Davenport Retirees Are Making School Desks

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Davenport, Iowa (KWQC)-

They are doing distance learning and donating it to various organizations in the four city areas. TV6 reporter Talya Faggart tells a story about Hugh Stafford and his friend John Kessler who saw a man in Stafford After doing similar stories, I started making desks in November.

The guest of PSL is Talya, who provided TV6 viewers with the latest information on the inspiring stories behind "My Own Desk"!

The duo can now set up 25 to 30 desks a week, and so far, they have given away more than 80 desks. If you are interested in helping with the cost ($25 per table), you can make a donation in the following ways:

in order to

And help to provide desks for students in four cities.

Watch out for parents of school-age children in the Quad Citeis area! Local builders are willing to provide these wooden furniture.

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