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Cold mixture, especially overnight. Foggy area. As low as 30F. Wind NNE at a speed of 5 to 10 mph. 50% chance

Cold mixture, especially overnight. Foggy area. As low as 30F. Wind NNE at a speed of 5 to 10 mph. The probability is 50%.

Helen de Weissenbruch (Helen de Weissenbruch) is a second-year interior design student at High Point University and has won a Bill and Bonnie Peterson scholarship.

Gabrielle Listorti, a second-year interior design major at High Point University, was awarded the Bill and Bonnie Peterson Scholarship. 

High Point University students Gabrielle Listorti (Gabrielle Listorti) and Helen de Weissenbruch (Helen de Weissenbruch), both second-year interior design students, have won the Bill And Bonnie Peterson scholarship.

This scholarship is awarded to students of the HPU College of Art and Design who are studying visual marketing or interior design and plan to pursue a career in the furniture industry.

The scholarship was established in 2001 and named after Wilbert "Bill" Peterson, co-founder of Today Furniture, and his wife Bonnie. Peterson is praised for his integrity, his knowledge of the home furnishing industry and his contributions through journalism. During his career, he has won many industry honors, including the Industry Pillar Award, the Outstanding Home News Award, and was selected into the Furniture Authors Hall of Fame.

Listorti is a native of Watchung, New Jersey and a member of Kappa Delta Sorority. After graduation, Gabrielle plans to establish her own interior design company and design a customized series of pillows and blankets.

Listorti said: "I will never be grateful for this scholarship." "This allows me to stay in this beautiful university and continue to realize my dream of becoming an interior designer. I am really lucky and thank God for this every day. ."

de Weissenbruch is a native of Ohain, Belgium and a member of the HPU club equestrian team. She plans to establish her own company, focusing on real estate investment and home decoration industry.

de Weissenbruch said: "I am grateful for this scholarship." "I am proud to be a member of a university and support its students' learning journey like HPU."

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