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On 31/1/2021

This is official: until March 8, most children in the UK will not be able to go to school-at least.

Parents, working parents, single parents, single parents... We know this is the hardest time for everyone. We truly believe that the pressure on ourselves should be minimal, especially when wearing all these extra hats (decimal experts, anyone?).


Moving on, we have put together some kits that might make things easier...

If you buy something to help you keep your child organized, we think it should be a blackboard-whiteboard combination.

We especially like this version launched by John Lewis. It is small and exquisite, suitable for small fingers, and is equipped with two large pieces of chalk, a blackboard eraser, a whiteboard marker and a magnet for attaching paper.

Not only is it useful to write down the tasks of the day, but it can also be used as a toy that children imagine. They may want to open their own cafes, shops or even replace home schools.

We are totally obsessed with Mustard Made storage solutions. These storage solutions use a variety of exquisite colors, all of which happen to be inspired by school lockers (with a sense of fashion). Organizational arrangements are the key to not losing your sanity when going to school at home, and the Shorty version is very suitable for gathering all children's home school necessities in one place. It can also double as a bedside table.

Although parents used to face the problem of too many screens, many of us do not have enough money now because we try to work from home and share our acclaimed (and expensive!) technology with our children.

If you are worried about your Macbook being soiled too many times by a paper jam, we do not recommend an HP Chromebook: the price is less than £250, it can indeed meet all the needs of home learning, and it is easy to set up and use. In addition, it can also handle all the basic knowledge of parents' work.

Parents will do everything possible to get help, if this comes from furniture, so much the better.

Coble's smart furniture series (such as side tables) looks good in any room and has some other benefits, such as a wireless charging surface, so your older kids/teens’ smartphone or tablet will be ready to use (table There is also a USB point).

The table has two built-in bluetooth speakers, which are audiobook and music speakers with adjustable volume. Put it in the bedroom to help you understand bedtime stories.

One thing we learned from the second part of home school is that even for a young elementary-age child, temporary arrangements will not cut costs.

Giving them appropriate desk space and setting is essential to achieve at least a certain level of concentration and motivation, and older children may need to move out of their room to pay attention to their screening time.

In addition to the table or designated table space, comfortable chairs and desk lamps, children can also use some creative tools in the work area, whether it is a comfortable artwork print or adds some biophilic principles and life to a dull life Plant home school setting.

Let's face it: family learning is difficult because parents need to sit with their children and provide guidance and help when they work.

This double-sided desk means that parents and children can work relative to each other, or two siblings can socialize and learn correctly. It is designed to imitate a swing on a playground and comes with a lot of convenient storage space, and the top bar is perfect for hanging earphones and storage boxes for stationery essentials.

Both kids and adults hate to stare at the screen, which is why we are so eager to get some educational books.

We are

A series of illustrations by Lucy Letherland; whether your child is interested in deep sea creatures or history, there is an attractive book that will teach them geography, cultural customs, amazing animal facts and map reading skill.

In addition, it allows them to reach remote lands that are constantly surrounded by four walls.

When homeschooling hit a wall, the children brought out Lego blocks-something magical happened.

The siblings helped each other to create the world, the neglected toys have been sitting in the cupboard and became the basis of a well-designed game of the week that involves imagination and cooperation (not to mention all the excellent power and power that the building itself Engineering advantage).

So yes, it's definitely time for them to get the new Lego of the month-and if they spend an afternoon doing it, they won't feel sad for the lack of points. They are learning many other good things.

This new medieval blacksmith suit can provide a lot of inspiration and can also be counted as a history class (in any case, it is a history class).

This is not only a time for study and homeschooling, but also a time for reflection, diary, sketching and memory.

Therefore, in addition to all the school notebooks the children are using, it is a good idea to have them-especially the older notebooks-cherish a notebook that can write down all their hopes, dreams, fears and anxiety.

We like Frida Kahlo's "I am my own muse" quote-it is the perfect inspiration for generations of children who have to look inward to find themselves.

Osmo's STEM toys combine the ability to learn on the screen and perform in real life, regardless of whether the children are interested in speech and spelling, math and coding, puzzles and art-or want to help your child in any of these fields.

Osmo is compatible with iPad and Fire tablets. For parents looking for innovative ways to let their children learn, this is just a solution.

The constant confusion on every surface is one of the hardest things in family learning, and visual confusion will undoubtedly increase the pressure on parents. We like this table to neatly hold all the pencils, pens, felt tips and other items-the oversized nib is closed, so your child's home school accessories are messy.

Multitasking furniture is now very helpful for parents. This well-designed table and chair set is suitable for children of all ages and looks beautiful wherever it is placed. Not only does the table have some convenient storage shelves built in, but the blackboard top is the perfect craft table. In addition, it comes from sustainable rubber wood.

When the children are in school, Pinyin is skillful enough, and when the children are away, it sounds like an uphill battle. Bear Can Read is a new subscription service that may arouse the interest of your little ones. It will provide personalized activity bundles every month to help you make Pinyin fun. The price of the box is usually £19.99 per month, but your first box is just a Tenner with a Home10 code.

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