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We've seen some of the weirdest Airbnbs, from remodeled churches and earthen houses to rental houses built on cliffs. However, even the outermost Airbnb can still be used normally, with modern conveniences, essential items such as washing machines/dryers, and a comfortable fireplace. (Don’t worry, there are many perfect traditional holiday houses in Jeonju.) 

No matter which slope you are going to

Or Breckenridge or

, There is an Airbnb for you. Because each of our choices is determined by

, You will be assured that their score is 4.8 or higher, the cancellation record is zero, and the response rate is at least 90%, which means they will contact you as soon as possible. Here, we select the best Airbnb in Colorado from east to west. 

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This kind of house will only get better as the weather gets colder. The black window frames perfectly show the snow-covered ponderosa pine trees. Inside, this two-bedroom is

At its peak, white fabrics, balsa wood and natural materials are used. Load vinyl

Park it on the floating sofa, stuff a book in front of the small ball stove, or bundle it into a bundle, and head to the terrace, where there is the stove, dining table and

. On the outer edge of Colorado Springs, only an hour away from Denver, and only 40 minutes away from Barr Trailhead, you can reach the summit of Pikes Peak. 

No, your eyes are not deceiving you-in fact, this is a small house in the Airbnb living room. It is only one of five bedrooms in this house south of the city center. But this is hardly the most interesting part of the rent: it is located in a covered church in the 1930s, which means that many bedrooms are located in the attic of the former choir. However, Airbnb has been completely modernized, such as a fully equipped kitchen equipped with stainless steel appliances and an amazing gas fireplace. The windows of the church are flooded with sunlight, revealing high ceilings and an open layout. 

The outdoor space of LoHi Residence is the real attraction. Has a big backyard

, The fire pit of the cinema, the seating area and the backyard projection space. The roof seats upstairs are slightly covered and equipped with a hot tub (plus a private deck next to the owner). There is also enough space inside, including three bedrooms, a recreation room with another movie screening area, a large living room and dining room, and a modern kitchen for dining inside. Although there is not much reason to leave, here are some of the best

, Bars and shops are within walking distance. 

According to the landlord, this is another re-used space. This comfortable house is located near the State Capitol and was originally a 19th-century railroad worker’s house. The house is full of eclecticism and artwork from local manufacturers, and is designed through eclectic design. There are two bedrooms, one is on the first floor with a queen-size bed, the other is on the after bed (looking out from the ceiling joist in the living room), and a king-size bed is on the steep stairs. Airbnb Plus, its Wi-Fi has also been strength checked, so you can

In the corner of its office. The backyard also has a backyard with a terrace, where you can enjoy an afternoon drink in the fresh mountain air. 

Only a five-minute drive from the center of the University of Colorado Boulder and a few blocks from the city center, this carriage house is elegantly designed and manages to fit it in a small space. In the kitchen alone, there is a full-size refrigerator, a two-burner stovetop, a dishwasher, and all utensils and

You need to stay overnight. There is also a large bed (please note that this is a completely open floor plan, so the house is best for couples or solo travelers) and a living area. Enjoy the small seating area outside, or ride the cruiser bike for free. 

If you want to be a bit remote outside of the activities in Breckenridge, this Type A cabin is located 3 miles south of the slope and provides a happy medium: close, but not too close. This house is best for families or acquaintances, because the spacious loft bedroom can accommodate two queen-size beds, while the smaller bedroom on the main floor (with two single beds) can only be accessed by the owner (with a queen-size bed). Elsewhere in the home, you will find a spacious living and dining room with a gas fireplace, and a fully equipped kitchen with basic cooking knowledge.

And laundry room. When the temperature allows, there is also a large front porch for you to rest. 

Although this studio is located off Breckenridge's Main Street and is best for people who plan to spend most of the day on the slopes, if you choose to spend the day indoors, it can provide enough comfort. Keep you comfortable. The kitchen is equipped with full-size stainless steel appliances, while the combined living area is suitable for relaxing large beds, sofas, wood-burning fireplaces, and plenty of clothing. There is also a small balcony with a table and two chairs in case you are cold

. (You can usually also access the shared hot tub, but because


Previous guests said that this two-bedroom penthouse apartment seems to be much larger than it actually is, thanks to the vaulted ceilings, large windows and updated decorations. Just a few steps away from Vail’s central village and gondolas, it can take you up the hillside and features a spacious modern kitchen, a dining and living area with an elegant fireplace, and a private outdoor terrace with mountain views. As for the bedrooms, you will find a king-size master bedroom and a smaller bedroom with nightgown. 

You can almost slide out the front door of this three-bedroom apartment and then slide into the Shadow Mountain ski lift. Located on the third floor (no elevator access), you need to bring your own equipment every day, but the conveniences inside (including luggage heater, wood burning fireplace and steam shower) are worth it. The building also has a shared indoor hot tub and sauna for your use. Children will love the comfortable bunk beds with two extra long bunk beds, game consoles and a TV. 

There is no denying that this stunning four-bedroom house is not a Superhost Airbnb, but a

, This is the highest level of the company. The itinerary designer who booked accommodation here will help you book other parts of the holiday, such as equipment rental, grocery delivery, housekeeping services and other concierge-level services. Although you may stay skiing in Telluride, you may never want to leave this Basque-style house, with its stone walls, striking high ceilings, four fireplaces and sunny interiors. It is about six miles away from town and slopes, isolated from the world, and between the private sauna, two living rooms, dining room and outdoor terrace, it provides a lot of space for your companions to spread. 

If you think the converted church is the strangest rent on this list, you are wrong. In fact, this is the Earth House with a three-story viewing tower in Pagosa Springs, the town is famous for its geothermal energy

Feeding the pool. The house occupies 7 acres and is full of southwestern and bohemian decor. It has a main floor living area (concentrated fireplace), dining room and modern kitchen. The house’s two master bedrooms have king-size beds and private terraces, but there are two bunk-bed rooms accessible by ladders, and a full-size bed at the top of the observation tower for nightly stargazing. (Previous guests noticed the popularity of the Milky Way.)

Many of the walls of this house are built on the side of the Sleeping Ute Mountain in southern Colorado, and are actually part of a sandstone cliff face. Although the house does not have a TV, it has both Wi-Fi and cell phone service, which is different from other similar village options. The bedroom, more like a sleeping loft, has a double bed, and the bedroom itself does not provide a magnificent view, while the rest of the house (from the living room to the home office) has a wide view of the desert below. You may also find yourself spending time in the cliff-side bathroom of the house, with its super-high ceilings and showers almost carved into the rock. 

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