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As everyone is forced to struggle at home, the task of pop culture consumption and determining how to view more and more streaming services in 2020 is more different and urgent than ever. Stream content

Due to security issues related to the pandemic and public places, by 2020, other providers will become more collective, movie theaters will be closed, and consumer entertainment options will be greatly reduced.

Like most people, I found myself devouring more books, TV shows, movies and even podcasts than ever before. With the intensification of the COVID pandemic and the top priority of the year, the pace has accelerated greatly. Drag it down.

I will start with the following list and list some movies that I particularly like in 2020. These movies are all played at home to replace the drama experience. I don't have to say that these are the best movies of 2020 (or any pop culture below must be the best of the year), but these are some of the things I particularly like this year, and I want to list them all. As far as the movie is concerned, I hope all of us can return to the local movie theater and big and comfortable chairs with popcorn buckets to experience this kind of cuisine again soon:

: Rachel Brosnahan (Rachel Brosnahan) makes me proud in this Amazon original movie, in which she plays the wife of a criminal who must run away and learn how to do it when she is not going home Fend for themselves. If Rachel didn't say a word in this movie, then everything she told you on her face and body language, I would still be shocked by her acting ability. She's so nice

: Director Christopher Nolan's latest feature film is played in the concept of time. If you try to understand it too hard, it will hurt your brain. I have watched it three times this year, the first time was in the social distance setting of my local driving, and the second time was through video on demand. Temporary pliers, Russian super villains, code phrases ("We live in the twilight world"), large and extensive plots, such as an opera siege in Kiev-this movie puts me on the nine-point cloud.

: Similar to the reason I love

, This is the starring role of Hulu exclusive movie Andy Sandberg (Andy Sandberg), basically a love story involving two people, two people are caught in a time loop, they must figure out how to get out of trouble. It plays a role on a deeper level. Don't pay too much attention to it, because 2020 is a time cycle, and all of us are also trying to figure out how to escape, right?

: This show is basically known as French

. As the title implies,

(It is well known in France) takes place in or around the office, which makes it a scene in the workplace-although interrupted by the many fragments of the "live" and the rich Paris scenery, the audience can't help it. The incident happened in the "Bureau" of the French Foreign Security Agency or the French Central Intelligence Agency DGSE. The protagonist is the French intelligence officer Guillaume Debailly (he is also known as "Malotrou"), and the seemingly real handicrafts employed by him and his companions are fascinating.

(Season 5): This

The prequel series is so great, I almost like it more than the sequel series that focuses on Walter White. Attorney Jimmy McGill (also known as Saul Goodman) has such a charming character, Bob Odenkirk's performance lifted his work to the stratosphere. Creator Vince Gilligan also

Like what he did. An example: I can give many examples, but in the finale of season 5, Lalo Salamanca has just survived the assassination. He stepped on the frame angrily, gravel under his feet as he walked. Slowly, the sound of rubble turned into a thunderous sound-as if to suggest that the god of war was about to be released.

: This is my favorite show about Apple’s still relatively young streaming service

, Only launched one year ago.

She focused on a fictional Mossad agent who was acted undercover during a dangerous mission in the Iranian capital, which put her and everyone around her in danger. If Apple doesn't do this in Season 2, I will probably cry for about a week.

: This is another breakthrough hit show on Apple TV+. The show focuses on the role of Ted Lasoo. James Sudeikis plays college football coach and has the opportunity to coach in England Professional football team. Russo is hopeful, sincere, and kind of optimist, with a smile on his face, even though one of the players lamented that he is now coached by "Ronald MacDonald". At this point, Lasso turned to his assistant coach. "Will you let him talk to you like that?" I didn't think he was talking to me, and the assistant coach shot back. "He thought he was crazy now," Russo mused. "Wait until we beat him." It's definitely the feel-good show everyone needs now.

: Another fantastic original Hulu series,

We were introduced to Antoine, a young Frenchman, our sister is believed to have been killed in a terrorist bombing. In the end, Antoine suspects that she may not actually be dead-in fact, she may somehow be connected to a group of Kurdish female fighters in ISIS's biggest nightmare. From Hulu’s description of the exhibition, “Antoine’s journey traverses the road with adventurers and anarchists, spies and innocent victims, and provides a unique impression of the tragic events in Syria and how it affected the entire world ."

: This is a small show, you may have heard of the streaming service launched by Disney, the streaming service is located in the "Star Wars" universe, called Disney +.

: Another spy series, which was established in Germany in the 1980s. The Berlin Wall is about to fall, and the dark and secret world of East Germany will collapse. The core of this spy (found on Hulu) will stay with the spy, not knowing how to adapt to the new world.

(Season 3): According to Netflix's description, "

: "The Series" is a crime thriller, described in Rome. It tells how churches, states, organized crime, local gangs and real estate developers collide and blur the line between law and illegality when seeking power. The core of the story is three young people with different backgrounds, ambitions and passions. They will form an alliance to realize their deepest desires. "

Author: Eric Larson (Erik Larson): I ordered this book from Shakespeare Book Company (Shakespeare and Co.), it is my hope that this year's visit to a Paris bookstore. This is a novel historical treatment of the first year of "Blitzkrieg", and it is also London's reaction to Hitler's provocation during World War II. It focuses on Prime Minister Winston Churchill's response to the crisis ("We will fight in France...we will keep going"), and in the age of the coronavirus, it is now an appropriate feeling to read in a certain way.

Author: Mike Chen: After reading it, I was looking for similar content

. The protagonist of this book is an agent who travels in time and space. He pursues the criminal to the past, is trapped there, and decides to settle with his family. Then a partner of the agent returns to him and takes him back to the future. This book introduces all the interesting time travel plot devices we are familiar with, such as the secret agent hero trying to escape the grandfather's paradox in some way-for example, trying to do nothing to plunder in the past, the new family does not exist, Thanos style.

: Based on interviews with band members and other members, this podcast tracks the history of two unforgettable bands.

: Narrated by actresses Hayley Atwell and Vanessa Kirby, this podcast provides content implied by the title-telling true stories from the lives of real spies. The war on terrorism in the 2000s.

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