Prince William teacher alleges coronavirus violations, threatens School Board

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A school teacher in Prince William County threatened to blow the whistle if the department did not revert to fully virtual online learning.

PLN obtained an email to At-Large School Board Chairman Dr. Babur Lateef through the Order of the Freedom of Information Act, stating that as many as 38 school employees in 15 schools have noticed that there are problems with the mitigation strategies formulated by the school department to protect schools. Employees prevent coronavirus virus.

Brandie Provenzano, an English teacher at Battlefield High School near Haymarket and the author of the email, said that employees who have tested positive for the virus must not discuss the virus with other employees or tell their parents.

Provenzano said in her email that a cafeteria staff member had contact with someone who had been positive for the virus and was not allowed to test for the virus after get off work or a day off. She said that many principals told teachers to go to work when they were sick.

Other allegations include: employees did not have enough time for virus testing before returning to work, and were forced to use personal time to leave the workplace for testing.

As of January 11 (the date the email was sent), no violations have been reported to state or federal officials. If the Prince William County School Board chooses to end the study in person, Provanzano is willing to keep the alleged violations confidential. In late December, some county-level students returned to the classroom with 50% capacity.

"" If you continue [revert to 100% virtual learning]-and do not play any games or try to retaliate against [the staff who reported suspected violations]-you will have the opportunity to do the right thing. You can tell your family that you want face-to-face learning better than anyone else, and you have promised this, as long as you think the mitigation strategy can justify it, despite the surge in [coronavirus cases]. "Provenzano in her email.

"You can tell [familes] that the doctors and nurses have contacted you and they reported that there are no open beds. You can tell them that we must stop to ensure the safety of our students. You have a chance to be a hero here. No one will Know that we had such a conversation." She continued.

In Lateef's email response, also obtained by PLN, he encouraged Provenzano to report the alleged infringement to ensure her investigation. He also pointed out that she might be involved in covering up wrongdoing.

Lateef wrote: "I will not negotiate on the safety of my employees and I will not give in to threats." "I am shocked that if the school board votes for full virtualization, you will advise these employees not to file complaints."

Prince William County Public Schools declined to comment on Provenza's specific allegations.

In an interview with PLN today, Provenzano said that all suspected violations have now been reported. Provenzano has not personally witnessed any so-called infringements, but said that many staff who are vulnerable to the coronavirus, including custodians, bus drivers and teacher assistants, have full confidence in her and hope she can Their doubts brought to the school board, she said.

Initially, due to fear of retaliation, and because the staff “do not want to cause negative attention to the school system,” no suspected violations were reported. "Provenzano said.

"If you come from outside the school system, I don't want you to understand. Employees [don't report violations] because it will put you back on your goals." Provenzano said.

Provenzano claimed that the school department imposed penalties on whistleblowers, such as transferring whistleblowers from one school to another or forcing them to teach in another grade.

Special education students in Prince William County return to the classroom at the beginning of the August school year. Children from kindergarten to third grade return to school in stages, with half of their learning in the classroom and half of their virtual learning.

Earlier this month, the school council voted to return students in grades 4 to 12 with limited abilities starting in early March. The board’s actions went beyond the plan of the director Steven L. Walts, who returned the students to class after the spring break in late April.

Number of reported coronaviruses

Monthly increase, from 50 in September to more than 850 in January. An outbreak was reported this week at Colgan High School in Independence Hill (more than two cases were reported in one location).

The latest data from the Virginia Department of Health show that in the past seven days, four people in Prince William County have been hospitalized due to the coronavirus. The entire state of Virginia has a population of over 8 million people, and now only 309 people are hospitalized on ventilators. The state currently has 3,700 hospitals

As of today.

Provenzano has been the main content of the school board meeting, sounding concerns about the coronavirus and urging the school department to return to online guidance only. On January 6, she informed the governing body that teachers were worried to come forward and report suspected violations related to the coronavirus.

Provenzano is a life-long educator who has taught in Prince William County since 2001, first at Potomac High School in Woodbridge. He then taught at Battlefield High School.

