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Frank P. Paul (Paul Scotton)

Frank P. Paul (Scotten) Scotten, 93, passed away on the morning of November 28, 2020.

Paul was born on January 24, 1927 in Monte Falls, Montana, from Pauline and George F. Scotten. And listened to President Franklin Roosevelt's declaration of war on the Axis powers in 1941.

After graduation, after a military ability test, Paul served in the US Navy as a first-class sailor. The war ended soon after he completed his "start-up" training at the San Diego Naval Base, but he spent another year in the Navy and benefited from his training at the Radar Technical School and his aboard the President Hayes Experience at sea. He retired from the Navy in August 1946.

The next ten years were spent at Montana State College, University of Washington, and Montana State College (again) to obtain diplomas, degrees and certificates, and to work at the University of Washington, Clark County Department of Public Health and Montana Electric Company Various jobs.

Happily, the entire ten years have not been spent in the classroom, but have tried to make some money. In the fall of 1950, Paul was working in the sink in the UW Commons Building restaurant and met this young woman, who would be his lifelong companion. Roberta "Bea" Hudson works as a food intern in the House of Commons. Of course, they fell in love, and when Paul graduated and got a job as a public health hygienist at the Vancouver Department of Health, the young couple got married. They went to Bea's hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta, and got married in July 1952.

After the birth of his daughter Joyce in June 1953, the young family left Vancouver and moved to Bozeman. Paul re-enrolled at Montana State College, this time in civil engineering. Engineering profession. After graduating in 1956, Paul followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and worked as a civil engineer for the Montana Power Company. He started his 32-year career, from the other end of the state to the other end, he was involved in the project, and witnessed his participation and success in all aspects of the company's industry. He was promoted from the position of junior engineer to the top management. A brief description of his career does not fully describe all his achievements, but it is enough to say that Paul "gave everything".

When Paul was promoted to Havel’s area manager in 1974, he was the deputy head of the Great Falls Department. In 1980, he was appointed as the assistant manager of the Colstrip 3&4 construction project, which was the largest single private construction project in the history of Montana. When the project was completed in 1982, Paul and Bea left Butte and moved to Helena until 1986 as department managers.

In December of that year, Paul and Bea were appointed as vice presidents of Montana Power Co., responsible for the Colstrip project department. Paul and Bea moved to Colstrip.

While working in Paul and Bea’s company, they were involved in all matters related to citizens and communities. As members of the church, they are very active and deeply involved in community affairs, so they spend their time and energy in every town and city where they live. He has received many awards and honors for his civic service, and he felt particularly proud and appreciated when the city of Helena announced December 16, 1986 as Paul and Bea Scotten Day and named after the home run at the Bitterroot Bucs stadium in Florence. .

Paul retired from MPC in 1988, and he and Bea deservedly retired at their home in Florence. However, retirement does not mean retreating to a rocking chair. They were lucky enough to see their four grandchildren grow from babies to young people with their own children, and they took full advantage of this opportunity. The favorite pastime is to watch the boys play with their beloved Bitterroot Bucs. After the grandchildren have played for a long time, they continue to spend their summer vacations wherever they compete in Bucs.

Paul continued to participate in civic affairs, such as the development of the Florentine Community Park, and served as the chairman of the Neighborhood Homeowners Association for many years. He is lucky to have excellent neighbors and friends of all ages.

Paul lost Bea to cancer in 2013, but is eternally grateful for the 35 years of good times since they were first diagnosed with the disease in 1978. Paul also died of his brother George F·(·····Scotten) and nephew Matthew Paul Scotten (Matthew Paul Scotten).

Paul's daughter Joyce (Bob) Schroeder, grandson Josh (Nevis) Schroeder, Florence, Will (Elysa) Schroeder, Kresch, Missoula, survived in Florence Rhodes, Portland or Oregon, granddaughter Shelby (Anthony) Sandoval, Florence, great-grandson Sebastian and Cooper Schroeder, Florence, Hudson and Isla Schroeder , Missoula, Santiago and Rafael Sandoval, Florence.

This summer plans to hold a funeral in Great Falls and celebrate Paul's life.

You can commemorate it online in the name of Paul

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