UEC Theatres reopening Friday

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UEC Theater announced that in addition to the three theaters that successfully reopened in June, 13 theaters, including one in Cambridge, will be open on Friday.

Mike Ross, President and CEO of United Entertainment Corp., said: "Our employees and general managers are very happy to bring entertainment and fun to the communities we serve. The vast majority of movie fans All have given support. Of course, our greatest concern is the safety of our employees and guests, and we believe that the best practices developed in the past few months and the guidance of CDC and NATO (National Association of Theater Owners) help ensure this ."

Depending on the market, guests can immediately enjoy new movies, and up to two new movies can be shown on Friday. New books will be priced at the normal admission price. Classic movie tickets and catalog movie tickets titled "Jurassic Park", "Troll World Tour" or "Ghostbusters" will be displayed on all seats at UEC Bargaining Tuesday, usually $5 to $5.50 .

Expected upcoming release:

August 21

"Not hinged", "writing on the bathroom wall", "pirated"

August 28

"The New Mutant", "Bill and Ted Face Music", "The Personal History of David Copperfield"

September 3 


September 11


September 18 

"The King's Man"

To get the full title and show time information, fans should check their theater's webpage on uecmovies.com.

Clean and safe

UEC stated that its goal is to ensure the safety of guests and employees. Here are some examples of what the theater is doing:

• According to state requirements, auditorium seats have been reduced to 50% or less. Reserved seats will be temporarily closed. Families may sit together, and people watching movies should keep a proper distance from other people. Please be respectful and polite.

• Screening time will be allocated more to reduce congestion in the hall and have time to clean the auditorium. Social evacuation reminders will be placed in the lobby.

• UEC relies on CDC guidelines and information and products provided by its chemical cleaning partners to improve daily disinfection levels. The company has strengthened its theater cleaning services. In addition, disinfection supplies are located near workstations and counters so that employees can clean those and other contact surfaces as much as possible, such as ticket booths, buttons, handrails and faucets.

• Employees will be required to wear masks.

• Guests will be required to wear masks in the lobby, toilets and corridors, and may take them off the auditorium while eating and drinking.

• Maximize the availability of hand sanitizer in the theater.

•Management screens employees every day before shifts.

• It is recommended that people who are uncomfortable stay at home to prevent the spread of bacteria. 

The company will continue to monitor the situation closely and take necessary measures to protect guests and employees.

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