Provenzano's email was sent at the same time that the recent reading ability scores showed that children across Prince William County were working hard to learn to read. An internal study conducted by the school department found that more than half of middle and high school students


Statewide, a survey of 132 school districts in Virginia showed

Is the top priority. Nationwide, the Clark County School District (Las Vegas, Nevada) has recently reopened for face-to-face instruction.

"How many students have to fail, how much math and literacy scores need to be lowered, and the children who are already struggling have to fall behind or even more until something happens?" Kirk Cox, the Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia, said today. Urge Governor Ralph Northam to reopen all schools.

Northam will leave the office on December 31. He instructs the school system to make a plan,

. Virginia was one of the first countries in the United States to close schools for face-to-face learning when the coronavirus pandemic began in March last year.

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What a pity you posted the teacher's name

Is it interesting that private emails between teachers and school board members are anonymously leaked? PWCS has specific guidelines for sharing email. Obviously, someone violated some confidentiality regulations.

Such inclined articles make you feel ashamed. Did you get permission from the teacher to use her name?

shame! This is a terribly inaccurate report. The purpose is to threaten and silence teachers. Damnable report. How dare you distort such facts.

Not possible. I never got permission from the school board chairman or reporter to share my name.

Available through FOIA

Hahaha, this so-called reporter is a hypocrite. Just a few weeks ago, he wrote about how the county "eliminated" some police officers involved in the incident. Now he is posting a personal email. He is fully aware of his intent to intimidate, because he wrote a letter a few weeks ago.

You have no morals, you have no morals. You are a sad puppet with no principles, so you are dead in your right-wing ideology, you don't even recognize that you are a shallow man.

Hey, Brandi asked his lawyer to ask him about Virginia statutes 18.2-186.4. Use of personal identity for coercion, intimidation or harassment; fines.

What a bastard. In addition to having a $5 website fee, what qualities does this joke have as a reporter?

Have you signed and agreed that your email communication may be disclosed as a public employee? Is there a privacy disclaimer when logging in to the system?

Why do you encourage lying to prove that the checkout is correct? I try to be fair here, but when you encounter personnel problems, you cannot complicate the problem by advocating false reasons.

If so many people ask you to lodge a complaint with the school board, why don't you agree not to disclose the allegations in exchange for the right to close the school. When 100% distance learning is done, not everyone goes home. These conditions will continue-poor management will not stop with the door being physically closed.

Can you explain why you could use these methods when you could have advocated that the public accept the case to clean up the system? You have a union, you can also contact. I am not satisfied with the strategy of trying to clean the system.

I think the society should listen to the opinions of both parties. Before blaming anyone. This story is very frustrating. It does not represent what we need for students, not infighting.

No need for your permission. Most emails are subject to FOIA requirements. This is an actual law. Your name does not need to be deleted. Now, like those who are actually on the front lines and in danger, go back to work. The rights you represent are absurd. I don’t know if you think teachers provide the same consideration for low-paid employees in Wal-Mart or other stores. I’m sure you are an advocate for tellers who don’t take summer vacations, don’t arrange extra snow days and fantasize about Christmas holidays. I'm sure that you advocated that the restaurant will also be closed and you will not go to any place that is not really important. Pull up the mask and return to the important task of preventing children from falling.

No, they do not have permission to use the teacher's name. This is a shame for anyone who uses foia to twist what the teacher is trying to do. Brandy is the most caring teacher and person! She has been helping PwC employees because they are afraid of speaking out in retaliation (just like this!). You are ashamed of publishing this oblique article. What do you think of her alleged infringement? Now, this will be a valuable story. Thanks, brandy!

When you are a public official, there is nothing private. Most of the content (except personnel and legal information) is disclosed in accordance with the law and can be obtained through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). It sounds like it might be necessary to investigate this teacher for blackmail?

Well, this is almost as compelling as the article. Blackmail please. This means that teachers have any power. Ms. Provenzano pointed out another way for the board of directors. Someone bends over.

Are you kidding me!

This teacher is just stating the facts and providing support to other PWCS employees.

She works in the trench.

No one from the central office or the school committee visited the classroom and made observations. This does not mean to look up, but to actually stay in class for no less than 30 minutes. They need to check whether the "system" they have in place is effective.

