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Washington (Associated Press)-Latest news from the Electoral College meeting (all times are local time):

Voters gathered in 50 states and the District of Columbia on Monday formally affirmed the victory of President-elect Biden in the November 3 election. Winning the presidential election requires 270 electoral college votes.

Final vote for elective courses:

Democrat Joe Biden (Joe Biden): 306

Republican Donald Trump: 232


7:55 PM

President-elect Biden said that local election officials and workers endure the threat of violence and abuse while ensuring that democracy prevails in the November election.

In a speech on Monday after the Electoral College announced its victory, Biden said that the threat was “not reasonable at all,” but in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the workers showed courage and commitment to free and fair elections.

He said that President Donald Trump’s lawyers posed "dozens" of legal challenges to the election results, but every time they were found to be unreasonable.

Biden said that Trump’s team repeatedly presented arguments to state legislatures, officials and even the U.S. Supreme Court, “and in each case did not find any reason or evidence to overturn, question or question the results.”

7:45 PM

President-elect Biden said that his victory in 2016 by President Donald Trump’s election law school was a signal that the current president should finally accept his own defeat in this year’s election.

In a speech in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden pointed out on Monday that Trump called his 2016 electoral vote of 306 "a slippery slope."

Biden said that if that constitutes a clear victory, then he would like to "respectfully" suggest that Trump now accept Biden's victory this year.

Trump refused to admit his defeat in the presidential election and repeatedly made baseless allegations of widespread fraud.

7:10 p.m.

The Electoral College has finished voting to consolidate Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.

Since Hawaii announced their election vote on Monday, Biden won 232 votes from President Donald Trump with 306 votes. The threshold to win is 270.

This is usually a procedural step, but because Trump refused to admit his losses, the importance of this year has increased. He and his allies have filed about 50 lawsuits, most of which were withdrawn or fired by judges, including twice in the US Supreme Court.

The results of the Election Academy will be sent to Washington and will be counted at the joint meeting of Congress on January 6, chaired by Vice President Mike Pence.

6:50 PM

One principal, Donald Trump’s closest ally in the U.S. Congress, said that his conversation with the U.S. President-elect Biden would be “helpful, I can.”

Senator Lindsey Graham said on Monday that he recently had a "pleasant" 10-minute conversation with Biden and talked about some of the Democratic candidates leading the Democratic Party in power.

The South Carolina Republican said he wanted Trump to let the legal challenges that continue to face the presidential election result "work" and said he thought Trump had a "very, very narrow path" for a second term.

Graham also stated that he will support the removal of the retired General Lloyd Austin from the post of Secretary of Defense, and Janet Yellen "will be fine" to lead the Treasury Department.

When asked about Sally Yates, who might be elected attorney general, Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said: “I don’t think so.” When asked about the other two possible nominees, his The answer is satisfactory. The outgoing Senator Doug Jones of Alabama and Merrick Garland, who was nominated by the US Supreme Court.


Two other top Republican senators also admitted that Democrat Joe Biden won the presidential election.

Republican Senator Graham of South Carolina asked Biden as a reporter in Congress and said: "Yes" Monday. And Missouri Senator Roy Brent said flatly, "Vice President Biden is the president-elect."

Blunt is a member of the Republican leadership of the Senate. Graham is a close friend and strong supporter of President Donald Trump.

The two talked about the formal award of the electoral votes required by the electoral college that day Biden was elected president. This day marks a turning point for many Republican senators, who until now have fallen to the wrong proposition of Trump in the contest, he won the election and cheated and cheated a victory.

Trump did not provide any evidence, and federal and state courts across the country have abandoned the case brought by his legal team.

Graham said: "This is a very, very narrow road for the president. I can't see how he got from here to there."

6:15 PM

Hawaii is the last state to vote for universities. Once this is done, Democrat Joe Biden will eventually get 306 electoral votes.

Voters in Hawaii met at 2 pm Hawaii time, which is 7 pm on the East Coast. The state has four electoral votes.

