Training focuses on active shooter scenario

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Arkansas, Texas-Arkansas, Arkansas-On Friday, a conference room at the Texarkana Arkansas Convention Center was filled with participants from different backgrounds sitting in chairs, keeping a distance from most social The chair responded to the three-hour direction to deal with the fire at the scene. Brent Rose, an instructor who focuses on firepower training, drove the students through many storylines and made them understand the feelings and expectations of the shooting scene.

He said: "When you encounter a certain situation, everyone will deal with it differently."

Rose’s life experience led him from a young man in church, a free-spirited music student, to a well-trained police officer. He began wearing badges at the age of 34. He personally experienced some gun situations and shared his experience and observations.

He said: "In the past, law enforcement agencies received training after receiving a shooting call. They can reach the scene, block the cordon, cover their presence and wait for backup, especially the special police." "After Columbine, the situation changed. Patrol personnel are now trained on how to enter, clear buildings, contact and neutralize.

Active shooter. "

Looking back on the past few decades, he sympathized with this fact.

Ross said: "The world is in a state of tension." "Never thought we would get a story about an attack on the U.S. Capitol in a million years. Or that there were only four guards guarding it. But here we are."

He emphasized the chaos, fear and most importantly the rapid development of the incident.

"People react differently to these situations, especially if they are not trained," he said. "Since 2000, there have been 277 shooting incidents in the United States, and 28 in 2019."

He listed the various places where these shooting incidents took place, and then went to the next place, which is the fact that the shooting scene was overburdened by the senses.

Ross said: "Once it happens, you will make noises and people begging for help." "Everything you see, hear, smell, feel, and even taste will be in the process of experiencing the scene. There will be guns, gunshots, shells, people running, people hiding, shooters taking innocent lives. Your senses will be overloaded. You will process a lot of information immediately, and you may experience panic, Pressure is even phenomena such as tunnel vision.

"Training will help you prepare."

In addition to gun training and conditioning, he also recommends using laser tags and paintball.

Ross said: "Believe it or not, this can teach you to start thinking tactically and immediately process a lot of information, which is essential for survival in one of these situations."

Representatives from LawShield of the United States also arrived, the company providing legal assistance for shooting activities related to self-defense.

(For more information about its training services, please visit "Concentrated Fire Training" on Facebook.)

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