used by most schools in the UK.

It is rare for a British manufacturer to celebrate its 50th anniversary these days, but an Essex company is doing it in 2021, and it has ambitious plans for the future.

Gratnells, headquartered in Harlow, is the most famous manufacturer of iconic school storage shelves, which are used in most schools in the UK and exported to 68 other countries around the world. It employs about 50 employees between the office and the factory, most of whom are local employees at the Harlow factory.

In addition to school trays, it also manufactures a variety of storage furniture, which is popular not only in schools but also in industry and healthcare.

Gratnells is a family business with a history dating back to Shoreditch in the 1890s, even though the current Gratnells company was founded in 1971 50 years ago. It focused on the school market and introduced a slotted square tube storage frame, which is still in production today.

The F-type shallow plastic storage tray was launched in 1985 and has now become the standard for most school furniture developments worldwide. In 2017, Gratnells opened its first international subsidiary in the United States, and with the continuous development of local employees in continental Europe and the Far East now on a global scale.

It also launched an antibacterial product line for the school market. This range uses the same technology as health products and can help minimize the spread of surface contamination in classrooms. This year has started

With the promotion of the vaccination program on a global scale, people are increasingly interested in its compact medical trolley.

Gratnells predicts that after 2021, people's interest in antibacterial products will continue and continue to invest in its engineering department through the recent acquisition of laser cutting, pipe bending and injection molding machinery.

Murray Hudson, Managing Director of Gratnells said: "We are proud to be engaged in modern manufacturing at Harlow. Our strength

The dedication of the products and employees helped us obtain ISO 9001 certification and the prestigious manufacturing industry mark from the furniture manufacturer company.

The company plans to hold a series of events later this year to celebrate its 50th anniversary, and hopes that the launch of the vaccine will cause a double celebration in 2021.

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