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It can be said that there has never been a more important year for a perfect sound system and home theater accessories. All of us need a good way to escape, especially when we may all spend some extra time indoors.

Sonos has helped some of its most popular products through some Black Friday deals. Which includes $150

(Priced at $349), a smart sound bar with advanced audio features and the ability to connect to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay 2.

Enjoy similar savings

($749), brings iconic design and bold bass, and has an updated internal structure, including increased memory, processing power and new radio. The two silencing drivers in the center of the Sub face inward to eliminate vibrations and rattles, ensuring that you only hear pure bass.


Also priced at $349 is a rechargeable smart speaker that can be used for outdoor and indoor listening. Sonos Move is carefully designed, easy to use, supports Bluetooth and WIFI connections, and can be controlled through Sonos apps, Bluetooth, Airplay and voice commands. It has IP56 weather resistance and a battery life of up to 11 hours. It can be charged via a compatible USB-C charger or the included charging dock.

Although these transactions are valid between now and November 30, Sonos does not stop there. Between December 4th and 13th, the company will save $50

($179) and one ($199). One SL is a powerful speaker without a microphone that can play music and more. One has a built-in voice control function. Essentially, you can communicate with multiple devices by voice through the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, etc. The compact design of One and One SL fits almost any space. Put it on the kitchen counter or hide it on the office shelf. It is moisture-proof, so you can even put it in the bathroom.

It is made of soft calfskin and has a striking double buckle. All Ace Marks shoes benefit from the durable blake flex construction, leather sole and glossy finish. This model exudes sophistication and elegance, and is the perfect companion for any formal tailor. Monkstrap Kurt Brandy Antique has a full leather sole and double strap silver buckle.

Antique Monk Kurt Brandy:

Each pair of Ace Marks men's dress shoes are handmade by the fourth generation of Italian craftsmen. These craftsmen are men and women who make Italian dress shoes for the world's top luxury brands. In developing our unique color and material combinations, it is important for us to meet the needs of modern gentlemen by Ace Marks. We have created reasonably priced, ingenious modern style, completely luxurious and comfortable dress shoes, whether you want to attract your first customers or run a Fortune 500 company, it can boldly express your views. Ace Mark’s direct-to-consumer business model means that we have reduced the middlemen and provided you with high-quality luxury Italian shoes at wholesale prices. Those were Italian men's formal leather shoes worth $600, less than $300.

As we all know, the holiday season is approaching, Swagger has found the perfect gift for the whole family, just in time for Black Friday, add them to your wish list-greet EVIZ C3N. EZVIZ believes that through its use of smart devices based on cloud platforms and AI technology, it will provide all users with a safe, convenient and smart life. With the C3N spotlight color night vision outdoor security camera, EZVIZ knows how to bring Swag to home security.

So, what makes C3N spotlight color night vision outdoor security cameras so special to users? First of all, C3N provides night recording, which is easy for users, because they will enjoy a full range of vision through spotlights and balanced color night vision. EZVIZ C3N can also block unwanted visitors, has a three-night vision mode, and minimizes false alarms through the built-in AI software (which can be manually detected). This camera has a serious stolen property function, not only can protect your house by providing a complete alarm system with personalized functions, but also can be personalized settings so that your family can enjoy comfort and protection in eating, sleeping and life.

Some of its powerful features include:

Let EZVIZ use the C3N spotlight color night vision outdoor security camera to provide you with night shift service. The special price for Black Friday is $39.99.

Whether you return to the office or continue to work at home, your desk is the ultimate headquarters for your work. A modern office needs to provide everything available in today's fast-paced life. The Olson molding machine series provide you with everything you need in your office. The luxurious and individual items are made of smooth silver. These works are very suitable for modern offices. All stolen goods in this set are made of 6061 aluminum alloy and black MIL-A-8625 II type anodized treatment. This stylish appearance will add life to your office. All works have bumpy ridges, but they feel smooth to the touch.

These exquisite works bring sophistication and elegance to the most ordinary work. This holiday season will bring you the gift of an upgraded modern workspace, which has a brand new appearance of the machine series. All ten products in the machine series have chrome finishes and a modern and stylish appearance, and provide everything you need to increase productivity in any work space. The parts included in the set include phone holder, business card holder, bolt action pen, pen holder, paperclip bowl, wallet, spinning top, letter opener, cable weight and single coaster.

Gifting these items to your loved ones will upgrade any modern workspace with serious stolen goods. Just consider using a smooth letter opener to open the envelope or the silver Bolt pen to sign a document or business check. Pull out the business card for the customer from the silver card holder. Place your phone on the silver phone holder or rotate the top to move your eyes away from the screen. You can even put the drink on the stylish silver coaster instead of on the table to keep the table clean.

The luxurious Oslo of the Valencia Theater will bring you comfort this Black Friday!

Oslo will be the heart of your home theater room. With high-end Nappa leather 11000 and multiple layers of plush cushioning on all seat surfaces, you can rest assured that you will get an unprecedented comfort. With electric lumbar support and electric headrest adjustment, you can further increase the seat position to a position that not only provides comfort but is also very cost-effective for ergonomics.

Using the world-renowned Leggat&Platt tilt mechanism, you can tilt comfortably while watching movies. And, when you crave snacks, you can put a surface that can hold popcorn on the tray table of the accessory port!

Control your comfort through the tactile control system located on your armrest. With multiple buttons, you can precisely set your seat position, waist and headrest, and USB port so that you can charge all your devices while enjoying pure luxury.

The contrast stitching of rhombic stitching further completes the design of the home theater with a magnificent style, and also adds a new sense of comfort to the ergonomic design of Oslo.

Valencia Theatre Seating is an Italian furniture design company that specializes in providing high-end and luxurious home theater seats. Valencia aims to create the most luxurious home theater cinema seats, while providing first-class pre-sales and after-sales services.

With more than 22 high-end home theater seating models to choose from, and more than 1,000 satisfied customers, you know that Valencia can't be wrong.

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