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From live broadcasts of new dramas to classic works in the archive, the following are some of the popular shows currently or about to appear online-this page will be updated regularly

First published on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 13.32 EDT

Fire in the hole! Here is the stupidest fur seal

With their classic version, it was broadcast live at the Northcote Theatre in Exeter before Christmas. What is expected is that unexpected changes will occur when the crew of anarchy set sail in the salty legend of Jolly Todger and Robert Louis Stevenson. Including a crazy TV show competition. John Nicholson's work can be produced

Until January 30.

The Royal Court has released a new audio version of Sabrina Mahfouz's poetic political speech and concert, which was originally staged in its upstairs theater in 2019. It is the first song observed in the song and explores how water and imperialism shape "landscape, life and heritage." In an hour-long performance directed by Stef O'Driscoll, Mahfouz is a compelling host and maintains a story full of facts that constantly shifts from a personal perspective to a global perspective.


Even though Louis Armstrong played "The Bottom", the jazz musical attracted 150 performers to perform in "A Midsummer Night's Dream". When it opened on Broadway in 1939, its remake was worth $2 million. RSC’s new work is underway, with original performances by Gilbert Seldes and Erik Charell with music from the Young Vic in London and the New Audience Theatre in New York. Performed at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre by Kwame Kwei-Armah, the young art director of Vic.

It runs online until January 17, when there will be an innovative lineup of international artists. It provides an opportunity to catch Javaad Alipoor’s 2019 Edinburgh Edge hit "The Rich Kid: The History of Tehran’s Shopping Centre" and the new work "Capsule" by Whitney White and Peter Mark Kendall. The feeling of "trapping into the Maelstrom" was lost. 2020". Other performances include the live telephone drama "The Road of A Thousand Steps" (part one) produced by the American company 600 Highwaymen. All performances are free.


It is one of many major European venues that embrace streaming media. Its online programming includes the award-winning musical adaptation of Édouard Louis's autobiographical novel The End of Eddy, which tells the story of gay men who grew up in a working-class village in France. Four young actors played all the roles in Eline Arbo’s work,

Polly Lister played many roles in the Hans Christian Andersen adaptation of the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough. Liszt plays the roles of the Sun Witch and the Snow Queen; best friends Guada and Kay; a cigar-like old woman who flirts with the audience like Madame Panto; a reindeer riding a scooter; and a special study of poetry Crow. Even if you have removed your own decorations, all of these can bring joy to the holiday atmosphere.


"Shipwreck" by Anne Burns and Mr Burns was first staged in Almeida in 2019. It has a great impact on contemporary American politics and Trump. The rise and potential decline of the company are extensively described. It was originally scheduled to be staged at the New York Public Theater in 2020, but was adapted by Saheem Ali

Produced in collaboration with Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company. The background was taken during a holiday with a group of friends in northern New York State in 2017. This is a stereotype of American moments. What is shocking is that it has felt that it is disappearing.

As Norma Desmond insists, the picture is small. But even if it’s played on a portable computer, you won’t miss the concert version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical by Lester Kurt (Brewsley Curve), an adaptation of the musical From a classic movie by Billy Wilder. The 16-member band and stars Ria Jones and Danny Mac told stories about flat tires, faded idols and dead bodies in the swimming pool.

The Bush Theatre reopened in December, this long-awaited new play by Travis Alabanza (Burgerz), but only a week later when London moved into a Class 3 theatre Forced to close. This is Debbie Hannan's movie, Reece Lyons (Reece Lyons) January 18th to 23rd, you can see the situation of being trapped in the bathroom online.

Southbank Centre (Southbank Centre) fifth annual celebration of the disabled arts festival through a series of theaters and dances to digital. Sophie Woolley's film performance "Augmented" tells how she became "deaf and mute" by implanting a cochlear implant. Ellen Renton's multimedia show "In Sight" focuses on running, the Paralympics and "inspired pornography"; an autistic drag queen Oozing Gloop stayed for one night; Aidan Mosby (Aidan Moesby) explored the connection between happiness and weather in the name "I am Naked, the Smell of Rain". In "A Woman," Cheryl Martin uses binaural techniques to reflect on depression.