In the November 3 election, Hawaii favored Biden tickets by a large margin.

President Donald Trump won 232 electoral votes. The short threshold of 270 votes won the Electoral College and the White House.


The Republican Senator from Indiana was recognized that Biden, a Democrat, was elected president, and now the Electoral College has officially affirmed his victory.

Almost five weeks after Election Day, Senator Mike Braun was one of several members of the Republican Party. They now recognize Biden as the incoming president.

Until now, many Republican lawmakers have refused to question President Donald Trump’s false insistence that election fraud was the reason he did not win the election. Trump did not provide any evidence, and his argument has been rejected by state and federal courts and state officials on both sides.

Braun said in a written statement that the electoral college vote marked "a watershed where we must abandon politics and respect constitutional procedures."

5:45 PM

California’s President-elect Biden, who smeared the country’s 55 electoral votes, formally consolidated the Democratic Party’s victory over Donald Trump.

Biden overwhelmingly overwhelmed the democratic country last month, defeating Trump with more than 5 million votes.

California is the most populous state in the United States, with a population of 40 million. The state has the highest award in the presidential election and received the most electoral votes. Its vote allowed Biden to reach the threshold of 270 votes on Monday, winning the Electoral College and the White House.

Voting in California took place in a gentle ceremony in Sacramento’s gorgeous State Assembly Chamber, where voters wear masks and keep their distance from the public in social venues due to the coronavirus pandemic to ensure safety .

Since the election, there have been smaller but noisy pro-Trump protests in Sacramento, but the walled State Capitol was quiet on Monday. The police car stopped outside several entrances.

5:25 PM

The Electoral College has officially confirmed Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 presidential election.

After California voters voted for the Democratic Party, Biden cleared the 270 vote threshold on Monday. When all states have voted, Biden is expected to lead Donald Trump 306-232.

Voting at the Electoral College is usually a procedural step in a presidential election, but because Trump refused to admit his failure, the importance of this year’s election has increased. He and his allies have filed about 50 lawsuits, most of which were withdrawn or fired by judges, including twice in the US Supreme Court.

5:20 PM

The No. 2 Republican leader in the Senate said it’s time to declare that Democrat Biden was elected president.

Senator John Thun of South Dakota spoke to reporters at the Capitol on Monday. Not long ago, the Electoral College officially confirmed that Biden had won the 270 electoral votes required to become president.

Thun said: "This is how we decide the presidential election in this country. That is our constitution. I believe we will abide by the constitution."

President Donald Trump refused to recognize the election, falsely claiming widespread voter fraud. He did not provide any evidence to support this, and he has failed many attempts to invalidate votes in state and federal courts, including twice in the US Supreme Court.

Even so, many Republican lawmakers still support Trump's attempt to ignore voter judgments.

Thun also said that the last attempt by some Republicans to challenge Biden's election victory in the House of Representatives next month was "to no avail."

5:10 PM

US Rep. Paul Mitchell (Paul Mitchell), a Republican retired from Michigan, said he is leaving the Republican Party and will become an independent for the rest of his term.

On Monday, members of the electoral college held a national meeting to formally verify the results of the presidential election on November 3 and announced his decision. Democrat Joe Biden flipped Michigan on the road to winning the White House, but President Donald Trump and his Republican allies are striving for results because they try to subvert the wishes of voters.

In a letter to Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel and House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, Mitchell said: “Political candidates treat our electoral system as ours It is a third world country, and incites the sacred inviolability of votes such as ours."

He also stated that Trump’s attack on the Supreme Court for rejecting his team’s lawsuit and the involvement of the party leader and the House Republican meeting in Trump’s efforts to overturn the election results based on conspiracy theories are unacceptable.

Mitchell said he voted for Trump.

4:55 PM

Republican Senator John Cornyn said that Joe Biden appeared to be the next president.

The Texas senator told reporters that in Congress last Monday, he believed that the Democratic Party was "president-elect, but any additional lawsuits are going on." President Donald Trump tried to overturn the election.