As for students who fall behind because they are only virtual, this is not true for all students. When I heard myself listening to a toothpaste advertisement, “one in ten people who use this toothpaste saw a clear difference in tooth whitening.” This is an advertisement, and the numbers can and can be manipulated to suit the sponsor’s needs Number.

The statement that students are behind is an open statement. Where do they get data to back up data? Similarly, make statements without clear facts.

The teacher's statement that the employee did not report due to fear of retaliation is 100% correct. I have been in the county for 33 years and have witnessed this first-hand information. There are no regulations/policies that stipulate that teachers have the right to file complaints without fear of retaliation. Ask any lawyer who practices the School Law.

Just as you can manipulate numbers, so can words.

The contract signed by the teacher/assistant in this school year is completely different from the past contract. The contract was written by an external law firm. It is iron clad. Basically, if you feel a health problem, or if a doctor says you have a health problem, these diseases will make your body more susceptible to infection. If you contract with Covid, these diseases will be called a level 1 teacher. There are 2 options. 1 Ask for leave, which means that you have not been paid, your health insurance will be terminated like all other benefits, or you will resign.

When your doctor thinks you can return safely, you may or may not have a job. If there are no vacancies at that school, you will be transferred to another school. If there are no vacancies, you will no longer have a job. This alone is enough to scare every employee. Some teachers are currently undergoing chemotherapy. These teachers receive chemotherapy before or after school and then continue to work.

People say: "It's up to the teacher to keep all virtual environments." The statement is completely wrong again! The teacher did not make any decision, the school board members are making a decision. Except for Mrs. Lilly Jessie, all members will open schools. Mrs. Jesse has always used real data to operate and put the interests of students and teachers first.

Yes, there is no exception to the Covid 19 tragedy. However, you cannot use it as a platform for personal gain. These are the lives you have to deal with.

Please do not give negative comments to this woman, this is attacking her. She was simply a voice of fear.

Yes, I don’t think you know what blackmail is. Don't throw the words out like an idiot.

Interestingly, this FOIA was quickly obtained via private email communication. Therefore, basically, the email recipient forwards the confidential direct letter to you, do you agree? How many of the hundreds of emails that each school board member confirmed to receive were collected? Where are they cited?

I am disgusted by this article-I am disgusted because reporters and news sources will put teachers in such a negative spotlight to endorse the rights and safety of the county's faculty, staff and students. Dr. Lateef-I still hate your manners-but it has always been low-key.

Thank you brandy! You are the true hero among our teachers! For the author of this unilateral hacking work...I am very happy that you have published all the wrong behaviors that PWCS harms more world-class employees every day.

You have written and published the exact evidence that all parents need to see-the case is circulated in the school to teachers, faculty and students...someone worthy of death, so that your children can sit 6 feet away from the teacher and be them Can the exact same thing be done virtually?

The title should read "Bullies County employee, chair of the school board, ignore safety issues."

Teacher emails are used to obtain shock value and the overall control they are under, but it also highlights the misinformation of student and teacher safety. The main ones you see in the hospital are bacterial pneumonia and flu. According to records, the school is not a super communicator. Do not. Compared with corona disease, the risk of transmission through influenza strains is greater. An article published by WHO on January 20 pointed out that PCR detection is too sensitive and over-amplified mainly old virus strains. They urged practice to change the test. If mathematical calculations are performed, each ratio is less than 1%. We need to tear off the band-aids and go back to school.

Glens’s view was written for the value of shock and emphasized the misinformation used to gain overall control of the problem.

The hospital did not use Icu beds to treat pneumonia and flu.

There is sufficient documentation to prove that schools are super-spreaders, and many schools later stopped participating.

Compared with any bad strain of influenza, the risk of death from COVID-19 is much higher. Equal to the transmission rate or "passing" is the only factor involved in the risk, which shows that the term "risk" is poorly understood.

The PCR test is not the only test available.

If the reviewer can do the math, he will recognize the risks and may re-evaluate his views.

Don’t be Glenn for children who stay in school and wear masks.

The information in this article was given and received unethically.

Thank you Dr. Lateef for showing you that you are a truly blameworthy person. Your treatment to PWCS employees is unacceptable, and through the forgery of this article, you have indeed crossed the line.