Goggles and headphones are always ready! The theater and swimming pool are closed for many of us. This is a show that combines the two. This is a 35-minute experience created by Silvia Mercuriali. He intends to transform your home into a "poetic space, where the faucet is a waterfall, and the bathtub is the original broth, from which anything can emerge." You can follow the audio instructions to play by yourself in the bathroom.

We are now enjoying more theater performances at home than ever before, and it doesn't have to be a passive experience. A large number of programs invite viewers to participate, such as "Cinema Drama" written by Thaddeus Phillips and designed by Steven Dufala. It revolves around a mysterious motel room, involving card tricks, number games and reading materials.

Want some lock-in detectives? This online

Designed by Les Enfants Terribles and the virtual reality company LIVR, it is an immersive alternative to traditional board games. You can play with your family or the public, this experience features a live performance and promises to decipher more than 100 clues when you investigate the dark deaths of the Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Lord Chamberlain. January 27 to February 17.

In this skit, Tarawa Theatre Company made the experience of black frontline workers during the Covid-19 crisis painful through verbatim interviews with teachers, train workers, hospital and supermarket staff. The first two movies are

. More episodes will appear in January and March.

After successfully completing the live broadcast every Thursday night during the lock-up period, the New Taiwan Dollar was launched

on-line. You can become a subscriber or you can pay per time. Titles include classical literature, such as Phèdre with Helen Mirren, Amadeus with Lucian Msamati and Amadeus with Tom Hidler Donmar's Coriolanus by Tom Hiddleston, and new works including Lucy Kirkwood's "Mosquito" and Shahid Hadeem's Dara. New scripts are added to the collection every month. National Panto in 2020,

, Will be open for six weeks from January 11th.

Kirin Theater and Filskit Theater have created a new online version to show their love for penguins in cold climates. Telled by Madeline Appiah for two to five-year-old audiences, this is an imaginative animated surprise story of an emperor penguin lifting a chick. Available to watch

Until February 13th.

Heidi Schreck's Broadway show has been received

"Guardian" critics from both sides of the Atlantic. Can now be streamed

, It depicts the significance of the highest law in the United States for generations of women, because Shrek (Screck) reproduced the debate competition she participated in as a teenager. Directed by Marielle Heller, this film is very interesting, disturbing, but full of optimism.

No matter how many people are watching on Zoom, what does it mean to stage a scene in an empty theater? Old Vic’s stream of faith restorers-the clergy of Michael Sheen, Indira Varma and David Threlfall – first revealed the vacant seats . Director Matthew Warchus emphasized emptiness to show Brian Friel's four monologues, shared by three mutually exclusive or contradictory characters. This is an intoxicating night. You can watch Old Vic’s recorded performance from the following website

It can be seen that Duncan Macmillan's "Lungs" starring Matt Smith and Claire Foy is equally impressive.

Mary Prince, a West Indian slave who became an abolitionist, was the first black woman to announce her life in the UK. In this show composed of Kuumba Nia Arts and Unlock the Chains Collective, she explores her life through music, songs, drums and dance.

. This is one of the winter products of Oxford University

, Which also includes Mike Bartlett's double comedy Britney Spears (Charly Clive and Ellen Robertson) starring "Intervention". Bartlett directed the rehearsal of his comedic political comedy, which was staged in 2014 and has now been updated.

Tribute to this disabled dancer

The physical theater company DV8, which died in October, shared their award-winning 2004 film "Cost of Living"

. When filmed in a faded seaside resort in Norfolk, it followed two street performers (Toole and Eddie Kay) to portray friendship and prejudice, and was full of fascinating images. Available on DV8's media portal, but a small membership fee is required. Yes

They have prepared magical magic for you: the production of the 1980 Broadway original Tony Award musical, the beautiful songs of Stephen Schwartz and some wonderful actions by Bob Fosse. Play.

. Ben Vereen is a fascinating troupe singer who may or may not lead the prince of the same name on self-immolation. This is strange and often frustrating, but it is a fascinating chapter in Broadway history. Get the background view of this series

On BBC iPlayer.

