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In recent weeks and months, the seemingly endless holding pattern of the theater world has changed. Every professional theater in the Bay Area appears in its own way with Covid's mandatory dormancy.

Stageworks is the oldest professional company on the Tampa side, with a history of 38 years, it is the latest company to reposition physical seats with physical ass.

In order to keep the said audience good and distant, their number will be greatly reduced. Art director Karla Hartley said: "I think we can provide a satisfactory and safe way to return to the theater." "We have been doing a lot of work on various technologies that help us. investment."

The "new" template starts on February 12th,

, This is a comedy based on the works of comedians John D'Agata and Jim Fingal. Hartley chose this three-seater performance because the premise (the distress of the media fact-checkers) seems important in the current political climate.

Stageworks will return with approximately 50% of the seat capacity-using the usual auditorium seats to accommodate around 46 seats, and the open and renovated backstage area so that it faces the thrust platforms on both sides. The entertainment schedule will be used in this space.

Like her art director companions on both sides of the Gulf, Hartley also admitted that she has been very frustrated since she ended so suddenly last season.

She explained: "The challenge is to plan." "You can make a plan, and then the whole world can suddenly transfer it. I think all of us hesitate to commit to "dating." It must have been three or four months ago.

"But we have been doing a lot of research on how to do this and do it with the utmost safety. The truth is that we have to do something. We can't keep sitting."

In the first few months, Stageworks tried to keep the public's attention through digital programs and videos. She said: "We inserted our toes into the live broadcast, but in the end I found it unsatisfactory." "Also, it is much more difficult to control-if the Internet at home is bad, it looks bad. Any waves in the air The whimsical nature will derail the entire event."

Both the Jobsite and freeFall theaters resumed live performances in October, the former at the much more spacious Jaeb Theater in the center of Straz, and the latter at the outdoor parking lot.

American Stage has broadcasted several shows, and will “live” again with social isolation in late February.

Hartley declared: "Ultimately, I don't care what other people are doing. I have a responsibility to myself and to this theater."

Tickets can now be used for the opening show, and other tickets – Christopher Demos-Brown's

(Opening March 12), Luis Santeiro’s

(April 16) and AR Gurney comedy

, This is Stageworks' long-time favorite (June 4). Get tickets


Hartley hopes that by June, Covid’s restrictions will ease and she will

Because theater is ultimately a business. Like all businesses, it was beaten.

"In theory, according to the governor, I can now operate at full capacity," Hartley said. "But this is not a responsible way."

In addition to limited space and limited seats, the new plan also requires advanced cleaning, microbial cleaning UV lighting and door temperature checks. Hartley explained that there are 45 to 50 seats in total, "enough to make me feel that I am making a financially responsible choice for the organization... and I can continue this work."

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