Panorama chair by Geckeler Michels for Karimoku

tagsFixed Auditorium Seating

Berlin design studio Geckeler Michels has developed a multifunctional

Japanese furniture brand

Can be stacked and equipped with handrails.


Made by sustainably sourced Japanese

And add

High-end wooden furniture.

It is stackable, easy to store, and can be used in professional environments such as conference rooms, restaurants and lecture halls.

Panorama's plywood seats and backrests resemble simple paper and bring a linear appearance to the design, while its wide size makes sitting comfortable.

The chair can also be equipped with armrests and slides that are easy to tilt forward, which is useful for completing smaller tasks.

"In addition to the linear expression of contours, the precision and high-quality craftsmanship of this "Made in Japan" product will also attract design connoisseurs,"


"The result is a universal and versatile chair design that can fit anywhere."

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