Just 26 Awesome Things You'll Be Tempted To Buy For Your Desk

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If you have to sit at your desk for more than 6 hours a day, it is better to make it an interesting desk.

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Buy a pack of six animals and a bench from Amazon

Or Papersource for


You can upgrade Sticky Ding to a flash drive for an additional fee.

Get from

On Etsy

(Crayons or bright colors can be used).

"These note papers are very good. The colors are very bright, the labels are neat and eye-catching at any angle. I think every student or teacher should have these, and businessmen should have them. They are very useful for taking important notes and planning. , And usually record important information in a place that will not be lost to your planner or laptop. I will save this information in my schoolbag and make sure to repurchase it as soon as I run out." —

Get a pack of 60 notes from Amazon

You will get two rabbits, two cats and two carrots.

Buy an eight-piece set from Amazon

It has a sticky top, so you can paste it anywhere.

Get it from Amazon

"Everyone at work commented on this! Easy to apply (as long as I finally have to remove it, it will become easy) and has always existed until now. I work in an open floor plan, rarely There is space for a lot of work. Personal items. This item works well and is so cheap that I am not worried about what will happen." —

Get two from Amazon

(A trapezoid shape is also available).

Get it from Jungalow

(Five colors are provided).

Buy from Urban Outfitters

"They are crazy cute and surprisingly functional. I give them as gifts to some students, they love them. I love them, and I will definitely buy them for myself and my children again!" —

Get four random colors from Amazon

Get it from Look Human

(There are two sizes).

"SOOO CUTE, I was very happy to use them when I was in school. (I don't know why I am so happy), but they are great. Perfect ?" –

Buy a set of five from Amazon

You can choose computer, Nintendo DS or pop-up window.

(Provide three styles).

"Really cute. Because it is small and fully functional, it is perfect for desks. Please make sure you have small plants or cuttings." —

"These pushpin clips are very beautiful. I really like rose gold office accessories, so I am very happy to find them. I like this design because it provides the practicality of tacks without the damage associated with pushpins." —

Buy 12 packs from Amazon

(There are two colors).

Buy six packs from Amazon

"Fun little flash drive! There is nothing fun with a device with a specified capacity, it is always good. Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase." —

"Absolutely love these bookends. I bought a variety of metal bookends for large graphic novel bookshelves. These bookends can support heavy books without bending (unlike many books). They are highly recommended. They are quirky And practical..." —

Get them from Amazon

(Three colors are provided).

"Very happy with this shelf. It is simple, clean, not too deep, and it fits just a small part of the table I want to put on. All the parts are in the box (even with an extra screw), and it is very easy to assemble. There is no problem with the screw holes being peeled off or missing, and the frame feels very strong." —

(There are four colors available).

Get it from Amazon's Novogratz

(Provide three soft colors).

(9 kinds of animals are available).

Each bell has two options, for example, jingle bells once for coffee and twice jingle for cocktails.

(There are four styles).

Get pushpin


, And the paper clip used

From Amazon.

There are 30 sheets of paper for each note section.

(There are also milk styles).

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