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In the 400th block of South Thorn Street in downtown Colorado Springs, a dual-brand Marriott hotel with 259 rooms is under construction. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hotel developers have slowed down the progress of the project in 2020. Its current goal is to open in early 2022. CHANCEY BUSH, "Bulletin"

The 3.7 million square foot Amazon distribution center is being constructed in the Peak Innovation Park southeast of Powers Boulevard and Milton E. Proby Parkway near Colorado Springs Airport. This large facility is one of the largest buildings in the state and is scheduled to open in summer. Opportunity Bush, Bulletin

Diver Rich Rotte cleans the corrals in the 16,000-gallon aquarium at the Scheels All Sports store, which is under construction, east of Interstate 25 and east of InterQuest Parkway, the northernmost point in Colorado Springs. The aquarium is home to more than 600 species of tropical fish and is one of several convenience facilities added to the 220,000 square foot Scheels store; retailers of outdoor equipment, sporting goods and clothing will open on March 27. JERILEE BENNETT

A multi-purpose outdoor stadium with a capacity of 8,000 seats, located southwest of Cimarron and Sahwatch streets in downtown Colorado Springs. The venue will be home to the Colorado Springs Switchbacks football team as well as concerts, sports and other events. The stadium is expected to open in April. Opportunity Bush, Bulletin

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The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped many well-known construction projects in the Pikes Peak area from making significant progress during 2020, and there are still a few that are expected to open as scheduled this year-although only a few will not be able to cut the ribbon until 2022.

The following is the status of several of these projects, as well as some important business expansions expected in the Colorado Springs area in the new year:

Online retailer

The project near Colorado Springs Airport is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2021, and the hiring of at least 1,000 employees is likely to begin two months before opening.

The 3.7 million square foot center is located in the airport’s Hilltop Innovation Park, to the southeast of Powers Boulevard and Milton E. Proby Parkway. It will ship customer orders for books, electronics, toys, and other smaller items across The Colorado Springs area of ​​Colorado and surrounding states. The five-story building will be the largest in Colorado Springs, and possibly the largest in the state.

Amazon's Denver spokesperson Nikki Wheeler (Nikki Wheeler) said the building will include more than 2 million square feet of robot-controlled four levels of merchandise storage.

Each Amazon fulfillment center will deliver the completed orders to the sorting center, where the parcel will be routed to the delivery station closest to the customer or the Whole Foods store owned by Amazon.

Colorado Springs Airport is seeking approval to build a 279,000-square-foot sorting center next to the Amazon distribution station in Peak Innovation Park. Documents submitted to city planners indicate that this will be an Amazon facility.

On-site work has recently started, and the architectural drawings submitted to the city indicate that the construction of the sorting center will last about one year.

Plans have also been submitted to the city for distribution stations in the former Sam's Club Club warehouse south of South College Avenue and the site of the former Western Forge hand tool factory on the northwest side of Springs. Although Amazon has not confirmed these items, the details contained in both indicate that they will operate as Amazon delivery stations.

March 11.

The airline announced plans to open 13 daily direct flights to Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas and Phoenix in October. Southwest spokesperson Dan Landson said: “The demand for our new services is really positive.”

City Aviation Director Greg Phillips said that the project will begin this month at ticket counters, gates, office spaces and other facilities at Southwest Colorado Springs Airport.

The local airline had pleaded with Southwest Airlines for nearly 20 years. After that, the airline arrived at the airport in September and was preparing to expand to Colorado Springs to allow idle employees and planes to work. Discussions proceeded quickly, and a $2.5 million private and public incentive program was provided, which included funds for marketing, construction and other startup costs.

Aerospace, a California-based defense and security research non-profit organization, is building a $100 million R&D complex in Peak Innovation Park. The complex will have a laboratory where the military and contractors will test and potential Ways to fight space wars.

The laboratory, called the Space Analysis and Cooperation Center, can accommodate up to six conference rooms and a large auditorium where contractors and military officials can try out the tactics, techniques and procedures used in space warfare.

The laboratory will allow opposing teams and other observer groups of up to 30 people (in separate conference rooms) to simulate space war games and gather in the auditorium to discuss the results.

