Lubbock reports 3 more COVID deaths, but hospital numbers improving

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Lubbock confirmed 3 deaths related to COVID-19, as well as 65 new coronavirus cases, and another 119 people recovered on Saturday.

Saturday also marked the fourth consecutive day that the Lubbock region reported a COVID-19 hospitalization rate below the state threshold of 15%-if this trend continues for another three days, it will prompt some business restrictions in the region to be reduced. Area.

According to data provided by the Lubbock City Health Department, the total number of confirmed cases is 46,862, 44,433 people have recovered, and 1,758 active cases.

Since March, the number of deaths related to COVID-19 has been 671, and another 18 died last week.

As of 4pm on Saturday, a total of 59 open hospital beds and 17 patients were treated at the University Medical Center and Covenant Health System. Please note that this reflects the number of staffed beds that can receive patients and is different from the number of available beds displayed on the DSHS and Lubbock dashboards. These dashboards count all available beds, including specialized beds, such as pediatrics, PICU, outpatients, psychiatric beds, etc., as well as inpatients in 22 county trauma service areas.

As of Saturday, Lubbock County has 168 hospitalized patients with COVID-19, 46 of which are in the intensive care unit. Compared with the number of COVID-19 patients in the ICU last Saturday, it dropped by eight, and it was down by two from the total number of 170 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in the hospital. 

It was reported on Saturday that patients with confirmed COVID-19 in the district hospital accounted for 10.22% of available beds, which was lower than the 10.54% reported by the city on Friday. Trauma Services Zone B will continue to be subject to other restrictions outlined by Governor Abbott’s Executive Order until we remain below 15% for 7 consecutive days.

A total of 251,955 coronavirus tests were conducted in Lubbock, with a positive rate of 14.5%.

According to data provided by the State Department of Health Services, throughout the state of Texas, 14,969 new COVID-19 cases and 332 COVID-related deaths were reported on Saturday.

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