This Is What Going To the Movies May Look Like Post-COVID-19

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Among the countless social events we most look forward to, watching movies on the big screen with other people ranks highly. in spite of

Enough to return to the theater, most of us still worry about participating in public events indoors for long periods of time. of

Imagine what it would be like to go to the cinema in a post-pandemic society, recognizing that the new normal should include new seats.

Although Sequel Seats looks like a reactionary design, the concept has been in development for 14 months before the pandemic turned the world upside down. When the theater began to close and operate, the design agency LAYER retained the original design IP; the agency spent time turning to integrated technical solutions to build greater confidence among movie theater audiences.

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– LAYER has been researched in a similar way – The Sequel concept redefines the cinema seat, not only for ergonomic comfort. Each seat includes a wrap-around headrest with an opaque barrier, and an integrated LED displays the seat number and the name of the ticket holder to minimize seat confusion (introducing privacy issues).

The seat itself is designed with a variety of material characteristics to further resist exposure, including 3D weaving with antibacterial copper wire, hydrophobic, and stain-resistant textile fabrics. Between and after each seat, there are built-in UV lamps that can sterilize all objects placed nearby (and between screenings), even in the theater environment before the pandemic, we welcome this Features.

Although security features have clearly taken the priority today, the primary purpose of the Sequel concept is to keep viewers comfortable while watching movies. Comfort and performance play an important role in the design: the personal speakers integrated in the headrest provide immersive audio, similar to the immersive audio provided by the premium movie screening experience.

; Each seat is equipped with an armrest control panel, which can be customized for reclining, lumbar support, seat temperature and call for help. Note how many movie lovers may adapt to the comfort of watching movies in a comfortable home environment, so the Sequel seat can be placed in a fully reclined position and can support the legs forward-although it is comfortable, this option It is not suitable for those who are prone to doo sleep in the movie.

Let's talk about these colors. LAYER described the palette of Sequel Seat as a "mid-century pastel" and cited the tonal tone associated with auteur in Wes Anderson's film, consciously deviating from the "outdated black and burgundy palette of traditional seats" . Calculate that we are cautious and curious; the color combination does seem pleasing, but still need to consider stain resistance to prevent it from becoming visible over time, at the same time the dispersion characteristics of light-colored chairs and the dark soft pedestal that usually disappear when the light is off Chair comparison.

Benjamin Hubert, the founder of LAYER, believes that "Sequel Seats" provides multiple functions that will help to play a key role in "encouraging people to return to the cinema." Whether such safety and comfort are enough to alleviate the fear of COVID-19, we hope to find the answer soon.

LAYER founder Benjamin Hubert (Benjamin Hubert) and his team imagined the future of movies or air travel, they also designed such

LAYER’s Sequel Seat is currently available for licensing, for more details, please visit

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