Director Ian Nicholson and designer Sam Wilde used their delightful puppet version of the picture book "I Want My Hat Back" and its sequel to brighten the first A restricted area. Now they are carrying Chris Haughton's book "Hush! "Go back to another self-made auditorium and another set of compelling characters for a 15-minute adventure! We have a plan. This song also introduces the children to the opera, soprano Abigail Kelly (Abigail Kelly) sang a new score by Noah Mosely (Noah Mosely). The production of English opera is

In the year of the pandemic, the sales of classic novels have soared, and we finally started to read

. Why not do the same thing in the theater? Why not start with some York mystery dramas dating back to the 1300s? Four plays in the Bible, including the story of Adam and Eve,

, And the community and professional cast of York Theatre Royal


Create your own comfortable study room in Can't Sit Still and make props for this imaginative home theater experience. Designed for children from 2 to 7 years old, this is a gentle and fun circus show that shows how we are attracted by gender bias. The clown duo is played by Jake England-Johns and Hobbit Humphrey, they decide

Has appeared on the BBC documentary

February 16.

The new musical conceived by Peter Polycarpou is one of the November productions that England was forced to close for the second time. Now, it has been reimagined as a digital work, starring Polycarpou and Sally Ann Triplett, weaving through the music of Charlie Chaplin, Irving Berlin, Arthur Freed, and through a collection of antiques The story of a lost songbook found in the store is woven. From

, February 1-14.

Christopher Wheeldon dines at Châtelet in Paris in 2014, and his brilliant performance of Gershwins' classics continues to conquer Broadway and the West End. It can be used on new streaming media platforms,

It also offers the musicals "Golden Boots" and "42nd Street", as well as Michael Grange's Mark Rothko's play "Red" starring artist Alfred Molina.

When we die, what will our digital identity become? Can all these tweets and posts exist forever? Who decides? The specific theater company Dante or Die on the scene asked similar questions and even more during a thoughtful and interesting show held by Chris Goode in a cafe in 2018. It has now been reimagined as a 50-minute video podcast, available from

Until March 10.

Robert Louis Stevenson’s Gothic classic was adapted by Nick Lane. Nick Lane injured himself in a car accident. Imagine Jekyll ) Seek a cure for your pain. ("If someone offers me a potion that promises to make me feel like before the accident, but the side effects make me cruel, can I drink it?" (asked.)

Available on request until January 31. The dual role is played by Blake Kubena.

The work of theater company Extant celebrates the long history of Goze. Goze is a blind performer who has traditionally traveled all over Japan, bringing audiences various stories and music played on shamisen stringed instruments.

Blending the old and the new together, bringing together archival materials about modern performances of Goze, animation and film in an hour-accessible digital experience​​.

Arinzé Kene's Poetic 2017 Drama Good Dog Pose

Regarding the 2011 summer riots in the UK. It’s been touring last year and has now been adapted as a superb

Directed by Andrew Gillman and Natalie Ibu,

. Anton Cross plays a man, looking back at his youth, neighbors and community. The film was commissioned by The Space and supported by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the Arts Council of England.

An enterprising company

A season was locked, including a version of their 2013 TV show "The Anatomy of Melancholy", which was reimagined as 35 short-screen movies. They still have 25 minutes of new film,

, The website is located in a call center led by James Yarker, which is specially designed by the company and can be conducted online. It brings humor and sadness when it explores the dynamics between call center staff and customers. Valid until February 11th.

Locked restrictions and cancelled travel plans narrowed the horizons for the little adventurers. Therefore, for the family, this "seven-day drama experience" is both a pleasure and a relief. Created by Huddersfield's


And theater producer

This is a series of mysteries encountered by Charlotte, a young girl who was evacuated to Yorkshire during World War II. You can solve the puzzle by watching the intense online video and opening the envelope and package in the adventure box sent to you when booking. Follow-up actions of Big Tiny,

, Equally interesting.