The 90,000-square-foot building is scheduled to open in the spring of 2022 and can accommodate 200 technical staff. It will be hired within five years and will be connected to the 78,000-square-foot office of the non-profit organization that opened in 2007.

The aerospace company employs 240 engineers, scientists, analysts, and cybersecurity experts who provide technical expertise to the U.S. Space Force, U.S. Space Command and other military commands in response to threats to U.S. space assets.

Aviation spokesperson Scott Gemperline said that the contractor has completed the construction of two stairwells and elevator shafts. It is expected that the steel structure will be installed from early January to mid-January and completed by summer. Installation of exterior and roof.

Among other Hilltop Innovation Park projects:

• Denver commercial real estate investment company Flywheel Capital plans to break ground on a 50,000 square foot office building in the first quarter and complete it in the third quarter. The building will be part of a larger office building called Peak Technology Campus, which will include 210,000 square feet of space and can be completed in two years.

• Development partner Jim DiBiase of the Olive Real Estate Group in Springs said that plans to suspend two hotels near Colorado Springs Airport during the COVID-19 pandemic are expected to resume this month. A 130-room Courtyard by Marriott hotel and a similar-sized Residence Inn or an equivalent Marriott brand will be built on the 6-acre site in the Peak Innovation Park.

Health care giant Penrose-St. Francis Health Services announced in late December that it will soon build a $150 million building on nearly 60 acres of land in the InterQuest area on the north side, with 72 A one-bed hospital specializing in orthopedics and spinal care.

In addition to the hospital that will have 10 operating rooms and will open in January 2023, the site located southeast of Interstate 25 and InterQuest Parkway is expected to house a medical office building and surgery center built by a group of orthopedic specialists Penrose-St. Francis CEO Dr. Brian Alling said.

This location will be the third medical park in Penrose-St. Francis is expected to compete with the company’s 195-bed St. Francis Medical Center at 6001 E, E. Woodmen Road.

Francis on Penrose Street is also in a $77 million project that will open the unfinished space on the fifth and sixth floors of the expansion project that opened last year at St. Francis Medical Center. Construction of 60 hospital beds. Erlin said that half of the beds will be part of the hospital's intensive care unit, and in recent weeks, patients who have been treated for the COVID-19 virus have almost been full. The project is scheduled to be completed in April 2022.

Boldt Co., a Wisconsin construction and development company, is developing the St. Francis Pavilion while the hospital is expanding. The 75,000-square-foot campus project includes a medical office building, which is expected to open in July, which includes endoscopy services, imaging laboratories, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, allergy/immunology, and cancer centers.

Francis on Penrose Street must complete the InterQuest and St. Francis projects before starting a major renovation of the Penrose Hospital complex at 2222 Nevada Avenue.

UCHealth Memorial Hospital completed a sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation center last month, and plans to start construction in a large outpatient building on Powers Boulevard this summer.

The Grandview Medical Center is a $26 million, 65,000-square-foot orthopedic rehabilitation center that opened on December 7th on UCHealth Memorial’s boutique Nevada State University campus (near North Nevada Avenue and Interstate 25). The complex includes imaging, orthopedic services, sports medicine, and the office UCHealth Memorial CEO Joel Yuhas (Joel Yuhas) said, targeting multiple medical experts and a primary care clinic.

The hospital has also signed a research affiliation with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical School District, which will bring the sports performance research project to the center this year.

UCHealth Memorial also plans to start the construction of its US$105 million Eastview Medical Center covering an area of ​​125,000 square feet in May or June, which is located on 24 acres northwest of Powers Boulevard and North Carefree Circle. The outpatient complex is expected to open in mid-2022, including imaging, outpatient surgery, rehabilitation services, and offices for many medical and surgical experts serving the rapidly growing Powers corridor community.

Ent Credit Union, the largest financial institution in southern Colorado, has completed the appearance of its new headquarters, located northeast of Interstate 25 and InterQuest Parkway, and close to the Great Wolf Lodge water park and resort.

