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In order to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Cornerstone Church in Nottingham, England is bringing this Christmas into the world of Narnia.

The church usually accommodates 600 people, turning the auditorium into a snowy forest with characters from classic children’s books.

By CS Lewis.

The door of the church is like a wardrobe, which leads visitors into the passage of fluffy coats. After entering the church, people can walk through a room covered with 35 white trees and provide activities for children at different sites as the story progresses. The characters in the story include the lion Aslan, the white witch and the life-size Mr. Tumnus.

Narnia Experience also offers

, This is a sugary snack provided by the witch for Edmund Pevensie. Edmund Pevensie is one of the four Pevensie children. They are all in the story. Main role.

Kathryn Jackson, who works at Cornerstone, told

About her thoughts on sharing good news through the Narnia experience.

Jackson explained: "The world of Narnia was very broken and very bleak at the beginning. It was a bit like 2020, but it was full of joy and hope because Aslan came, he brought light and resurrection. "And we really just want to tell this story, tell the biblical narrative-full of joy and hope-in ​​a creative and truly COVID-safe way."

She added that given the limitations of church gatherings, how to make the most of bad conditions.

She continued: "Because the current worship activities are not very active, you can't sing and can't really do a lot. We want to do some activities that allow children to participate and have a very creative worship experience," she continued. . .

Jackson explained how church members participated in the Narnia-themed auditorium by making Mr. Tumnus a snowflake, paper lions and sleighs.

So far, the turnout rate has been successful, and due to the church’s popularity, the church had to extend the visiting hours.

Colin Webster served as pastor and worship leader in church

More than 1,000 people have booked the "Narnia Experience" tour, which started on December 18 and will end on December 29.

He wrote on Twitter: "During these difficult times, the opportunities for the spread of the gospel are great." "It's great to see so many people in the congregation using gifts to create this."

More than 1,000 people have booked our Narnia experience, which will start tomorrow and last until December 29. It was so magical to see so many people in the congregation using gifts to create this.

Jackson explained that members of the church family were very excited and "more than one adult was crying."

Despite a turbulent year, Jackson still hopes that through the efforts of the church, people will receive memories of "eternal hope and glorious future" in Christmas.

She said: "Even if you live in a place with level 4 restrictions, or your Christmas plans have just fallen into chaos, there is eternal hope and a bright future. I think it really feels obvious when you are there." Conclusion.

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