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Colorado Spring-When El Paso County moved into Level Orange, Cinemark Theater and AMC Theater were preparing to open

, Which allows them to operate again.

The theater will reopen in accordance with the latest local regulations and will show new and classic movies.

The theater reopened, including 

 And more.

This is Cinemark’s safety plan for COVID-19:

AMC Theater is paying attention


Tickets will be sold at standard screening times and private viewing parties starting today.


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Soldiers from the Ford Carson, Colorado-4th Infantry Division of the 4th Combat Aviation Brigade conducted a sling load training flight at Bartz Army Airport at 2 pm Tuesday.

Sling loading operations provide the ability to move large equipment and cargo out of the aircraft. This training will help the aircrew in the deployment environment. It will also prepare them to assist the National Defense Support Civil Affairs Agency (DSCA) to operate on the front lines during local natural disasters.

(NEXSTAR)-President Trump’s YouTube channel has been suspended for at least 7 days after the parent company Google believed that his videos violated its policies.

YouTube’s official media relations information stated: “After censorship and taking into account the possibility of continued violence, we deleted the new content uploaded to the Donald J. Trump channel in violation of our policy.” “It’s the first time now. Strike and temporarily banned from uploading new content for at least 7 days."

(NEXSTAR)-According to multiple reports, Klete Keller, the two-time Olympic gold medalist, was found in the crowd during the onslaught of the US Capitol.

Swimming news site

Mr. Keller’s appearance at the Capitol was first reported on Monday.

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