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Costco is known for offering discounts on a large number of goods, but many people may not know that this retailer also has many home decorations.

For more information, the insider asked

Michelle Harrison-McAllister of

She suggested buying items from Costco. Read on to see what she said.

When you put wheels like this on a shelf, organizing and editing garages or spacious spaces can make a big difference

According to Harrison-McAllister, from Costco.

She said that you can even carry out projects by organizing space and assigning your own shelves to everyone in the family. 

Harrison McAllister told insiders: "In addition, you will definitely find items that you can donate to shelters in the city, especially those who are experiencing difficulties during COVID-19." 

Light jar

At the same time issued a statement.

Reminiscent of the European era in the 19th century

Will lie to your friends thinking you have

Harrison McAllister said.

Turn your living space into

It is also a work of art.

She told industry insiders: "This is the best TV on the market with the best visual effects."

When the TV is not used to watch programs, you can choose to display various artworks or display your own artworks on it.

If you are looking for a new bed, this is

According to Harrison-McAllister, it is made with cooling technology to help you regulate your body temperature throughout the night.

It also has an adjustable base, so you can place the bed any way you like. Each side of the bed can have a personalized position and massage function. 

Use this to surprise your home

, Harrison-McAllister suggested. 

"Color and style

, Not to mention the look on the customer's face when opening the cabinet is priceless," she told Insider.

Harrison-McAllister said that luxury bed sheets are the key to a perfect sleep, and this

Has an extraordinary feeling. 

She said that anti-wrinkle materials can help you get up easily every morning. 

The suit is available in white, gray, blue and tan. It includes one sheet, one sheet and four pillowcases. 

Fresh window care is an easy way

According to Harrison-McAllister.

She said she suggested using

Applies to all areas of your home.

They come in a variety of colors, materials and styles, including shades, blinds and blinds. 

"This one

Not only is it comfortable, but it won't make your back pain or fatigue," Harrison-McAllister told Insider. 

The mesh fabric is also breathable, the seat height is adjustable, and the lumbar support is built-in.

Whether you need one or two spare beds for guests, or want to use a bed for a children’s room,

According to Harrison-McAllister, it is a great space-saving tool. 

This bed has two full-size beds and seven large drawers, which means there are many places to

Harrison-McAllister told insiders.

She also said that the crisp white and modern design of the loft bed will not go out of style. 

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