Cornyn said he hopes to "turn a page during the peaceful transition on January 20." He said: "Sometimes you have to realize that despite your best efforts, you still have not succeeded."

Corning's comments put him in a small, but growing camp of Republican lawmakers who are acknowledging-or are about to approach it-Biden was elected president. Trump refused to make concessions and falsely accused widespread voter fraud, although he did not provide any evidence and lost dozens of court cases.

Cornyn spoke when members of the Electoral College met across the country to formally verify the results of the election. According to the voting results, Biden defeated Trump 306-232 in the electoral college and won with 7 million votes.

4:05 PM

In a prime-time speech after the Electoral College vote, President-elect Biden was set to announce that "not even... the abuse of power" could stop the peaceful transition of electricity after the election in the United States last month.

This is a public attack on President Donald Trump's refusal to accept defeat and the top Republicans who still support him.

After the election college formally voted to announce him as president, Biden will speak on Monday night.

According to excerpts released in advance of his campaign, Biden plans to call for unity and once again stated that he intends to become the president of all, whether they vote for him or not. But he would also say: "In America, politicians don't hold power-the people give them power."

Biden is about to say: "The flame of democracy has long been ignited in this country." "And we now know that nothing-not even epidemics-or abuse of power-can extinguish that flame."


Michigan voters have cast 16 votes for President-elect Biden, who opened the battlefield for state Democrats on his way to win the White House.

The vote was announced by Democratic Lieutenant Garin Gilchrist II, who presided over the ceremonies of the shrinking electoral college within the Michigan State Senate, far from society.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, the Capitol is closed to the public. Due to the threat of violence, lawmakers also closed their offices. The electors and some senior Democrats entered the state capitol, escorted by the state police.

President Donald Trump and his allies used baseless accusations as the grounds for accusing Donald Trump and his allies of urging the U.S. Supreme Court to invalidate Biden’s 154,000 votes, or 2.8 percentage points of victory, and forcing the Republican leadership to The Legislative Council chooses voters. However, the court and Republican legislative leaders rejected the legally dubious long-term bid. They pointed out that state law means that electoral votes are cast for popular voters.

Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer said: "The people are speaking."

2:55 PM

Ballots from 29 Electoral Colleges in Florida have been cast for President Donald Trump.

Secretary of State Leurel Lee voted on Monday, after which he appointed three voters to replace Senate Chairman Wilton Simpson and three others who were unable to attend the ceremony. Simpson announced a few hours before the vote that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

Trump won Florida with 51.2% of the vote in the general election last month. He also carried Florida in 2016.

Voters in Florida are submitted to the governor by each political party. Voters swore to support the candidate who won the popular vote in the state.

Despite the loss of Florida, Democrat Biden managed to flip three rust belts and win the election in Arizona and Georgia on his way.

1:45 PM

Wisconsin has voted 10 of its electoral college votes for Democrat Joe Biden.

About an hour later, the Wisconsin Supreme Court dismissed President Donald Trump’s lawsuit trying to overturn the election results.

For Democrats, the Electoral College vote marked the end of the struggle to win the long-running state fight Trump fought in 2016.

After the vote was announced, Democratic Governor Tony Evers, one of the voters of the state, said: "We did it."

1:15 PM

Some Republicans who refused to recognize the fact that President-elect Biden's victory had met President Donald Trump to cast a ceremonial vote.

On the day the Electoral College will officially confirm Biden’s victory, Pennsylvania Trump loyalists met in Harrisburg and conducted what they called a “conditional vote” on Trump. State Republicans said Trump voters would hold meetings at the request of the campaign.

In Georgia, another battleground state where Trump lost, the Republican alternative candidate cast a guard of honor for Trump, while Biden of Georgia voted for 16 electoral colleges in Georgia.

The opposition against Biden has no actual influence on the election process. The Democratic Party is scheduled to take the oath of office on January 20.

