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With the entry into force of Brexit, Mr. Rattle stated that he will be the chairman of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra in 2023.

The famous British conductor Simon Rattle (Simon Rattle)

Leading the London Symphony Orchestra-notorious and hopes to build a new concert hall. But with the entry into force of Brexit and the prospect of the new hall still in the foreseeable future, Rattle announced on Monday that he will leave his post in 2023 as the head of the Munich Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Mr. Rattle, 65, said in a statement that his reason for leaving was "completely personal." His wife, singer Magdalena Kozena, lives in Germany with their three school-age children. But the announcement came

Moving forward, Mr. Rattle has long warned that this will damage British cultural life and the fate of touring bands like the London Symphony.

Nicholas Kenyon, the managing director of the Barbican Center and the biographer of Rattle, said in an email that the news of his outgoing post “has a great impact on the British music industry. A real loss." "Moreover, the emerging joint impact of the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit is a matter of deep concern for the future."


Mr. Rattle extended his contract for only one year until 2023-shorter than the time normally required by bands that usually plan their performance season in advance. Starting from the 2023-24 season, he will


In 2019. (Mr. Rattle will hold an honorary position in London so that he can continue to lead the London project.)

"The reason I accepted the chief commander of Munich is entirely personal," he said

"Enables me to better manage the balance of work and be close enough to my home to present it to the children in a meaningful way." Mr. Rattle's family lives in Berlin and he led the Berlin Philharmonic from 2002 to 2018.

Mr. Rattle refused to make the above remarks. But he has always been a voice critic of Brexit, which was voted through after he accepted the position of the London Symphony Orchestra in 2015. The progress of the Music Center is slow. This is a new home conceived by the orchestra and Mr. Belgrade. Rattle's appointment.

Simon Halsey is the choir conductor and a longtime close colleague of Rattle. He emphasized in an interview that “there is no doubt that his main decision is family” and not frustrated with Brexit or the music center.

Halsey said: "He is in a lovely position to have children." "One of the things that happened is that Covid made us think: How do I actually live my life? He wants to be at home."

Mr. Rattle’s arrival in London was a major destination: he was born in Liverpool and has served as the young and active leader of the Birmingham City Symphony Orchestra in 1980 and has been ascended for nearly two decades.

His return rekindled hope for a new hall. The London Symphony Orchestra mainly performs at the Barbican Centre, and Rattle once euphemistically described this space as "serviceable." Plans have been made for the Music Center, which will house the orchestra and the Gil Hall School of Music and Drama, and will be run by the Barbican. It will be built on the site of the London Museum, which is building new houses in West Smithfield.

Mr. Rattle has always been a rallying force behind the music center. The center was designed by the construction company Diller Scofidio + Renfro with acoustic awareness, but the project faced difficulties. The government’s financial commitments were unreliable and the timetable was uncertain. .

On the day of the 2016 Brexit referendum, Mr. Rattle was with musicians from the London Symphony Orchestra. please say

, He described their tear reaction. He said: "Actually, we can't rehearse until there is a lot of discussion." "Older British musicians are most moved by what is happening in our country, and we are willing to isolate ourselves."

Like many art circles, Mr. Rattle has always opposed Brexit. He attracted the attention of the European origin of the London Symphony Orchestra first conducted by Hans Richter. After Britain risked becoming a "self-built cultural prison", he expressed concern about the future of the tour. The London Symphony Orchestra may not cause bureaucratic headaches or delays in the past, and can travel to Europe on a large scale, but now faces the prospect of a long wait for customs, visas, etc.

"Our touring life is completely different," Rattle told AFP.

In Munich, Mr. Rattle does not have to fight the predicament of Brexit, but he will once again find himself involved in the establishment of a new concert hall in the Wexwitte-Mitte area, which is in line with the neoclassical Herkulessaal There is a sharp contrast in the city center. The project was funded and led by the State of Bavaria and began when Mr. Janssens was still alive. Nikolaus Pont, manager of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, said in an interview that construction of the project is expected to begin in 2022 and may last three to four years.

Mr. Ponte said: "The opening ceremony will fall into the period of Simon Rattle as the chief conductor," he added, adding that Mr. Rattle will be involved in its development, especially in its educational programs.

Rattle said in a statement that he had seen Rafael Kubelik conduct the Bavarian Radio Symphony of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony when he was a teenager in Liverpool. Performance "becomes my benchmark and a goal that musicians should strive for."

He conducted the Symphony Orchestra for the first time in 2010, led Schumann’s rare piece "Das Paradies und die Peri", and returned to various shows and records, including Mahler’s

And Wagner's


Mr. Ponte said he told the musicians of the orchestra-or at least dozens of people who can assemble under the coronavirus agreement-about Rattle's appointment in rehearsal on Monday. They applauded for two minutes.

He said: "I don't think they are completely surprised." "But they are happy."

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