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The performance must continue, but a little bit

It was staged last Friday from the 128-year-old Berlin theater Schiffbauerdamm

In 1928, it closed after the end of World War II and then reopened in 1954 as the seat of the Berlin Ensemble of Bertolt Brecht. The company is expected to return to the board of directors on September 4.

The audience will notice some major changes. For starters, a lot of leg and elbow room. 500 of the 700 seats in the auditorium have been removed. Most of the remaining seats are in pairs, some are single. "We can just block up the seats, or just line up the whole row, but it looks horrible," the art director


All seats will not be too close to the stage to avoid keeping a safe distance from the performers. In addition, some doors of the auditorium will remain open to maintain air circulation.

It is worth noting that all performances will not be interrupted. This is to avoid suffocation in the lounge during the typical sudden peak period. Although this may make more people need to sprint to relax during the show, the gaps in the seats may be much less distracting than the usual compact seats.

The programming timeline is not yet clear, but the report does indicate that the previously planned version

Activities involving a lot of "kissing and licking" have been cancelled.

If you want to know how the Berliner Choir plans for the fall when the number of seats has been drastically reduced (and importantly, the ticket price has not risen), and so many American producers have completely


Provide detailed information about German art subsidies.

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