Sen. Kolkhorst re-appointed as chair of Senate Health and Human Services Committee | Covid-19 |

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Austin – As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague the country, Governor Dan Patrick (Dat Patrick) once again commissioned Senator Lois W. Kirkhorst (R-Brenham) to chair the Senate Health and Human Services Committee . In naming the appointment of the Senate committee for the 87th Legislative Session, Patrick also appointed Kolkhorst as a member of the Senate Committee on Finance, Natural Resources and Economic Development, Transportation, Water, Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Texas Ports Committee.

Kolkhorst said: "I thank the lieutenant governor for giving me the opportunity to chair the Senate Health and Human Services Committee and continue to look for solutions to protect public health and build a healthier Texas." "We must work together in our Public health priorities, a balance between civil liberties and economic freedom."

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee is one of the most influential committees in the Senate, managing nearly $80 billion in health care expenditures in the state budget.

The committee is also responsible for formulating state public health policies, regulating doctors and other health care professionals, and supervising state agencies and committees (including the Health and Human Services Commission, the Department of Family and Protective Services, and the Texas Medical Commission), and many others Health-related licensing agencies. In addition, Kolkhorst is also a member of the expert vaccine distribution team, responsible for the effective distribution of COVID-19 vaccines across the state. As the first state in the United States to manage more than one million vaccines, Texas’ distribution efforts are hailed as a national model.

Due to the surge in domestic violence caused in part by COVID-19 restrictions, Kolkhorst said her goal is to improve the safety of domestic violence survivors. She has submitted SB 343, requesting that the guarantee conditions be included in the database to facilitate access by law enforcement officers so that they can quickly determine whether the domestic violence offender has violated the judge's order.

Currently, law enforcement officials cannot access (and therefore cannot enforce) the guarantee information conditions for domestic violence criminals.

Kolkhorst said: "During COVID-19, domestic violence has surged, which is why we need more tools to protect victims." "I am very happy to work with the Texas Domestic Violence Commission to pass this important The law, which will protect countless victims from future violence and avoid avoidable tragedies."

Another challenge during the pandemic is how to provide quality public education. School districts have transferred many classroom teachings online. According to current laws, parents in Texas can use their children's teaching materials in the classroom, but the use of online courses has been inconsistent.

To clarify the rights of parents, Kolkhorst has submitted SB 348 to ensure that parents have the right to follow any virtual instructions and view any online teaching materials provided to their children.

"As a long-term supporter of transparency, no parent should have an understanding of what a child is learning online," Kolkhorst said. "I have long believed that parental involvement in children's education is essential to student success, and SB 348 can guarantee this."

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