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Poor "young scholars" get home study desks

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Contact: Mary Livings, Executive Director of Havel Grace Maritime Museum


On January 20th, 16 elementary school students received their newly built desks and chairs donated by themselves. In an informal speech outside Havre de Grace Elementary School, proud desk builders showed off their craftsmanship.

Al Caffo from Havre de Grace and his son Dave (living in Delaware) are the leaders in this work. During a visit around a fire pit in Havre de Grace this winter, the topic turned to how to help people in trouble during this pandemic. They have heard of a national movement, "Children's Desk". The father and son wanted to know if they could solve this project with the help of other volunteer builders.

This idea was quickly developed, and they developed a strategy for this. Set up the Go Fund Me website to seek financial donations. In just two days, we received donations from relatives and friends in Ohio, Delaware, Connecticut and Maryland. The money will be used to build up to 30 desks and purchase chairs.

Al Caffo and several local men built and repaired wooden boats at the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum. With the strong support of Bruce Russell, the director of the museum project, they use the museum's boat shop in winter when there are fewer winter boat projects. Volunteers David Anstrand, Andy Goldberg and Tom Luhr (Delaware) worked with Al to build student desks. Al's wife Betty and Dave Caffo focused on completion. Tidewater Terminal Manager Jeff Andrews uses his truck to transport timber and transport tables.

The principal of Havre de Grace Elementary School Ronald Wooden and the title 1 teacher commissioner Kristin Schaub were very supportive and understood this substantive need. Schaub quickly identified the child who could benefit the most from the gift. Principal Wooden said: "I am very happy that our young scholars will have study desks and chairs that they can call their own classes."

After a short break, work will start again to complete more "orders." Dave Caffo, who came up with this idea, said: "It feels so good. We can have fun, be productive, and give young children a space to learn." Bruce Russell emphasized: "Everything we can do for the next generation and our community is the right thing." Wooden pointed out that the school "has the best teachers in the world, and gifts like these desks will help teachers do better." A carpenter said that his grandson was approved on the table and asked: "PopPop, can I have one too?" In this way, the project is a success.

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I only register through Harford County. I am surprised that there is no box that can check those of us with respiratory diseases. When registering elsewhere, a box will appear. I am only under 65.

Is anyone in you or your family eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in Maryland? If so, can you get a date or shoot?

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If HCPS provides schools with mixed options starting in March, will you send your child back to the classroom for face-to-face learning? State officials strongly encourage vocational/technical students and students with disabilities, special learning needs, and distance learning difficulties to provide mixed options before March 1.

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Is this boy still young?

Hurry up, this is a young man who makes us better.

Does anyone know about the air crash on December 24, 2020? I am not sure if it is in Aberdeen or HdG. A 19-year-old man died. I can't find anything related in the patch.

The mayor said that the annual Duck Drop event was held in Havre de Grace this year. Do you plan to walk to Concord Street to watch, watch live broadcasts from other places or celebrate New Year's Eve in other ways? We want to hear your opinion on this occasion.

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Happy holiday!

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