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Bradley Beach, New Jersey

Locals and tourists on the Jersey Shore have been visiting it on the street for more than a century. Celebrities like


Got caught there and

Performed there after a special screening of his film 

In 2019.

However, due to the continuing pandemic, the historic single-screen cinema in the coastal town of Bradley Beach in New Jersey opened in 1915 as a royal palace for vaudeville performances, and was converted into a movie theater in 1925. And disappeared under many other names. Since then, the most recent ShowRoom- was forced to close in 2020.

However, by 2021, it may find a new life.

A group of film industry insiders related to Bradley Beach-including Emmy nominated actors

, A company that has been operating locally for a long time-established a company called Cinema Lab, which is not only responsible for restoring and expanding its local theater, but also for other effects of the epidemic.

The head of the film laboratory is the producer

, Former chairman of BAFTA in New York; marketing veterinarian

, Former CMO of Studio Movie Grill; and

, Is the original member of Soho House's North American team. These people will serve as the CEO, chief marketing officer and chief operating officer of Cinema Lab, if they can improve

To end the purchase, Bradley Beach Cinemas itself also plans to rename Bradley.

Wilson said in a statement: "From the first screening of the film to the live performance, the refurbished Bradley will lead the trend with the latest technology and a sense of hometown, while providing boutique boutiques for Bradley Beach and surrounding communities. Drama experience." "Entering the business field has been a passion project for me for a long time, and I am very happy to be able to contribute to my backyard."

Bradley Beach Mayor Larry Fox (Larry Fox) added: “Bradley Beach’s streets, and the United States related to it, have been hit by the pandemic. The theater could not be better.”

If Kickstarter is successful, Parker Bowles will tell

, The property will expand from one screen to include three auditoriums, a large-scale live event stage, event space, etc. And, if it gets a pandemic license, it will open this summer along with the latest studio and independent films, live performances and community programming.

The Bradley Beach local, who was the president of the International Finance Corporation Film Company, has always been the main point of contact for the Cinema Lab team. She said: "This theater is an important part of Bradley Beach's history and an important cultural center destroyed by the pandemic." "As a resident, I am very happy to work with a group of passionate film professionals to bring this The landmark is saved as a movie theater for our entire community to enjoy."

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