Brandi, you are the true hero of this news! Dr. Lateef-An anonymous leak of your work email has made us discover that since September, this world-class school system has masked more neglected things-great!

Congratulations to the reporter, this is really mean!

As a parent, I hate to see how our teachers are treated. We have lost them to other counties. Lateef is really a scum. I hope he is troubled by this.

It sounds like a school board is not protecting teachers or faculty, so it is not protecting students and families. This teacher stepped forward to protect her colleagues and students, instead of respecting and maintaining confidential conversations, it was up to the school board to decide, is it wise to use it for local news? It makes the board look revenge, while the teacher looks betrayed.

Not only do you insult the teacher who is trying to get the attention of colleagues, but you also need to investigate some of the allegations she has made against the safety and well-being of PWCS employees and students. Instead of doing the right thing and leading the investigation, Lateef chose to leak her email and distort it to sound dangerous. The school board (minus Mrs. Jesse) wants the teachers and students in the building to be so bad, and Lateef will take all measures to retaliate against those who dare to get in the way. Closing your eyes on the problems does not make them disappear-all that is done is to make the amazing PWCS teacher leave an unsupported county. shameful.

I am confused-should we be frustrated for this teacher to expose all the bad events that the school board wiped under the carpet? If these people tell me my child is safe and send my child to school, I am very happy that she can reveal the truth! I don't know you, but I will definitely thank you very much for caring about my child Brandi!

For your next article, please describe exactly how you know how to submit a FOIA request to obtain this information? The only meaningful way is to be totally hateful. This needs to be investigated and reported.

Rubbish. Kaiser and Ratf. you two. ?

Brandi, however, you are a rock star. ??

The FOIA request was delayed, can access this particular email in some way? How interesting. You look like this teacher is a bad guy... but everyone here believes the completely opposite fact. You should support local teachers and the risks they take to ensure student/public safety.

Threatening the school board? are you kidding me? If maintaining your health and the health of colleagues and students is considered a "threat", then please tell me, should anyone defend themselves? Attend school board meetings (you can do it virtually) and learn how some (not all) board members can avoid important and effective questions. Remember when Lateef was considering running for the state office, but later decided not to do so because he could not meet the requirements of vocal parents who asked to return to teaching in person? He did not consider the best interests of students and staff. Maybe you should report some facts, such as the number of parents who have changed their children’s preference from in-person learning to virtual learning. Maybe you should ask why the outbreak of Colgan HS has not been reported within 6 weeks? Please do some real investigative reports, and don’t distort the text in someone’s e-mail who claims everyone’s safety.

This is not well written. It seemed painful that Ratf sent this e-mail to "journalists." People think about the low point that Ratf can actually give in, but imagination has no boundaries with this person. Hi Lateef, go find the next photo and stop insulting the teacher.

In a school system that was broken by lack of transparency and retaliation against employees who dared to expose problems, it is no wonder that the concerns raised by teachers through appropriate channels appear mysteriously in the newspapers. This is not the way to work with teachers. This is not a way to build trust. Your teacher is screaming for support, and this is when they bravely speak out. This is wrong on many levels.

Lateef is human trash. In my opinion, Kiser is Lateef's paralysis. This article was clearly written to demonize the teacher and make Lateef a hero. Lateef is not a hero. He failed the Prince William County School.

Someone needs to study this so-called FOIA request. Brandon is the whistleblower and should be protected.

My name is Holley Scheffel and I am a teacher at Battlefield High School. Since 2005, I have known Brandi Provenzano, a teacher certified by the National Bureau. We have been there for many years.

Brandie is an enthusiastic educator who loves her students and provides great support to those who are silent for fear of PWC retribution. Now you can know exactly why. Keep your eyes and ears wide open. The band-aid has just been torn off. It used to be a long time, people just kept quiet because they were quiet. Thanks to Brandie's trust, even if it is not easy to do, always do the right thing.

You should resign to Mr. Ratf. You are the last person to vote, and the vote is tied for 4-4, which is why you still want to consider studying in person, because you want your child to go to school. You are using your power as the chairman of the PwC School Board to safeguard your own interests, interests and agenda. If you resign now, the public will be happy.