Voting at the Electoral College is usually a fairly procedural step in the presidential election, but because Trump refused to admit his failure, the importance of this year's election has increased. He and his allies have filed about 50 lawsuits, most of which were withdrawn or fired by judges, including twice in the US Supreme Court.

1:10 PM

Voters in Ohio cast 18 votes for President Donald Trump.

Trump won the state's vote in November with a turnout rate of over 8 percentage points. This is the first time in 60 years that voters in the state have not stood with the final winner.

The results were announced shortly after a roll-call vote at the face-to-face election college meeting in the Ohio State Assembly on Monday.

Republican representatives wear masks, are socially distant, and use specially provided pens due to the coronavirus.

Ohio’s voters include Ken Blackwell, Trump’s loyal supporter and former Ohio Secretary of State, who presided over the controversial 2004 Bush Kerry campaign; Ohio President Bob Bob Paduchik, who served as a senior adviser to Trump’s re-election campaign; Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Mark Wagoner, whose father was the first person in the state to die of COVID-19 .

12:50 PM

Pennsylvania has cast 20 votes for Democrat Joe Biden, and his local son’s victory in the state last month cemented his overall victory over President Donald Trump.

Due to the pandemic, the 20 voters were socially distant in a sponge auditorium near the Capitol and met there instead of meeting downstairs in the State Capitol.

Each voter walked onto the auditorium stage one by one, and then put the ballot in a box designed by Benjamin Franklin. Voters expressed their appreciation for the voting results.

Nancy Mills, the dean of the state's electoral college, pointed out that it was Pennsylvania that allowed Biden to exceed the 270 votes required to apply for the White House.

She said: "We are the state that brings dignity and honor back to the United States."

New York has awarded its 29 electoral college votes to Democrat Joe Biden.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the ceremony was held in the State Capitol. Electors include former President Bill Clinton and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The voting took about half an hour, and the voting ended without any surprise. Voters stand in a row behind invisible plastic partitions and wear masks when they vote one by one.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that the epidemic “sends a strong reminder to the country that government and leadership are important.” He said that good government “can literally save people’s lives. "

Hillary Clinton stated that the Biden-Harris government "will be great for this country." She said: "We will have a president and a vice president who will serve everyone and bring real change to everyone."

12:45 PM

North Carolina has awarded its 15 ballots to President Donald Trump.

Supporters energized the base, powerfully personally campaigning schedules and appealing to rural voters to contribute 1.3 percentage points of Democratic president-elect Biden Trump, winning in the state.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Biden largely did not participate in sports activities, but chose to conduct virtual activities or wear masks and physically distancing himself for smaller face-to-face gatherings. In the last 16 days of the election, he did not personally visit the state.

Biden benefited from a surge in mail-in voting, but failed to achieve a majority of more than 5.5 million votes.

Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, the state's then Democratic candidate, by 3.7 percentage points in 2016. Former President Barack Obama is the latest Democratic presidential candidate to win North Carolina, which he won in 2008.

12:40 PM

Eleven electoral college members in Arizona have voted for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Biden won by nearly 10,500 votes in Arizona on November 3, becoming the first Democrat to inherit the traditional Republican status since President Bill Clinton in 1996.

Stimulated by President Donald Trump, some Arizona Republicans continue to question Biden's victory in the state. Trump's supporters have filed multiple lawsuits to try to shelve the results of the Arizona investigation, but the state and federal courts have rejected one of them, but they all refused.

Some are on appeal, and the remaining cases will be heard on Monday.

The Secretary of State for Democracy Katie Hobbs presided over the ceremony where the electors signed a certificate confirming Biden’s victory. She said harshly about the politicization of this year's procedures, saying that due to unprovoked accusations of voter fraud, the procedures were shrouded in "artificial shadows."

12:35 PM

16 Electoral Colleges in Georgia have voted for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Democratic voters in the state met in the Senate of the State Capitol on Monday.

Electors include Governor Stacey Abrams, former candidate of Congressman-elect Nikema Williams, several state congressmen, local politicians and democracy activists.

