IPIC Theaters, LLC. Brings a Premium Cinematic Experience to Atlanta

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The nine-screen, 426-seat IPIC Theater is scheduled to open on December 17th at Colony Plaza, the iconic mixed-use destination in Midtown

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December 16, 2020, 16:26 EST

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Opening it first

Location at

In downtown Atlanta. This luxurious theater with 9 screens and 426 seats will open in the redesigned Colony Square, which is 50 years old and is currently undergoing

Redevelopment by North American Real Estate (NAP). IPIC will open a 6,635 square foot destination bar and restaurant Serena Pastificio next door to the theater in early 2021. Serena Pastificio specializes in authentic handmade pasta with simple and fresh ingredients. 

The IPIC® Theatre is a pioneer in the concept of dining theatre, whose mission is to create an unforgettable experience for guests. The ultimate theater experience at IPIC Theater includes the latest

Blockbuster films and selected movies, chef-inspired cuisine, signature cocktails, including personalized style from the moment the guest arrives. Guests can enjoy the high-end catering services provided by the "ninja-style" server when dining next to their seats, dining in the dark theater, and relaxing in the Premium Plus reclining leather seat Pod.

"The IPIC Theater provides a personalized movie experience that has been carefully designed to maximize the guest experience. We are happy to bring new, unparalleled entertainment options to the theater.


, CEO and General Counsel of IPIC Theater. "Whether you want to spend a night, take a break at noon or a new family tradition, we all hope to create a revolutionary theater-style escape place for our guests." 

IPIC’s carefully curated food and beverage menu focuses on seasonally inspired dishes and signature dishes, shareable staples, and keto and vegetarian options. Guests can also look forward to classic movies such as classic popcorn, sweets and innovative snacks, and children’s menus. The wine selection includes a variety of wines, beers and specialty cocktails.

The new IPIC Theater in Colonial Plaza will have 9 auditoriums with seats between 18 and 72 seats. The auditorium of the IPIC Theater can be used for special occasions and private screenings. Selected auditorium equipment

The digital projection and all seats can be booked online in advance on IPIC’s reservation system, and these seats can also be obtained on the IPIC app. In addition, compared with traditional theaters, the layout of the IPIC theater naturally reduces the capacity of each auditorium by 24% to 57%. Safran added: "The design and layout of the IPIC Theatre organically realize the social distance between parties. Its pod-style seats separate the guests in a row of wide passages and separate walkways to form seats and Smaller auditorium."

"When we acquired Colony Square, our team developed a merchandise plan that will resonate strongly among office workers, residents and visitors in the area. By adding new retail, restaurants, service uses and unique Entertainment options (such as the first) IPIC, we are experiencing the revival of Midtown’s crown jewel,"

NAP partner and senior vice president of leasing. "We are very pleased that IPIC has opened its doors and brought this new and high-quality experience to our cherished destination."

In addition, IPIC offers the exclusive membership program IPIC ACCESS. Membership levels include Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Elite, and have higher privileges, such as discounts on food and beverages, birthday rewards and so on.

The movie schedule of IPIC Atlanta includes:

Opening weekend:



For a complete list of displays and times, please visit:


The IPIC Atlanta Hotel is located at 1197 Peachtree St. Suite 350 NE.

30361. For more information about film screenings and time, please visit:

Picture available:

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IPIC Theater LLC. It is America's leading theater and restaurant brand. IPIC®Theatres is a pioneer in the concept of dining theater. Its mission is to provide visionary entertainment and leisure venues, providing chef-led high-quality cooking and mixed cooking in unique architectural destinations including high-end cinemas and restaurants. The IPIC Theater provides guests with several layers of high-end leather lounge chairs, including lounge chairs and pod seats. IPIC Theater currently dines in 7 restaurants and 14 restaurants, including 107 screens


And plan to

At the end of 2020. IPIC has implemented health standards that follow CDC guidelines

. In addition, IPIC Theatres is a participant in the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) Film Safety Program, you can

. For more information, please follow IPIC


And then visit

At the corner of peach tree and 14

 Street, Colonial Plaza is not only the heart of the city center, but also

– The original icon in the center of the rising modern southern capital. Nowadays, Colonial Plaza is becoming another symbol, bringing modern living art to Midtown. The redesigned Colonial Plaza has 912,000 square feet of Grade A office, 160,000 square feet of first-class retail, 466-room hotel and 262 luxury residences, and will be known as a gourmet paradise; shopping and entertainment destination; complex commercial center; There is also a rich and artistic place where you can gather with the community and absorb the atmosphere of Midtown. Open, walkable and easily transportable, the reimagined Colonial Plaza, like all great city squares, will seamlessly connect with the vitality of the surrounding streets. To learn more about Colonial Plaza, please follow 


 And visit 

North American Real Estate Company was established in 1954. It is a privately owned multi-regional real estate operation and development company that has acquired, developed and managed more than

Mixed-use, retail, multi-family and office properties

. Rooted in a goal-oriented development approach, North America Properties is creating a good place to connect people to people. The city of their soul; the partner of opportunity; and their personal experience moved them.

Headquartered in


, The company has developed 22 million square feet of commercial space and 19,000 residential units in 15 states and 67 cities. In the past three years, North American real estate has launched 36 projects

Total capital. In the subway

, North American Real Estate Corporation led the transformation of Atlantic Station and the full development of Avalon. Currently, the company’s mixed-use pipelines include: Colonial Plaza in downtown Atlanta,

On the dam


Metropolitan area.


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