Lin-Manuel Miranda's amazing Pulitzer musical, an award-winning musical, tells the story of "the founding father of ten dollars has no father", and was in New York in 2016 with the original Broadway actors Shooting for three nights. Movies originally scheduled to be released in 2021

carry on

. It was directed by Thomas Kail, who performed the musical. According to Miranda, “everyone is the best seat in the house”. Watch it, quote Jonathan Groff's frothy King George III, and you will be back.

Ben Weatherill's plot is set in 2025, when floods put Britain in a state of emergency. It was originally planned for stage production, but now

Directed by Alex Brown and featuring young actors from Almeida Young Company, they recorded their parts separately during the lock-in. As part of the “Great Shift”, Almeida’s

In response to climate emergencies, it is aimed at young people aged 14 to 25.

, This is a 40-minute single film, inviting the audience to follow Omid Djalili through the mysterious, majestic and ordinary corners of the Phoenix-like Battersea Art Center. This film is part of the BBC’s "Isolated Culture" program on iPlayer, which includes Jade Anouka and Grace Savage

; Crystal P and Jonathan Young



Conceived and directed by Rachel Bagshaw, written by Chris Thorpe, about life with chronic pain; and Corey Baker’s wonderful mini Swan Lake,

Sharon D Clarke portrays many memorable characters, but this is another matter. in a

Under the guidance of Adrian Lester, Clarke spoke for the National Health Service and its staff, reviewing the past and future of the NHS. As she proudly said: "I am one of the best things ever." First of all, Do No Harm is part of a series of events celebrating the NHS, entitled

, Planned by Lolita Chakrabarti for the old Vic. of

In addition, he pioneered live performances and rehearsal reading and archive recordings made in the past to keep a distance from the society.

Grand Slam poet and playwright

Born in Zimbabwe, grew up in Yorkshire. These locations were combined in her vivid monologue in 2016, in which Lladel Bryant played Ishmael, a young gay Zimbabwean who escaped homophobia in his home country and sought asylum in the UK, then He was scattered to Leeds. Alex Chisholm's one-hour production,

, Was recorded at the Akola Theatre in London.

This all-male theater company is known for touring Shakespeare’s outdoor works all over the UK. The company postponed its Macbeth until next year, but in

And on their website:

, Staged in 2018, and

, Was proposed last year to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the company. They encourage you to reproduce the spirit of your work at home-"whether on a picnic blanket in the living room or under the warm stars"-and share the results on social media.

It is completely one of the most famous and important performances of Shakespeare in 2019. Andrew (Adjoa Andoh) plays Richard (Richard) and co-director, with Lynette Linton (Lynette Linton) interpretation, this is a superb cast, composed entirely of women of color, including Shobna Gulati and Ayesha Dharker. Today, a British historical drama was vividly performed in the brilliant candle-lit Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in Globe, which is very suitable for drama. usable

This 10-episode short play is directed by Tang Yingnian and Andy Lau


Explore the racist epidemic that has been exacerbated by Covid-19 targeting British East and Southeast Asian communities. The works of writers including Oladipo Agboluaje, Nemo Martin and Lucy Chau-Tuen-Tuen and their performance in the film It lasts two hours and combines animation, poetry, music and dance.


It is one of the first theaters to announce a work lock-in plan for the pandemic. Its ever-growing collection of short films aims to provide viewers with "hope and joy". In Jenni Fagan's monologue, there is Brian Cox as Ian Rankin's Edinburgh detective John Rebus (John Rebus), "Two "The Door" Jonathan Watson (Jonathan Watson) as an asbestos-exposed shipyard electrician, and Kate Dickie (Kate Dickie) as good as ever. Scotland’s talented lineup – Tam Dean Byrne, Ronald Munro and Douglas Hanshall have all contributed – don’t miss the two of Jenny Godley and her adorable dachshund Peer.

One of the major dance works interrupted by the coronavirus crisis is Matthew Bourne's "Red Shoes" tour, which is a version of his critically acclaimed Powell and Pusberg film. But Bourne’s company "New Adventures" launched

,It has been executed

– In children's toys in the living room, table, garden and backyard, and kitchen. Clothing includes football equipment and, in some cases, a few towels.

