How to Recreate the Movie Theater Experience at Home

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Do you want to watch a movie? This is how to capture the theater-like feeling of being at home.

2021 is imperative, but cinemas are still not open nationwide, even for those who live near certain theaters,

In open places, there are still many people who prefer to flick comfortably from their recently disinfected house.

The good news is that movie enthusiasts can stream and rent newly released films, with more options than ever before. Although most of the major events in 2020 have been postponed, streaming services and select production companies are still constantly launching new content to at least maintain our time in isolation entertainment. Just last week, the streaming media released

And PVOD release


, Later this month, HBO Max will be released


horror film


So, why not let these films be fair and treat them as expected-at least the best they can be copied? Here are some tips to turn your home viewing area into a complete "drama" experience. No additional wipes are needed.

Let’s not deceive ourselves: in order to truly rebuild the home "drama" experience, you need to invest in products that can replicate the big screen. However, although a huge TV or projection screen can certainly solve the problem, but also consider space and budget. If you just blow up your last salary at Trader Joe's, or if your small apartment is more suitable for small and medium-sized screens, then there is nothing shameful. After all, not everyone likes to sit in the front row of the theater.

Moreover, for tablets and laptops, we should not underestimate some of the new technologies. If this is the traditional way of consuming media, consider upgrading the screen so that you can enjoy all your favorites in top quality.

Even some of the latest TVs are not equipped with the immersive, cinema-like sound that we know and love in movie theaters. Of course, not everyone wants to feel the hair on the back of the neck vibrate at the car purchase site, or let the neighbors run the old broomstick upstairs, but high-quality sound does make a difference. When calculating your home theater budget, make sure to set aside some cash for additional speakers, sound bars, or any experience you can afford. Don't know where to start? Buy a pre-packaged surround sound system, or buy a high-quality AV receiver, and add some speakers and subwoofers to increase the sound depth.

Turning off all the lights is so high school. After all, the point is to fascinate everything on the screen, and once the movie is showing, no one needs to do sleep in the originally dark room. Think of the lights in a movie theater: the walls are dimmed, and there are track lighting on the steps to help customers see where they are going while they are running for snacks or resting in the bathroom. Try to recreate this with some pot lights on the dimmer, some strategically placed lights, or maybe a candle or two to really create that atmosphere.

Before determining the best seat for your home theater space, consider your needs. How do you watch a movie in a real theater? Are you one of the people who raise their feet to stand up when the seducer turns the flashlight, or do you like to bend down cross-legged? Do you want to take a reclining armchair to relax in those high-end theaters? At home, do you plan to watch many flicks with Bud, another important one or the whole family?

Whether you line up some oversized armchairs and side tables, or choose a luxurious sofa set, make sure that everyone has enough comfortable and comfortable seats. Just don't let it become so comfortable and comfortable that people will be drowsy.

Aside from pandemics, there is always an advantage to show movies at home rather than in crowded theaters. For example, you can pause the restroom break, rewind when you want to watch the scene again (or because your partner is one of the people asking a million questions), or host a viewing party and have actual feedback from friends and family . Therefore, please plan which accessories you may need to complete the ideal home experience.

Maybe you prefer to control the high-tech functions of the remote control via a phone or voice control. Maybe you want to get warm blankets and some extra pillows when night falls. Or, you may be someone who wants to set up a group chat on your smart device before the movie. When you look at the overall viewing experience, be sure to consider those small "attachments" and place them in convenient locations.

One of the best parts of watching a movie is the fragrance of butter popcorn floating in the air. Adding sweets, sodas and other concession booths will only make the whole experience better. In recent years, high-end theaters have surpassed standard snacks, including hot dogs, nachos, pizza, and many other fast foods, but that doesn’t mean you have to. The focus of the home theater experience is to make it simple and special. If you have a million kinds of snacks stuck in the middle of the night, it may reduce your experience.

Keep the takeaway for dinner, while the movie itself follows the tradition, filled with bowls or bags of candy and popcorn. Or maybe choose a theme with some smaller appetizers that won’t be too complicated to eat when you watch unpleasant scenes. If you want to invest in a genuine old-fashioned popcorn maker and there is enough space, please feel free to. But considering that this is not the reality of most people, just use pop music or bagged kernels.

Last but not least, remember one thing that makes going to the theater so special: you are not allowed to be distracted, because you should sit there for about two hours before you can fully enjoy the movie. By muting the equipment, or even throwing them into a bowl on the kitchen counter, you can reproduce the feeling of home. Any measures that prevent outside interference and focus on the events in front of you are a good thing. After all, after a year like 2020, each of us should have a great movie watching experience and bring ourselves some carefree time.

"Let the game begin."

Amber Dowling is a freelance lifestyle and entertainment writer based in Toronto. His work has appeared in various newspapers, magazines and websites across Canada and the United States. She is the former chairman of the Association of Television Critics and the former editor-in-chief of the Canadian Television Guide, covering all aspects of the platinum era of television and emerging industries. In addition to showing too many shows, she is also a world traveler and a mother, with a soft spot for bold red and smelly cheese.

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