This teacher is a hero and should be applauded! Our teachers are beyond reproach in their hard work. Remember what we said teachers should do for them? I think it's spring? Now, self-help school board members are sacrificing them to advance their agenda.

Shame you Lateef and this biased report are ashamed!

I'm confused. As a parent, it seems that I was lying at the school board meeting, telling you how to protect the safety of students. Therefore, you are endangering the lives of teachers, cafeteria employees and other employees. But you want us to trust you, Rateef! It seems that you sent an email to yourself on purpose. You do not have any services on the school board. I applaud this teacher and hope she will take you to court! That mouse should never be near my children.

Brandie Provenzano is one of the best teachers I know (ask any of her former students-they all love her and she has had an impact on so many lives), she is a PWCS teacher and A firm advocate for all teachers! However, this article is hacker work! God bless Brandy to stand up for her colleagues and students!

Don't worry, bring the serious issue of the PWCS board of directors to the media, local and nationwide including social media. Don’t forget that the HR staff at the Kelly Leadership Center will conceal such information from the public, but the entire system is well known. Since most employees of PWCS need and are completely dependent on their own work, this is why they worry about exposing the problem to the public due to possible retaliation by the employer. This means that the principal who is about to retire knows nothing about it. However, if a teacher complains or asks HR for help, the HR staff will refute the teacher by telling the teacher's principal without consulting the teacher about privacy issues. I think this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. So my advice to the crooked person, please leave the system, we don't need you. We want a good teacher like Ms. Brandi. For all teachers, you have a union representative who can support you and represent you, please contact them because this is the only chance to be corrected. Thank the school board for supporting the other half of virtual learning.

In my opinion, this teacher does not want to go to work. She thinks I should accept the condemnation. It also illuminates her character (or lack of character).

As for naming her, it's difficult. She has no right to try to arm the school board. I further think that she has the morality of a lizard.

Are you not going to work Sir, you are barking the wrong tree. I don't know you, but I do know Mrs. Provenzano, and I know her professional ethics. She can do more in a day than most people can accomplish in a week. However, you don’t have to believe me, just ask any of the thousands of children she has taught. Or, ask their parents. Oops, ask anyone who knows her.

Ms. Provenzano-and all teachers-work all year round. wake up.

Someone finally discovered the teacher's bullying behavior. Teachers who don't want to go back to school. This lady has started fighting with anyone, anyone who disagrees with her, and anyone who wants to open the school on all other sites on Facebook. She may be a great teacher, but she is also a bully.

Why is no one talking about real students with COVID, but talking about virtual students with COVID? Face-to-face people now put their classes, bus drivers and other school employees and student families at risk, and have to quarantine for 14 days because of contact with them. Parents like them/you, and those who advocate more face-to-face students, have not mentioned the negative impact on students and their families. The students feel that they have done something wrong because they may make friends, family and others uncomfortable. My son makes brandy his teacher. He is 21 years old and what he said to her is still very strange. She is just trying to do what is suitable for students and teachers. This is why the company is reluctant to conduct off-stage transactions because employees dare not say it out loud. Ashamed of who put her name there!

Interestingly, Ms. Provenzano provided detailed instructions on mitigating violations and dangerous situations in the PWCS (and many others emailed to the admin and BOE) on January 11, and at the board meeting on January 27 None of the pandemic team reports on this point reflect this. They were asked what was reflected in the data reported by the teachers and were told it was not in the report at all. Now, a leaked email distorted her intentions?

A bigger and better question may be: Why doesn't our county hide relevant informational materials from its parents, students, and faculty? Is this called transparency? Who does our board serve? We already know whom Kiser bows to.

Potomac Local turned such articles into the latest tabloid, and a hacker news reporter fostered people who wanted to become political figures, such as Lateef. If any of these people are good at work, we will have meaningful and transparent discussions about the safety of our children, their educators and education support staff. Instead, they both failed their own institutions. Although Kaiser was clearly biased and just bad in his work, Latif continued to show dubious motives and ineffective leadership of elected officials. We can only hope that both parties can resign in dignity and find new jobs that are more suitable for their abilities.