Jeff Wilkins, Ent's vice president of strategic planning, said the 300,000-square-foot complex is expected to open in the summer. The external completion allows the internal work to continue without being disturbed by the weather.

Ent broke ground on its new headquarters in October 2019 to accommodate its rapid growth within the Front Range.

The $7.4 billion credit union is the largest credit union in Colorado, and plans to transfer its 600 headquarters employees to the building and adjacent garage, which can accommodate up to 1,100 workers. The headquarters will have an Ent call center, consumer and mortgage loans, information technology, finance and accounting, human resources, member services, administrative management and executive leadership.

The new complex is expected to meet Ent's needs for a period of 7 to 10 years, but this 25-acre site can accommodate two other buildings totaling 700,000 square feet, and can accommodate up to 1,900 employees if needed.

The complex is more than twice the size of the 125,000-square-foot Ent. It is now located in three buildings on I-25 and northeast of Woodmen Road; the credit union owns two of the buildings and has agreed to sell.

Last year, the developers of the 259-room dual-brand Marriott Hotel in the South Block of 400 Tejon Street suspended their project-due to the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, deliberately slowed its construction and brought it to 2021 The opening is postponed to early 2022. In the hotel industry.

Due to the drastic reduction in business and leisure travel, hotel rooms across the country are vacant most of the time, while conferences, conferences and events in large hotels have disappeared.

Olive Real Estate Group’s DiBiase said: “Most hotels are covered with fingernails.” He is Kevin Engelhardt of the Monument Hotel Operations Service Department and local general contractor Vince Kolare Vince Colarelli's hotel development partner. The Atlanta-based management company Hotel Equities is also its partner and will operate the property.

"This is terrible," Dibias said. "And our market has always been one of the best performing hotel markets in the country.... But even though we have been performing as a market, no one makes money. The hotels in this town have not lost as much money as others ."

DiBiase said that he and his partners do not believe that business travel will resume before 2022.

He said: "Business travelers are where you make money."

The eight-story hotel will open with Marriott's Element and SpringHill Suites brands. Its facilities will include two restaurants, an underground parking garage, meeting space, and an indoor swimming pool and fitness center.

The developer of the Marriott Hotel postponed the opening of the project until next year, and the seven-story Hyatt Place hotel with a capacity of 120 rooms is expected to be in Colorado Springs downtown at Nevada Avenue and Keogh in late summer. Wa Avenue opened.

The website of another new hotel located in the city center is Kinship Landing with 80 spaces at 415 Nevada Avenue, which is booking air tickets in mid-January.

Outdoor equipment, sporting goods and clothing retailer Scheels All Sports will open on March 27th, the date announced by the North Dakota-based chain a few months ago and has not changed since.

The huge 220,000 square foot, two-story store (approximately the size of the Walmart Supercenter) will be the second store in Scheels, Colorado, and will be built in the InterQuest Marketplace retail complex east of I-25 and InterQuest Parkway .

Cory Tweden, head of the Scheels store in Colorado Springs, said that about 90% of the store's upper floors have been completed, while the following 60% have been completed.

He said: "The construction is going well."

Schers will employ 425 employees, including 150 full-time employees and 275 part-time employees. Tweeden said the retailer still has about 200 part-time jobs and some full-time positions to fill. About 50 of Scheels' full-time employees are moving from 28 other stores in the chain to Springs, including a store in Johnstown north of Denver.

Schells will open 75 specialty stores in its larger stores, such as cycling, camping, fishing, golfing, hunting, home decoration and men’s, women’s and youth clothing-and training for employees working in these areas It will go on without interruption, Tweden said.

From February 14th, employees will begin to "set up" the store-placing display racks, inventory shelves and other responsibilities, ready for opening next month.

Tweeden said: "In the course of four weeks, it basically went from an empty wall to full stock."

One of the top tourist attractions in the area will reopen in May, when the Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway will continue to carry tourists and tourists along the scenic trek to the top of Pikes Peak.

The railway runs 8.9 miles along the side of Pikes Peak to the summit and has been closed since the end of 2017. After a period of winter maintenance, its owner, the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado, began a complete reconstruction of the aging railroad. line. The $100 million upgrade project includes the refurbished Manitou Springs train station, three new engines and nine new cars.

