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– The Optocore / BroaMan fiber optic network is the core of the new MEETT Toulouse Convention Center. It is the third largest facility in France (outside Paris), with a modular exhibition hall of 40,000 square meters, a main street leading to an outdoor multifunctional area of ​​25,000 square meters, and a building area of ​​155,000 square meters.

The installation was carried out by Optocore's long-term French partner GB4D in close cooperation with the scene design company Ducks Scèno. Gilles Bouvard's GB4D team represents the MEETT consortium, Toulouse Métropole and GL Events have joined hands with Grégory Aldéa, Ducks Scéno audiovisual project leader.

GB4D can meet Consortium's specifications for the transmission of sound, video, lighting and IT optical fiber networks, thereby overcoming many engineering problems in this process. "We have conducted research on possible future equipment upstream and downstream of the network, because in the development phase, we do not know the audiovisual equipment that will be installed; therefore, we made possible assumptions purely based on the plan."

MEETT itself is divided into three parallel areas around a row of modular exhibition halls. The complete space is huge: 500m long and 80 to 100m wide. The separate conference center and multifunctional event hall are separated by the reception area and multi-storey parking lot. Because of this distance, it is obvious to choose an optical fiber network to transmit all video, audio and data signals.

The 12 modular rooms of the conference center are equipped with optical fiber, and a large hall, another conference hall can accommodate about 3,500 people (with seats), and another conference hall can hold exhibitions or other needs. The conference hall can accommodate up to 7,000-8,000 people, showing the advantages of modularity.

Fiber optic points are distributed throughout the conference center, and each modular meeting room is equipped with three four-core fiber optic connection points.

In order to manage these 12 rooms, the "Seminar Room" node is equipped with BroaMan Route66 video routers (40 in / 40 out), of which 26/26 are connected to the fiber optic stage box in a specific room through a CWDM multiplexer, and 14/ 14 Allows the video connection between the fiber optic conference room node and the router in the conference hall.

Gilles Bouvard explained the basic principle: "CWDM video allows each modular room to have two video inputs and two video outputs. The video stream from 14 fiber optic cables to fiber optic cables allows full duplex input/output with the conference hall nodes."

The optical fiber points are connected with a single-mode four-core optical fiber cable and distributed to the router by WDM frames. The latter is provided by a manual fiber optic patch cord that allows 13 COM ports (combined main connection to carry all signals on duplex fiber) on 39 available connection points (three in each room) to be connected to the router .

In the conference room, the network distribution is carried out through 24 four-core optical fiber connection points.

In the conference room node, the BroaMan Route66 video router (38 in/38 out) can provide 24 in/24 out CWDM video for the fiber optic stage box, and provide 14 full duplex in/out SDI fiber video shared streams with the seminar room node , And with WDM frame, convenient for various operation connection points.

Each node is also equipped with Optocore AutoRouter15 for the seminar room, and Optocore AutoRouter10 for the conference hall to complete the Optocore cycle.

In order to work properly in all different spaces, ten mobile racks are plugged into BroaMan Mux22-IVT / MADI 4 SDI input / 4 SDI output, four MADI optical ports for audio and Optocore X6R-TP-8MI / 8LO (2 16AES ports, 4 DMX RS422 ports, LAN Base 10/100). Each rack can be connected to any connection point in the building through a four-core optical fiber.

Bouvard said the Optocore and BroaMan backbones for fiber routing are necessary to avoid latency issues. "This excellent system allows you to have any audio control interface in the network. Considering its complexity, I challenge anyone to build an Ethernet or IP-based network as easily and quickly as we do without becoming a computer. the scientist!"

The sound enhancement is the L Acoustics KARA system, and the installed mixer is the Soundcraft Vi1000 with MADI card. All sound consoles can be connected to the network, and most consoles can control 80 available Optocore preamplifiers directly from the desktop.

After completion, GB4D team Gilles Bouvard and François Lund conducted a thorough installation inspection, and provided complete user training and installation monitoring.

In short, Bouvard said: "The challenge today is to provide solutions that meet the needs of all users and transmit different IP and Ethernet-based protocols. Five years ago it was complicated, but thanks to BroaMan, we now have these tools . We will jointly develop equipment to easily transmit and route data streams carrying different protocols without bandwidth limitations."

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