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Posted on 5/15/2020 4:56 PM

Please let me indulge for a moment: close your eyes and imagine what your perfect home theater would look like. If I had to guess, I would think it was like a small movie theater. There will be rows of plush lounge chairs with cup holders-maybe brown or black. There is a big projector screen in front, and the overhead lights are dimmed (though it's hard to imagine where the dimmer switch is, isn't it?). Are the walls red? In my imagination, the walls are always red. 

Our concept of home theater is usually grand, sometimes grand fantasy, which may be attributed to our


, Or any iteration of our 1% lifestyle how voyeuristic. But for most of us, creating a theater environment requires creativity and agility. Especially now, when we spend a lot of time in it

And find comfort in our own space.

The goal here is to help you create a theater-level experience in your home while minimizing distractions. We achieved this goal by seeking the help of professional interior designers,

 (People who have worked with many well-known clients in New York City), as well as Thrillist's own entertainment team (actually professional movie viewers), can guide you to purchase goods and why. let's start.

Let us remove the obvious obstacles. You will need a big TV (or projector!). Now that it's 2020, you will need a flat-screen TV with UHD 4K resolution (this is already bad in five years). Fortunately for you, the TV market has penetrated into high-quality screens at all price points. For example, I chose

The price at the time was $299.99. For large TVs with high resolution, this is the greatest value I have seen so far. In other words, our experts recommend using a size of 65 inches or larger.

 And at a not too luxurious price 

With this, our first Tina Tip™: "I always recommend that you install a TV, even if you have a storage cabinet underneath. It has a much higher appearance.

Allows you to display artwork in its very simple "frame". You can even surround it with other objects to create a gallery wall, and you never know it is a TV. "

If you have enough space to hang the projector, please impress me. Once you are sure that you do have enough space (the easiest part), you must decide which projector to use (the most difficult part). Projectors are not omnipotent, and of course they are not omnipotent. That said, one of the best deals under $1,000 is

. For something slightly cheaper but still impressive, check out Epson's projector series-for example

It is now discounted to US$549 (usually US$850). If your budget is tighter than your high school messenger jacket,

 A 1080p portable projector is only $108. 

When comparing the heavyweights of streaming devices- 


-This decision is mainly personal preference. Before buying the Westinghouse that happened to have Roku built in, I had been using Apple TV to look at eternal things. Some Thrillist entertainment company staff swear that Amazon Fire Stick is the best choice, while the other uses

Because it can also play their Blu-ray collection and can be used for games (double blow). Please note

It can be done too! 

In the final analysis, I chose Apple TV for intuitiveness and user experience. But I will give Roku the third place (and special thanks

Built-in stream).

The future is definitely now. If you wanted to tell me ten years ago, I could walk into the room and say "Alexa, theater mode", the lights would dim, and a cool prelude would sound.

Can play, well, I will say something like "2020 definitely sounds good!" Oops, I would be wrong. However, I digress. If add


During the mix, you will be able to control the lights, music, power outlets and many other devices with a stern and outstanding sound. 

If you happen to have installed ceiling lights in your room, please

The light bulb is the move. It can be controlled via a smartphone (or Alexa / Google Home), and even the color can be changed to set the atmosphere. If you don’t want to go that way,

. Another option is to install track lighting on the ceiling. This is not the simplest solution, but it will provide a more dramatic experience. For a set, you can install it yourself,

It has a modern and practical design.

Finally, the backlight. Backlighting can reduce eye fatigue and help enhance contrast, both of which are essential for a pleasant viewing experience. There are two routes here. The easy way is to get a USB plug-in version that can wrap the back of the TV (

). More expensive options (although more dramatic):

Behind your settings. Or, you can try one item behind the sofa and one item behind the TV. Your house, your rules. 

If there is a problem with space/funds,

Can help things like this

. If you are sure this is what you want, I strongly recommend that you consider using a footstool. And this comes from

 It looks like the work can be done. 

Another thing you might want to encounter is

. If you dim the light-or turn it off completely-it will

Imitating a dining experience like Alamo or iPic (I almost said it!) Compared to a coffee table, the advantage of this is that you will have your own space to eat and sprinkle popcorn instead of having to fight with your roommates. These watermarks come from (I know it's Tevin, your beer). Of course, you can add more content, such as

, But please consider the above.

You also need to consider power cord management. TVs over $1,000 don’t look great with wires falling from the wall. Fortunately, this is a cheap patch, you can find


Want to watch Lia​​m Neeson flop

Wouldn't you wake up your partner in another room? Put on a pair of wireless, noise-canceling headphones.

. And since this movie was shot in the mountains outside of Denver, please go ahead and throw a blanket to make you really comfortable. I am a big fan

(Because it can also camp with me), but if you want something to stay on the couch indefinitely,

. Then, select the toppings to complete the setup (please read:

). Now the rest is comfort, turn off the phone and continue to focus on the function introduction.


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