Antoinette Nwandu's Beckett's dramatic action about police brutality was filmed by Spike Lee at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago Yes, 75 minutes long, full of humor, tension and tragedy. Lee cleverly weaves the audience and the world outside the theater into a five-star work by our critic Arifa Akbar. Apply to

On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of Bristol Old Vic’s birth, director Tom Morris based Victor Hugo’s novel The Man Who Laughs) staged a musical tragicomedy, which was published a few years after "Les Miserables" came out. A terrible fairytale horror and romantic story,

He was hit hard and was moved to the Western District. Now, as part of Bristol Old Vic, the "rare piracy record" of Bristol works is valid until February 28.

The season of on-demand shows.

How about the lineup. The actors include Catherine Parkinson, Patterson Joseph and Denise Gough. Authors include James Graham, Jasmine Lee-Jones, Prasanna Puwanarajah and April De Angelis. Ned Bennett, Blanche McIntyre, Ola Ince, and Tinook Craig are all directors.

And Century Films organized a very talented gang for their 14 short films about locked in life. on

Longing to return to the wooden O on the South Bank? Fortunately

There are a large number of complete works available for rent, including international works from the 2012 Universal Film Festival, such as Hamlet of Lithuania, Anthony and Cleopatra of Turkey, Coriolanus of Japan and John of Armenia. There is also the opening work "The Duchess of Malfi" by the candlelight Sam Wanamaker Playhouse starring Gemma Arterton.

"She let us, both of us, definitely use our fingers..." From the first line, Andrew Scott will make you fall in love with Simon Stephens's half-hour monologue, which tells The truth about family life, art, nature and many other aspects. Scott performed the show in Bush in 2008, and ten years later, he got a hit in the rematch of Old Vic. This version was shot in 2011, directed by Stephens and Andrew Porter, and is now available.

. Cheer up.

Performing poet Toby Thompson (Toby Thompson), with wonderful, wit and storytelling skills, created exquisite performances for people over seven years old. Thompson stepped in and out of Hermann Hesse's fairy tale "Faldum", played with young audiences, and sang a few jazz LPs.

Contains big questions about time and satisfaction. This is a short and profound performance, directed by Lee Lyford and incubated by Egg theatre

The development plan was ingeniously designed by Anisha Fields.

Belfast’s lyric poetry had to cancel its 1984 performance with the Bruiser Theatre Company, and instead launched the “New Speak: Re-imagined” initiative, in which Northern Ireland’s talents include Amadan Ensemble, Dominic Montague and Katie Richardson responded to the lock-in crisis. They are released in the plot

. Lyrics also collaborated with the five-minute drama committee of the Splendid Isolation (Lockdown Drama) series,

London theatre has started

Streaming media programs are provided for free until the door is reopened. Products include "

"Waste, a rock musical directed by Adam Lenson, soundtrack by Christopher Ash, and books and lyrics by Carl Miller. And Twelfth Night , Moved to a music festival directed by Anna Girvan and Jesse Briton's Bound, telling a tragedy at sea. A new British musical,

Produced by Richard Hough and Ben Morales Frost, it was originally scheduled to open to the public in January, but now it’s changed from January 26 to February 14 Daily play.

Tamara Rojo's excellent company has a steadily growing product catalog that can be provided as a three-day separate rent. Regarding the First World War, there is Akram Khan's amazing "Dust". His Giselle version, starring Rojo; classics like Alina Cojocaru and Vadim Muntagirov The work appeared in Le Corsaire (Le Corsaire). In addition, a series of five new short stories are destined to appear on stage, but they must first be shown on the screen, from Michael Nunn and William Trevitt’s "Echo" by Russell Mulipent to Ariel. Jolly Foley of Smith.

In this 25-minute clip directed by Sophie Fiennes, disabled and non-disabled dancers from Stopgap Dance Company create a quiet suspension atmosphere in an abandoned shopping center.

