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The ceiling is high and the windows are as big as she likes. And the apartment has many features, especially when compared with other square modern buildings she has seen, they all look the same. 

But Christian was put off by its size and loft bed.

Christian said: "I had never considered living in a small space before, and the bed above the kitchen confused me." "I thought at the time.

This one? "

Christian said: "Then I thought,'How can I retouch it and make it beautiful?" "When I feel like I'm finished, it's like a breath of fresh air."

This is her approach and the best technique for designing small spaces.

She said that Christian's studio apartment is eclectic, mid-century modern, and minimalist.

She told insiders: "This is bohemian." "For interior design, it's more like a calming method, but with texture and color embellishments that can tease your eyes and excite you."

Christian knows that you shouldn't invest in a bunch of furniture from the beginning. 

She said: "I need simple parts with functions, because less is more in that apartment."

Christian said: "When you think about spending a lot of time on the sofa, it just needs to be comfortable."

She said that it is important to understand the proportions of furniture.

She said: "You really have to consider your own floor space." "If you have bulky furniture, it will keep you away from a lot of moving and flowing spaces, which is very important."

From here, the sofa looks very bulky, but in a small space, you must also prioritize what is most important to you. 

Christian said: "I put comfort first and have friends. I am satisfied with that." "I made that decision."

Christian said that her sofa is very comfortable. It is deep and can hold eight people, and she likes the look of faux leather-it will pop out.

Christian's suitcase for winter boots is the ideal size for her TV stand. Her TV is very suitable for built-in shelf placement. 

As for the model, Christian once worked in fashion and got it from a colleague who no longer needed it.

She said: "I have always dreamed of a model to replace me." "I will take it anywhere until I get tired of it."

Christian said: "I know the space is already very narrow, I need to make it feel spacious, otherwise I live in a box." 

Therefore, she chose a bar stool with thin legs to prevent space chaos.

Christian put pillows on the high stools to add color and height. 

Christian said: "When I was sitting on a stool, I thought the height of the breakfast bar might be a bit high." "I just added some pillows to increase my height by an inch and a half, so I can sit properly. "

When filling the built-in shelves, Christian pays attention to balance and symmetry. 

Christian said: "I put the tallest thing on the top because it is the largest space." "Everything has its place."

However, nothing is set in stone. 

Christian said: "I have changed these things many times to make sure I like the look."

Christian's apartment is equipped with a wardrobe with a mirror. She suggested adding a mirror to a smaller space to amplify the natural light and make it feel bigger.

She said: "Although a dark space may be good, your electricity bill will be higher." 

In the upper left corner, the table is made of thin wire, and the chair is also made of thin wire. 

Christian said: "Thin lines really help make you want to see through everything, it feels like you have a complete space." 

Tables and chairs are her favorite apartment furniture, except for the light yellow curtains customized for tall windows. 

Christian is above the closet, storing all the items she doesn't want to see in the big basket.

The raised bed is the trickiest part.

Christian said: "When I moved in for the first time, I was really struggling because the stairs were steep. It has a high ceiling, so you have to climb into a very high space."

For Christian, this is terrible. Therefore, she put some non-slip mats on the stairs to prevent falling.

The ledge beside the bed is used as a bedside table for Christians. 

Christian said: "Under the ladder is a very strange space. I can't put pictures there because it is a weird angle." "So I think this might be the perfect corner for sweet potatoes because she doesn't need height." 

The challenge in the kitchen was storage space, which made Christine Kristen reconsider how she stored utensils.  

The best thing in the kitchen is the deep sink.

Christian said: "I think that is really amazing because you are reducing the workload and maximizing the use of space."

Christian said of the bathroom shelf: "I just make sure everything is placed and looks good."

Christine said that when deciding what to display, she has to keep in mind what to look at and how to arrange it to make it practical.

Christian said: "I spend the most time here, but when I'm at home, I like to see some beautiful things." 

Christian said of the nail holder: "That is the most exciting thing in my bathroom." 

Christian said: "From a visual point of view, this is a good feature, but it is also very convenient in the shower, because I only have those corners as space."

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