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Dr. Cruz-Flores said: “This program is not a typical type of training you participate in how to become a leader. It is a plan for reflection, introspection, and observation of your values.” “You did participate in some lectures or lectures, but a couple One meeting is the key."

Salvador Cruz-Flores, MD, MPH, Professor and Chair of the El Paso Department of Neurology, TTUHSC, is part of the 2020 Diversity Leadership Program of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Institute .

The training begins in early 2020 and aims to provide the necessary skills and expertise to enrich the careers of future and current leaders in the neurology field. Only neuroscientists from underrepresented groups who must complete residency and obtain a teaching position or complete a fellowship are eligible to participate in the program.

"By completing the Diversity Leadership Program, Dr. Cruz-Flores participated in customized courses and one-on-one coaching courses to help establish goals, formulate action plans, and strategically evaluate personal goals and next steps, thereby enhancing leadership. "AAN President FAAN MD James C. Stevens in a letter.

"In the course of this intensive, months-long project, Dr. Cruz-Flores has extensively researched and honed the ways he can best lead with confidence and sincerity, advocate for change, and empower others to do so."

Dr. Cruz-Flores proudly represents TTUHSC El Paso. He said he enjoyed the discussions and one-on-one guidance provided by AAN. As a department leader, he initially believed that the plan was tailored only for future leaders, but even the current chairman, he also benefited from the plan.

Most importantly, Dr. Cruz Flores hopes to apply what he has learned to TTUHSC El Paso and Texas Technologists in El Paso, Texas to help influence other healthcare heroes to become leaders.

Dr. Cruz-Flores said: “This is an important development plan for people of different races and races.” “I plan to bring training back to campus and become a minority or different group better. Role models for others in China. When they see someone like themselves in leadership positions, it becomes easier to envision the same future for their careers."

TTUHSC El Paso is one of only two health science centers designated as a Title V Hispanic service organization, and the only health science center on the US-Mexico border, preparing for the next generation of healthcare heroes, 48% of whom are students Is determined to be Hispanic. The university serves 108 counties in West Texas that have historically been underserved and under-researched.

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