NYC Stopped Vaccine Workers From Giving Out More Shots

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When the vaccinators showed up at George Westinghouse Vocational High School in downtown Brooklyn on Saturday morning, they found that the schedule was a bit wrong: only about ten people signed up

. Usually, according to two people working there, hundreds of people plan to shoot on Saturday, and there are about 650 available doses ready to be put into people's arms. By the end of the day, only as many as 40 people were hit.

"The last time I did this, I vaccinated about 70 people," Sonni Mun, a former doctor who worked voluntarily at the site, told Intelligencer. "I vaccinated three people before leaving today."

They are not alone. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Health, which oversees New York City’s immunization efforts, has restricted the number of available appointments distributed to people on the 15 pop-up sites it manages this weekend, apparently to balance the last supply shortage. Thousands of cancellations a week. Department representatives even banned workers in vaccination sites from contacting community groups in order to fire more bullets. However, the staff said that the city had thrown the master plan into chaos, did not tell them of the change in the timetable, and ended up with thousands of doses left in the freezer when New Yorkers scrambled to make an appointment for shooting.

City Council Health Committee Chairman Mark Levine told intelligence reporters: "If this is about shooting, we are still not good at improvising locals." "In this war, we cannot lose any day. , It’s good for employees who are ready to do this work. But I think we need to explicitly authorize them to do so. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to happen today."

As the economy slows, New York City has been struggling

Field survey: According to data compiled by the Financial Times, there are approximately 550,000 residents, accounting for 5.4% of the city’s population

. Last week, supply shocks led to widespread cancellation of appointments across the state, and even postponed the opening hours of CitiField and Yankees Stadium as 24/7 vaccination centers.

Saturday’s gathering was very extensive and attracted the attention of mayoral candidate Andrew Yang.

"There are dozens of employees receiving hundreds of doses of treatment, but only a few appointments and patients show up." Dr. Dara Kass, a doctor who works somewhere in Bushwick, also

, "Into our shift today, almost no one arranged."

When commented, DOH officials initially told Intelligencer that the number of scheduled appointments offered this weekend was kept low to accommodate people who had to reschedule their schedules due to a wave of cancellations that were cancelled due to insufficient vaccine supplies last week. city.

Patrick Gallahue, spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Mental Hygiene, wrote in a statement: "Our DOHMH site is open today to accommodate a limited number of rescheduled appointments since last week." "Supply remains Limited, we will use all doses on site throughout the weekend."

However, workers in two different locations blamed bureaucratic red tape for the slowdown and complained that communication problems throughout the week caused widespread confusion. Mang said that she and others received emails from health officials on Thursday, but will not show up this weekend. "I don’t have much details at the moment, but I believe this is

Due to a shortage of vaccines. The email was obtained from another worker at the scene, and it is said that the shift work from February 1 will proceed as planned. The order was revoked the next day. A manager of the volunteer medical reserve team wrote in a subsequent interview: "It's a mess."

On Saturday, about 30 workers and volunteers came to the scene in downtown Brooklyn and found that the number of appointments was very small. According to three people familiar with the matter, when nurses and other volunteers tried to reach local community groups that they knew were taking people to shoot, DOH employees prohibited them from doing so.

Meng said: "They like it very much,'No, we are not allowed to do this.' "But I feel that every pod leader is basically like, we have no direction. We're screwed. We have hundreds of doses. We have staff here. what should we do? "

The Ministry of Health confirmed that it did reduce vaccination appointments this weekend, apparently to avoid double bookings. Gallahue said: "We do instruct the staff to be off-site to not contact the community-based organization or the list of alternate personnel so that we can manage this feature on the network." "We need to concentrate on this work so as to avoid eventually arranging two Individuals receive the same dose of vaccine."

However, not everyone complies. A person working there said that there were initially seven appointments at a location in Bushwick, about 500 doses of medicine were distributed, the workers contacted community groups, and hundreds of injections were finally given.

The chaos caused misinformation to spread on Twitter and Instagram, and people mistakenly thought that the site would recruit people who have not yet obtained state approval. "For anyone working in a retail, restaurant or public workplace in New York, 400 Irving is now on the vaccination. Today, their system replacement time is zero. Go get vaccinated! An Instagram post said: "Don't let them waste. "

"My own feeling is that there is nothing more urgent than shooting with a gun. Levin said: "You shouldn't put a dose in a vial or an unused appointment slot. "If employees are prevented from doing this, when we are already far behind, it will only waste more precious time. "

The new report details the year-long harassment of young people by the co-founder of the Lincoln Project, John Weaver

John Weaver is a long-term Republican strategist and co-founder of the famous anti-Trump organization "Lincoln Project." For many years, he has been sending unsolicited and sexually provocative messages to young people online, and this usually implies that he can help them with political work. Interviewed 21 men who accepted them.

His invitation included sending a message to a 14-year-old, asking questions about his body while he was still in high school, and then asking more acute questions after he was 18.

The information from the 61-year-old Mr. Weaver assisted in the presidential campaign of John McCain in 2000 and 2008 and the presidential campaign of John Kasich in 2016, except in one In the consensus case, no physical encounter occurred, and no one accused Mr. Weaver of illegal behavior. . On the contrary, many of them described how an influential senior in the field they wanted to work in was surrounded by prey, and believed that they had to communicate with him repeatedly or they would lose career opportunities.

The latest news from one of the New York State investigations into the Trump Organization

On Friday, a New York judge put greater pressure on former President Donald J. Trump’s family business and several partners, ordering them to provide documents to state investigators in a civil investigation to investigate whether the company Falsified assets in order to obtain bank loans and tax incentives. This is the second attack on Trump's company by Justice Arthur F. Engoron of the Supreme Court of Manhattan in recent weeks.

Representative Cori Bush said she would relocate because Marjorie Taylor Greene harassed her

Rep. Corey Bush (D-Mo.) said on Friday that she was moving out of the office from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) for safety reasons.

The progressive congressman accused Green and her staff of beating her in the hallway, adding that Georgia Republicans had targeted her on Twitter.

"Marjorie Taylor Greene wearing a mask and her staff scolded me in the hallway. She targeted me and others on social media," Bush said on Twitter. "For team safety, I am moving the office away from her office."

She continued: "I have asked for the expulsion of members who have incited the rebellion since the first day. Vote for H.Res 25."

This doesn't seem to be a good idea

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