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Movies are magic. They took us away from the ordinary world and brought us to the fantasy world we created. They sent us back in time. They tell us new stories about places we have never been.

But, as any movie fan knows, atmosphere is everything. These seven theaters must have it.

There is a very interesting atmosphere. There is a well-stocked but separated bar, a beautiful staircase, and the atmosphere for you to chat with new friends you meet while you are waiting in line for the movie.

Three screens with DLP digital production and sound make it a great place.

But the best part of Inwood is that Lovesacs and sofas have successfully replaced standard theater seats. You can hug here, so it is indeed a perfect date place.

Smooth, showing many movies that can't be seen elsewhere. The "Modern Mulan" series offers many good choices, and the venue is a good place to show Oscar nominated short films every February.

Another cool thing about this place is that if you want to have brunch in advance, then the cafe on its left will provide some amazing sharing options and excellent espresso.

If it is Sunday, you can enter the museum directly to view the art collection after the museum has rented out at no additional cost.


In the Dallas (Dallas) scene has a unique niche market. It is not only a place to watch movies, but also a community dedicated to movies. Depending on the night you come, you may see a symposium of weird guests, DJ spins, and even a memorial service for beloved rock stars.

This is a Venetian-style decoration in 1930, with a very comfortable lounge, where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested after Kennedy was assassinated.

This place is very interesting. Fun is a priority. You want to go here.

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Sometimes the past and the future are perfect. Although it has been updated, it has entered the full experience

Can remind viewers of easier time. The Rubix cube is still "unsolvable", but "Max Headroom" is a genius.

The theater does its best to fully integrate family-friendly educational functions and long-term movies. It has been showing to them since the first DMR upgrade in 2005.

Immersion and retro futuristic technology makes the IMAX dome inevitably loved by people. This is not disappointing.

This one

It's great to lock up in Austin.

Now it spreads everywhere. That is not a bad thing. The sound system is very good. The drinks are good. The food is great.

The special screenings are very interesting, ranging from retro flicks with cereal bars to weird quotes. But in regular functions, as many of us already know, there is no texting or talking. You will be asked to leave. This is a very, very easy policy to like. This is the policy that made movie theater chains all the rage.

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For discerning moviegoers, luxury goods are a good choice.

Bring it to the table. This place can indeed accommodate spectators.

Diners can choose from two restaurant menus, including IVY kitchen or coal rattan pizza and bar.

The theater won three consecutive victories and won the grand prize with delicious food, stunning screens and reclining seats. This is the best collision in the world of comfort and innovation.

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If we are talking about DFW, this is an extension. I mean, this happened in Ennis, south of Dallas, but the atmosphere is far from making up for it.

It's great because it allows a car full of audiences to pull on authentic vintage speakers and choose dual functions. On any given night, you can watch from up to seven screens.

The period of the offer can be long, but if you are interested in the premium hamburgers or Texas-sized drinks that come with the movie, it's worth it.

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