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If you want to free up some valuable bedroom floor space, then a loft bed is the ideal solution. By lifting the bed platform off the ground, a table, sofa or chest of drawers can be placed underneath. Raised beds are mainly used by children, but if space is limited, there is no reason why adults cannot sleep alone.

Read on to learn more about loft beds and determine which size, material, and storage options are best for you. Also, please check out our last three loft beds, including our first pick, which is sturdy and durable


Most loft beds are two single beds, which are great for most children. However, you can also find pretty good full-size loft beds, which are ideal for teenagers who need more bed space or accommodate an extra child during the night or a relative’s afterlife. There are few queen and king loft beds, but if two adults want to sleep in a loft bed, this is the best choice.

Attic beds are usually made of wood or metal. The metal loft bed is lightweight and easy to assemble. Although they are durable enough for children, they are not the strongest option overall, so it is best to check the maximum weight limit again. If you choose a high-end model, the wooden loft bed may be very durable, although you will also find many cheap, fragile wooden loft beds on the market, so please choose accordingly. The cheapest option may be made of wood composite materials, which cannot match the strength of solid wood.

The loft bed can be completely clean underneath, so you can fill the space with furniture of your choice, or have built-in storage boxes or other built-in furniture. Drawers and shelves are common built-in storage options, especially on smaller cabin beds, but some standard-sized models can even have full-length closets built in. Workstations and desks are also a popular choice.

It is essential that the loft bed you choose must have built-in guardrails to prevent people from rolling out of the bed while sleeping. The guardrail should be at least four inches higher than the depth of the mattress you use on the bed.

The price of a basic double loft bed is between US$100 and US$500, while the price of a larger high-end product may exceed US$2,000.

For safety reasons, you need at least 33 inches between the top of the loft bed mattress and the ceiling. This way, if the sleeper suddenly sits upright without thinking, they will not knock their heads on the ceiling. Check the height of any raised bed you want to consider to make sure your ceiling is high enough to accommodate it, and don't forget to consider the depth of the mattress.

Most loft beds have ladders on the sides to allow you to climb up and down. For most users, this is good because the ladder is firmly fixed in place and won't feel shaking, so even nervous children will usually feel good climbing up the attic stairs. However, you can find a few models with built-in stairs at the head or foot of the bed, and younger children will feel more confident in climbing. In some cases, each step has a built-in drawer to provide additional storage space.

A sturdy metal loft bed with space-saving ladders built into both ends.

Full length guardrail. There is enough space below. The cool modern design is very suitable for older kids and teenagers.

Take a moment to assemble.

This affordable junior loft bed is perfect for children over 6 years old.

There are five colors to choose from. Easy to assemble. Highly durable. Excellent value for money.

The side of the ladder cannot be switched. The space below is limited.

This modern metal loft bed is available in four colors and can be used normally in most bedrooms.

There is a lot of space below, so it is very suitable for places with a small footprint. There are built-in ladders at both ends. Fixed guardrail.

If the screws start to loosen or are not tightened properly, the bed may make a creaking sound.


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