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Cold mixture, especially overnight. Foggy area. As low as 30F. Wind NNE at a speed of 5 to 10 mph. 50% chance

Cold mixture, especially overnight. Foggy area. As low as 30F. Wind NNE at a speed of 5 to 10 mph. The probability is 50%.

Anthony Frezza is an accounting student and one of the two recipients of the Ollie Bieniemy Jr. Special Scholarship from High Point University.

Hayden Baker is a financial and sales minor in business management, and one of the two recipients of the Ollie Bieniemymy Jr. Special Scholarship from High Point University. 

The Earl North Phillips School of Business of High Point University awarded two small scholarships to high school students Hayden Baker and Anthony Frezza.

The Bieniemy Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships offered by the Phillips School of Business. It was established in 2006 by his industry friends and colleagues in memory of Ollie Bieniemymy. Bieniemy is the first advertising director of "Furniture Today", the leading weekly business newspaper in the American furniture industry. He was an integral part of the publication when it was released in 1976, not only bringing his enthusiasm for the industry and the ability to achieve start-up goals. Bieniemy is known for his marketing acumen and relationship skills.

Baker is a student of business administration, a student of finance and sales, and comes from Austin, Texas. He is a midfielder of the HPU men’s hockey team, a member of the sales club, and a junior

Volunteers for Marshall and the "Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Habitat Center" in the "High Point Area". He is also a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Sigma Alpha Pi, Alpha Chi Honor Society and Delta mu Delta Honor Society.

Baker said: "For me, this scholarship reflects what it means to be part of High Point University." "Getting this scholarship signifies that the people participating in the program want you to succeed and help you achieve your goals. The scholarship continues to be my motivation and inspire me to continue to contact others and help them achieve their goals while also fighting for me."

Frezza is an accounting student, from Orlando, Florida. He participated in the Student Justice Program and has been a resident assistant since his sophomore year.

Fraza said: "I am very happy to receive this scholarship." "It not only helped me financially, but also showed that my hard work really paid off. It really motivates me to keep working hard because this is just the beginning. "

Scholarships based on merit will be awarded to HPU seniors who best reflect the values ​​of Phillips School of Business. Selection criteria include academic performance, university and community service, extracurricular activities, cheerful personality and professional ethics.

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