As the parent of a high school student in the field, Ms. Provenzano must be fired immediately. Attempting to use blackmail to allow children to learn remotely is not only unethical but also criminal. How can the community trust her integrity again? Our students are still struggling, Ms. Provenzano is not trying to find a way to get them back to school, but trying to blackmail the board to remain virtual? This is really an embarrassment for the community.

Mr. Clark, you obviously did not read it correctly. The board is not only Lateef. He is a member. All members have received countless emails from teachers, parents and students about the 2020-2021 study plan. The number of families who choose to keep the virtual environment (including on the battlefield) exceeds the number of families who want to learn in person. Something about virtual instructions must be working. Maybe you should say "my student is still struggling". What blackmail methods might this teacher have? Sharing the obviously distorted content in the SB meeting report (which they admitted on January 27) is not blackmail, but transparency.

shame on you! Mrs. Provenzano is one of the best teachers in BFHS. She is a person who really cares about students and colleagues. If your students are struggling online, it is likely that nothing will change.

No, she should not be fired...Furthermore (I think), she may have a persuasive point, but she should be able to express herself without worrying about being terminated for expressing her opinion. No matter how absurd and deserved, it is true for many of us. For example, she did not threaten violence or any crazy behavior. Her views are contrary to some of us, it doesn't matter. Having said that...working hours are like cashiers, waiters, retail workers, bus drivers (low wages and insufficient appreciation), etc...

This article was published in early January and was previously an email from Mrs. Provenzano. These are not new problems, but they prove that there are problems.

ICU beds are different from "hospital beds"-this is definitely comparing apples and algebra. According to the ihme website, Virginia has only 329 ICU beds in the entire state. Maybe you should pay more attention to English and other teachers in the school, and you will know that this kind of comparison is misleading. Maybe you deliberately try to mislead people into thinking that there is no crisis, which is extremely dangerous.

We should all be grateful to this whistleblower who used her real name decisively to point out issues affecting the entire Prince William community. Why did Lateef hide his behavior? Because he is a political opportunist, he is wandering towards a minority with a high rate of cure. It's a pity U. Kiser, you are just your own schedule. How would a teacher threaten the chairman of the school board? Kiser and Lateef are little people and bullies. Parents who drink and work at home are also ashamed: teachers only represent their selfish interests.

In addition, Brandie made a comment. She is not allowed to use her name. According to FOIA's requirements, they usually edit personal information. When she emailed in her private identity, post her name and the account of the school is the account.

Compared with "March Madness", there are more brackets here. Maybe Mr. Cather should learn from how to write her editorial instead of verbally proposing a further agenda.

I give this article a D-. Tried, but your argument is flawed and out of context.

I am shocked and sad for the reporter who wrote this article. You cannot use Freedom to get her email during this time. You are a shame, your subjective way of writing this article is disgusting

I pay my respects to Madame Provenzano. I have been a teacher for 21 years and I know she needs to ensure the safety of students. You can compare the teacher to "Mother Bear". The only way to protect children is to parents. In order to protect your child, the teacher will throw his body in front of the active shooter without thinking. You can imagine trying to protect them from the pressure of secret, insidious school system manipulation, which manipulates numbers, fails to properly notify the public, provides insufficient personal protective equipment and cleaning staff, by forcing teachers to use vacation and No subsidy is provided to stop the exam. I can continue, but you get the idea.

Yes. We want the children to go back to school, but how much will it cost. We hope that children can complete their studies safely, but is your child really safe when the school lies because of relief?

I have a daughter who goes to Battlefield High School. I can personally prove the dedication and commitment her teacher shows every day to ensure that she and her classmates are studying. I oppose the comment that teachers who promote a safe learning environment do not want to work until students return to study in person. That is a misleading statement. For teachers who must adjust their teaching methods to maintain effectiveness, virtual learning is also more difficult.

I have an older sister who is a high school English teacher in Ohio. I know the extra work firsthand and emphasize the position of virtual learning in the teacher.