Our performance ends temporarily in the theater, but you can watch the breakthrough version of "The Tempest", Simon Russell Beale (Simon Russell Beale) is Prospero, and subscribe (or try it free for 14 days) online service

. The other two gems featured in the selection of the Royal Shakespeare Company are Anthony and Cleopatra, Joseph Simon, David Tenant and Richard II.

The famous Berlin Theater, run by Thomas Ostermeier, is showing a series of archive works, many of which have English subtitles, and usually stay only one night. For British audiences, this is a rare opportunity to see works directed by Luc Bondy, Peter Falk and Ostermeier himself.

The five works by the Swedish choreographer are

, Including the new work of the Royal Swedish Ballet Eskapist, which received a five-star rating from Lyndsey Winship. On the expansive stage, “Ekman provided fantastic images thanks to the help of Danish fashion designer Henrik Vibskov, who hosted Mad Hatter’s eccentric structure silhouette high fashion party.” Ekman’s other works include The Swan Lake" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

The last farce of Joe Orton was completed in the summer of 1967 before the death of the playwright. It is a subversive satire of an irrational world and is set in the counseling room of a psychologist. Rufus Hound puts on a white coat, like falling in love with Edward Prentice (Dr. Prentice)

Leicester Curve and Theatre Royal. Actors include Dakota Blue Richards and Jasper Britton. Curve's work

Also online.

obsessed! Lingering ballad! Broken chandelier! And the most famous mask of the musical theatre... Enjoy one of the most successful performances in the world, held at the Royal Albert Hall in 2011, Ramin Karimloo as the Phantom, and Christian (Sierra Boggess) celebrating 25th anniversary. This movie is available

. It also acts as

, The series offers different Andrew Lloyd Webb musicals every week.

The new director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet, Carlos Acosta, recreated "Dying Swan" (originally choreographed by Mikhail Fokin for Anna Pavlova) and BRB Chief dancer Celine Gittens (Céline Gittens)

From her living room to yours. Camille Saint-Saëns's "Le Cygne", from "Animal Carnival", was played by pianist Jonathan Higgins and cellist Antonio Novas. "This is a promise," Acosta said.

Groundbreaking theater company imitating dogs midway through tour

When the theater is closed. Now, they are broadcasting this ambitious show, in which the actors remake the classic horror movie of George Romero in real time. The company has also opened its own archive to stream selected works from the past 20 years.

What better time is there to watch "the large-scale experimental pop opera about fusing it together"?

His innovative performance was staged at the Moore Theater in Seattle in 2014, combining an upright performance with mesmerizing musical accompaniment and discussing his experience with a rare autoimmune disease. This is one of many movies including

, Can be rented or purchased from

With the help of carrots, sponges, miracles, and some game viewers, Sam will introduce you to his five connections through the accidental encounter section of Craigslist, a classified ad board.

, YesYESNONO’s work is an open and influential issue in seeking intimacy and connection. This hour will allow you to reassess your life.

The outbreak of family education caused by the coronavirus has led us to discover that many people still wear pajamas and play the role of teachers. This is an unexpected mentor who really caught your attention: Jude Owusu, in a dirty bathrobe, a pen behind his ear, and a notepad around his neck. Owusu is Julius Caesar's poet Cinna

The monologue of Tim Crouch.

Some works produced by San Francisco choreographer Alonzo King and his excellent company

Available for rent

. "Dust and Light", "Squint Triangle" and "Scheherazade" filmed in 2012 show the elegant nature of his works, surpassing classical ballet.

The performance is more provocative or turbulent than "Don't rain on my parade". Sheridan Smith (Sheridan Smith) as Fanny Bryce, walked out of the clouds with a gritty attitude and performed in this classic musical at the Manchester Palace Theatre in 2017.

, His products also include "The Crucible" (The Crucible) starring Richard Armitage (Richard Armitage) of Old Wake City in London and Maxine Pick (Maxine) of Manchester Royal Exchange (Royal Exchange). Peake's "Hamlet" (Hamlet).