In May, the construction crew laid the first railway for the new gear railway. By September, they had completed half of it, and by October, they had completed 75%.

Krista Heinicke, a spokeswoman for the Broadmoor Hotel, said: "We are approaching the 100% mark." "We are approaching every day and we are still proceeding as planned."

Tickets for the new cog railway are expected to be available in January

, And information about the project can also be found on websites and social media platforms (such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook).

The Broadmoor Hotel is owned by Denver-based Anschutz Corp., whose Clarity Media Group owns The Gazette.

Gerry said that the Pikes Peak Peak Complex at Pikes Peak was completed. At its core is a new 38,000-square-foot visitor center, which will be more than double the size of the venue built in 1963 and is expected to be completed in late spring. . Snyder, senior project manager for GE Johnson Construction Co., the general contractor of Colorado Springs. The project was launched in 2018.

Snyder said: "We are making good progress, especially internally."

Snyder said that the substantive buildings that have been completed or are in progress within the visitor center include wall and ceiling framing, drywall installation, stone veneer works, and the installation of elevators and electromechanical systems. The building includes low-rise, main and plaza levels, with retail, dining and kitchen spaces, exhibition areas and open decks for viewing.

Snyder said that given that Pikes Peak is more than 14,000 feet above sea level and it is very difficult to work in cold temperatures, strong winds and heavy snow, the progress outside the visitor center depends on the weather. He said that in order to ensure that construction can continue, a temporary plywood shell is being constructed to protect the staff working outside. 

Before opening to the public, Colorado Springs City officials said that additional visitor center work would include placing a plaque on the east side overlook to commemorate the visit by Katharine Lee Bates in 1893 "Beautiful America" ​​written after Pekes Peak; complete the south road leading to the Cog railway platform, visitor parking lot and stairs; demolish the old summit visitor center.

Colorado Springs Switchbacks football team president Nick Ragain said that a multi-purpose, 8,000-seat outdoor stadium is under construction southwest of Cimarron and Sahwatch streets in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. , Will open to the public in April.

The stadium will house Switchbacks, which will work with Weidner Apartment Homes in the suburbs of Seattle on the project.

The new venue will retain the current name of Switchbacks on the northeast side of Springs-Weidner Field. Weidner is one of the largest multi-family project owners and developers in the United States, and plans to plan approximately 1,000 apartments around the stadium. Dean Weidner, the founder of Weidner, grew up in Colorado Springs.

In addition to Switchbacks, the stadium will also host concerts, sports games and other events.

Rajain said that the stadium will hold a series of ribbon-cutting and opening events in April. He said that the Downtown Partnership advocacy organization will also hold a "First Friday" art walk in a part of the stadium in April. There will be a spherical sculpture at the northeast corner of the site and the main entrance.

Rbackin said that Switchbacks' home opener will be held in the stadium in May, and the American Football League and ESPN officials are negotiating to showcase the event on a platform on the sports network.

Vinnie Mattivi, senior project manager of Nunn Construction, the general contractor of Colorado Springs, said that at the University of Colorado, the Edward J. Robson Stadium is an indoor venue that will become the new home of the college’s hockey program, with the goal of completion in the fall of 2021 . .

This three-story indoor arena will have approximately 3,400 hockey seats, although it will also host other events.

Mattivi said that the building's exterior walls have been completed, and painting and other work are being carried out on the lowest level, which is where the locker room and the weight room of the hockey team are housed.

Gypsum board and pipes are being carried out in the second floor or lobby, and the public will enter the building and enter the main bowl seats of the arena. Constructors also work on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems on the upper level of the arena or club level at the southern end of the building, which will house suites, media and broadcasting areas.

Mattivi said that the foundation of the adjacent parking lot is nearing completion, and the walls of the garage should begin to take shape in January.

Stadiums and arenas are part of the City of Champions, a series of projects aimed at promoting tourism in Colorado Springs and the state.

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A state-level plan will allow certified companies to operate at a higher capacity limit than the COVID-19 dial allows. The plan will begin accepting applications on Friday. 


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