The group restricted itself to sitting in other rows, with an empty table between everyone. They all wear masks to prevent coronavirus, and the audience is limited to some members of the press and some support staff.

Each voter marked a paper ballot, and then collected, counted and confirmed it through a voice call. Subsequently, Abrams read the results and said: "I am very happy to announce that Biden (Joseph R. Biden) has won 16 votes from the President of the United States."

The vote officially sealed Biden's victory on the battlefield, where he defeated President Donald Trump by approximately 12,000 votes. The results of the November general election were confirmed by two recalculations, including an audit, which triggered a comprehensive vote count.

12:15 PM

A Republican congressman from Michigan was disciplined for failing to condemn potential violence in the state capitol before the Democratic presidential electors met to vote for Joe Biden.

State Representative Gary Eisen of the town of St. Clair told WPHM-AM on Monday that he plans to assist an unspecified "Hail Mary" Republican plan to challenge the election, and he admitted that the "unknown" action may not change the election results. When asked if he could guarantee the safety of people, he said "no".

House Speaker Lee Chatfield and the speaker elected Jason Wentworth, a Republican, to remove Eisen from the committee on the closing day of the two-year meeting. They said in a statement that threats or suggestions of political violence are never acceptable, including “when public officials open the door to violence and refuse to condemn it. We must do better.”

Sixteen voters and senior Democratic officials such as Governor Gretchen Whitmer are scheduled to meet in the Senate on Monday afternoon. The legislature was closed due to the threat of violence. Due to coronavirus restrictions, the Capitol is closed to the public.

11:55 am

Six Democratic presidential electors in Nevada have voted for Joe Biden, becoming the first voters from the battlefield states.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Monday's ceremony was held at Zoom. It took less than 20 minutes and the task was completed without surprise.

Biden defeated Trump in Nevada by 33,596 votes, or 2.4 percentage points. Although the Democratic Party’s victory is similar to the 2016 election, the state’s slow vote counting speed and austerity results on election night have made the Western battlefield a national focus.

Trump saw the state as a pick-up opportunity and made three visits on the eve of the election. Biden has participated in events with Hispanic groups and driving rallies.

11 am

Electors from the first state have voted.

Three representatives of Vermont voted for President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in the electoral college on Monday. In Tennessee, 11 representatives of the Electoral College voted for President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Four Electoral College votes from New Hampshire were for Biden, and 11 votes from Indiana were for Trump. Electors in other states have also begun voting.

Biden won the election on November 3.

On Monday, electors gathered in 50 states and the District of Columbia to formally vote for the next president. Most states have laws that connect their voters with the popular vote winners in their state.

The results will be sent to Washington and counted at the joint meeting of Congress on January 6, which Pence will chair.

This year, voters’ votes have received more attention than ever because Trump refused to give in and continued to make unfounded fraud accusations. There is no widespread fraud. Election officials across the country and Attorney General William Barr have confirmed this.

9:40 am

The Michigan State Legislature was closed due to threats of violence as presidential electors were preparing to gather at the State Capitol to vote for Democrat Joe Biden.

The 16 voters will hold a meeting in the Senate on Monday afternoon, chaired by Democratic Gov. Gleechen Whitmer. Biden defeated President Donald Trump by 154,000 votes, or 2.8 percentage points, and won the state.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, the Capitol Building is not open to the public unless members of Congress meet for a legislative session. A spokesman for the Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey said that the state capitol and nearby buildings have also been closed as recommended by law enforcement.

Spokesperson Amber McCann said: "This decision was not made because of expected protests, but based on credible threats of violence."

Legislators on both sides reported that Trump was threatened as he tried in vain to overturn the election results with baseless allegations of widespread fraud.

There is no widespread fraud in the election. Election officials across the country and Attorney General William Barr have confirmed this.

Earlier this year, law enforcement said it had discovered a conspiracy to kidnap Whitmer. The leader allegedly also discussed attacking the Michigan State Capitol and executing "tyrants" during the meeting.

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