For our current moment of isolation, uncertainty and endurance, is there a more suitable playwright than Beckett? In this work

, Peter Brook directed 5 Beckett shorts, 3 of them (Jos Houben, Marcello Magni and Kathryn Hunter) . His works include Theatre I's "Rough", "Rockaby", "Never", "Walking Up and Down" and "Walking with Words" II. The lonely, wide-eyed hunter recounted the lineage of the long and lonely days, which made Rockaby feel more and more frightened and desperate.

Even by Pina Bausch's standards, this is an eye-catching opening: a huge wall collapses on the stage, and the whole rubble is coming

, High heels and floral top. After the two suitors hugged desperately, she sat down and sprinkled rotten tomatoes. Therefore, inspired by the choreographer’s trip to Sicily, an epic patchwork of masochistic rituals, nightmares, and games began, blending quotidian with amazing phenomena. A rare opportunity to watch one of the works of Dr.

All four works in

Online service can watch the prosperous Oscar Wilde season in the West End

, Provide a 14-day free trial. Edward and Freddie Fox played father and son in "Ideal Husband." Eve Best is the unforgettable Mrs. Arbuthnot in a "Unimportant Woman"; a fan of Mrs. Windermere directed by Kathy Burke; Sophie Thompson (Sophie Thompson) Shocked at the theater’s most famous handbag "The Importance of Seriousness".

If you missed

, This is a chance to taste the cycle of Dave Malloy’s songs,

. Alternately evoking and yearning, this is a hymn to railings, precious memories, and spooky hymns, including a little bit of Edgar Allan Poe and "The Lonely Friar". It's a glorious party, just as warm as the whiskey is delivered to the audience-but you have to pour it yourself.

Think of dancing on the ice, you would imagine sequins and amazing TV stars, but the Canadian Theatre Company,

, Bringing the art form into a new dimension. In their double bill "Vertical Influence", skaters turn the ice rink into a charming stage, slowly decorated with patterns cut by blades.

Travel restrictions do not necessarily prevent you from watching international theaters online. Paris is respected

Molière (Molière) 1662 satirical custom comedy style. Claude Duparfait plays the stupid Arnolphe, directed by Stéphane Braunschweig. Provide English subtitles,

Rosie Kay's Extraordinary

It was staged in military exercise halls across the UK, but since its live broadcast can still be watched online, you can watch it from the comfort of your own sofa. Kay's brilliant company conflated punk with opera during close performances, brought the horror of battle home and disarmed the audience.

Julian Fellowes, George Stiles and Anthony Drewe have teamed up to launch a new version of the happy Kenneth Grahame classic, This classic version was staged at London Palladium in 2017. Rufus Hound is decorated with 50 shades of green, just like a toad. can be use on

, And can choose to donate to help provide financial and emotional support to theater staff.

The Unicorn Theatre in London enjoys a world-class reputation among young audiences, and its production of Evan Placey’s Girls Like That attracted me to join me in 2014 Teenagers watching.

It also provides original records of teenage anxiety, slut deception and self-belief. There are always face-to-face theaters.

Self-isolation may mean that many of us will use the living room to teach children and watch plays. The super charismatic John Leguizamo (an inspiring mentor, if any) offers the opportunity to combine the two. His solo Broadway show "History of Ramon Latin" is

Subscription service

Enables you to catch up to the theater in 360-degree virtual reality. Put your smartphone in the headset they sent you and experience various programs, including

The show "Awakening" intertwined the story of Black Panther Assata Shakur and the 2014 Ferguson riots. The award-winning

Written by Martha Watson Allpress, also available from LIVR.

Two dignified families...well. Our narrator (talking portrait) set our stage in Victorian London, and this musical comedy tells the establishment of the popular shoe repair chain, which is a combination of Montashoes and Keypulets.

This is a TV series, so it is deceptive, but

The play is based on one of the most turbulent and influential fringe theater performances in recent years. Inspired by Michael Patrick’s teenage medical condition that made his testicles"

". Wins.

Do you like dancing? Need to exercise at home? then

When she introduces you to how to play the 1983 classic "Rosas Denster Rosas". All you need is a chair with a certain amount of legroom and enough room to swing your hair.

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