Local theaters begin to reopen as studios release new movies 

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With the help of the recently released film, the cinema opened its doors.

"We are so lonely, everyone who works in a movie theater company...We are all people, and we love to serve the people," said Bria Naylor, marketing manager of Picture Show Entertainment at Berlin Theater.

During the pandemic, the studio delayed the release of new films. Several films released in recent weeks, including "Unhinged" and "New Mutants", have encouraged the theater to reopen.

The independent theater Wallingford's Holiday Cinemas 14 (Holiday Cinemas 14) opened on August 21 with 30% capacity and other popular regulations. Both AMC theaters in Plainville and Southington are open and have various show times. The theater capacity is limited to 40% and masks are required. Currently, the Cinemark Theater in North Haven has necessary masks and other COVID restrictions for screening times.

Although the state has allowed indoor theaters to open since mid-June, most theaters waited until late August.

Nalo said: "I think the entire movie theater industry has been waiting, they hold their breath to see what Hollywood is doing."

Delays in the release time of major movies are sometimes released a few days before the release date, which brings the theater back to the drawing board when it reopens.

Naylor believes that with the release of more important works (especially "Tenet" on Thursday and "Wonder Woman 1984" in October), Naylor believes that the theater audience will increase.

Certain movies originally scheduled to be released in the summer may be released in the fall and winter.

She said: "As more and more new movies attract a large number of people into the theater, we look forward to seeing parallel reactions with customers."

Manager Olivia Taylor said that prior to its reopening, Holiday Cinemas 14 rearranged the complex to improve customer check-in, food and beverage purchases, and the process of going to the theater. The capacity of each of the 10 theaters operated by Route 5 theaters has also been reduced.

Taylor said: "We really need to think about how to make the theater run...just to ensure that everyone can maintain social distancing." "...we are making sure that we have enough staff to make sure everything is cleaned up and everything is up to standard."

Despite the slow progress in the first few weeks, Taylor believes that as customers see preventive measures in place, more measures will emerge.

She said: "We got some new movies in the past week, so we started to get a little busy again."

The Berlin Theater spends the entire summer, usually its busiest season, by setting up a ride in the back of the building and showing classic movies. The theater decided to show some new albums outdoors which were very popular.

Naylor does not believe that watching a movie at home can replace the theater experience for many people.

She said: "You are in this room and you are experiencing this huge storyline with others." "...I think parents want to share this experience with their children, and friends want to share this experience with other friends."

In order to ensure the safety of customers in their seats, the theater has extended the time between screenings to allow more cleaning time for the staff. The ticketing system is also set to automatically set aside two empty seats between each party. Larger groups will gather around other customers. Before the start of each shift, employees must wear gloves and masks and perform temperature checks.

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