Obviously, Mr. Kaiser has a point of view. He is trying to move on in his article, which is promoting face-to-face learning and discrediting the teachers who have attracted attention. I doubt his claim that he obtained her email through FOIA. He knows which board member asks for the teacher's e-mail as convenient and trustworthy. Similarly, Dr. Babur Lateef used FOIA to cover up the fact that he posted an email from a teacher, which raised concerns about the compliance of the COVID protocol, which is convenient. I am shocked that there is no formal FOIA agreement between the PWCS and the school board, which must be followed before the teacher and parent communication is released. If there is an agreement, Dr. Lateef needs to be investigated for violation of the agreement.

I see PWEA is working again! Moreover, idiots are just a pawn for their efforts and the entire VEA. Even if it is not an outright union organization, they can win influence and promote collective bargaining. why? money! The bottom line, money. It seems that the teacher's grades are at a new low, but she is a "good teacher", so she is not bad. please. The complaints you care about are the same.

Well, now there is something new, and now it is a conspiracy of the union.

Good plan, Mr. Muppet.

The "union" is the wreckage of the train and only listens to a small number of qualified teachers. At the same time, WaWa cashiers still work every day, and they don’t have the luxury of being a teacher who is less than a year old. ...Don't worry, I'm sure the snowy days paid for the teachers will come... The wawa cashier will try to increase their hourly salary to 7.00.

Great idea for WaWa to teach kids!

Obviously, the union has never brought any improvement.

The only value of that rogue Bloomberg professionalism is to show yourself. We can skip training standards and education requirements. They are working with them all day to understand their knowledge of student safety in any way.

Let's race the virtual train to the bottom and let us pay less than Florida, West Virginia and Louisiana. Show those teachers that we don’t care what they call improvements in students and workplaces.

Save it, "Dumbledore". You said that the school is a super communicator. This is a bald lie. Shut up and paint.

No, you shut up!

Good job looks like 3rd grade, hope you come back.

They are not because they operate in their own way. Open them in the way suggested by the terrorists. They can definitely spread infections because airborne diseases work in crowded confined spaces.

Although ol kap wants to marvel that he has all the answers, the truth is that neither he nor the experts have real time to study it.

Is openness and mitigation measures terrorism? Exaggeration is fun, isn't it?

Give up on bad data or no data, and read more.

*Follow the science.

* Epidemiologists (true, not all Google "experts") have reiterated that schools are not a source of risk for C19 infection or transmission.

* Ms. Provanzano is not a "hero". please. The heroes put care and sponsorship (in this case, sponsorship for children's education) first.

*The hero will not try to force others to remain silent by promising to conceal the content of the email. No one of character has done it as clearly as she did.

*She acted cowardly, refusing to teach students the so-called personal care, while allowing supermarket cashiers, sanitation workers and countless others to continue to work on their services while continuing to receive salaries, while she has been playing games. The victim shows how small and selfish she is.

*How she (like her) looks in the mirror shows the extent to which she has made any commitment to the students she once had.

You know who is definitely not a hero

A guy who knocks down people not only for himself but for others.

Who can believe that he knows his personal values.

Who decides the intentions of others for himself.

Who makes moral judgments about individuals because they do not follow the way they solve problems.

Try to reduce the individual because he feels they are not worthy.


Your response is usually qualified. I think it is Elliott. Police, firefighters, Marines, Army and many other year-round staff work every day. Teachers can certainly follow suit and prevent our children from falling further behind. I believe you have been a volunteer in the vaccine clinic, and we all appreciate your service. Thank you.

In addition, let us point out all the confidential staff and excellent school nurses who work in the clinic all year round. They are our heroes, as well as our custodians, secretaries, facilities and bus drivers, as well as our excellent food service staff and all the unknown low-paid employees... They are all low-paid, compared to the keyboard warriors, Their income is actually on the front line. Dismissing them and their contributions and the contributions of others are offensive.

I am not ashamed, I can associate the work you are doing with the sentence.

Like all the "perennial" employees you mentioned, this will also encounter restrictions on time and contact at work (ie reduction of personnel, arrangements, shifts and rotations). So it might be a bad example. The armed forces do have similar restrictions on travel, training and virtual work.

However, since childhood, Apple has been able to compare kids with the Marine Corps.

Thank you for your reply. Therefore, from Apple to Apple, all of us should return to work, not just low-paid permanent employees.



The necessary places have been marked

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