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This is the live broadcast:

The briefing was originally scheduled for 11 a.m.

Initially set to 11:30, but then officially changed to noon.

Governor Jim Justice postponed the briefing until 11:30 am

This is live

The briefing was originally scheduled to be held at 11 a.m., but it was postponed for another half an hour.

More than 280 prisoners and staff at the Stevens Correctional Center have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Governor Jim Justice announced on Monday that recent tests showed that 254 inmate cases and 28 in-service personnel cases were related to the recent outbreak.

The facility is locked.

There are 7 serving inmates and 24 serving faculty in other correctional facilities in West Virginia.

The Beckley DMV regional office only makes appointments when certain employees are quarantined after they may be exposed to the coronavirus.

Anyone who needs immediate service can trade online or at a local DMV kiosk. DMV has kiosks at Beckley Crossing Kroger and Sheetz on North Eisenhower Avenue.

Customers who have dealerships or personally owned works, renew their vehicle registration certificates or return their license plates can use the drop box outside the regional office.

DMV also has regional offices in Princeton, Charleston, Somersville, Logan and Welch.

Due to the coronavirus, all courts in Boone County will be closed indefinitely.

The state Supreme Court closed Monday.

The Boone County Magistrate will be on standby, while the County Family and Circuit Court will proceed with the lawsuit via telephone or virtual means. The Boone Tour Clerk’s Office is open by appointment only.

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This is live

The live broadcast is here:

This is live

US Senators Joe Manchin (Dev.Va.) and Shelley Moore Capito (Shelley Moore Capito), West Virginia (R.Va.) announced on Monday that they will provide more than 1.2 million Funds in US dollars are used to pay for 75% of the coronavirus tests for nursing home staff and residents.

Governor Jim Justice ordered the test in April, and the test runs from April to July. The State Department of Public Health provided 16,274 targeted medical examinations to 123 facilities in West Virginia.

FEMA is providing funding to the state health agency.

If high school graduates graduating this year take the ACT or SAT test before December 31, they are still eligible for the Promise scholarship.

On Monday, the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Committee voted to provide students with more flexibility, because due to the coronavirus pandemic, the opportunity for standardized testing remains unclear.

Students who belong to the 2021 grade can qualify for the scholarship by taking the exam before August 31, 2021.

The committee suspended the GPA requirements earlier this year, which will update the commitment scholarships, higher education grants, Underwood-Smith Teaching Scholars Program and Engineering, Science and Technology Scholarships, and the requirements will continue until 2020-2021 school year.

The conditions for applying for scholarships have not changed.

The European Commission also voted on Monday to cancel the university evaluation criteria for the Underwood-Smith Teaching Scholars Program.

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Live here:

Due to the coronavirus and related contact tracing, the Marshall University men’s basketball team has suspended activities.

Due to the coronavirus and contact tracing, the team stopped exercising last week.

If no other tests return positive, the practice will resume on October 20.

The basketball team is scheduled to start the new season in Eastern Kentucky on November 10.

Fairmont State University (Fairmont State University) announced on Monday that this year's winter school will actually start.

University President Mirta Martin said that moving activities online can keep students and families safe from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

She said: "I am proud of each of our Falcon graduates, and I am ashamed of being part of such a meaningful occasion,"

The graduation ceremony is scheduled for November 22.

Students should receive an email about the ceremony near the date.

The Office of the Secretary of State of West Virginia and Anheuser-Busch (Anheuser-Busch) on Tuesday will announce another action aimed at ensuring the safety of voting locations.

Anheuser Busch

Announcing the donation of 43,000 ounces of hand sanitizer for use in voting locations across the state.

Tuesday’s announcement involved a beverage distributor company, which will use its Clarksburg office as a drop-off location for pallets.

The early voting period is from October 21 to October 31. The election day is November 3.

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This is his live broadcast:

The trustees of West Virginia Wesleyan College voted Friday to conduct face-to-face guidance in the spring.

The decision of the board of directors is made with input from campus community and public health officials.

"In the coming weeks, the college will launch a spring academic calendar and a comprehensive campus safety plan to ensure a successful and healthy return to campus," said principal Joel Thierstein. "We missed the event for international students on campus this fall. We welcome the opportunity to bring students back to Bakkennon in a safe and responsible manner."

Fearing the spread of the coronavirus, the committee voted in August to complete the virtual course for the fall semester.

Officials at Fairmont State University said that 14 students tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday, and another 18 students recovered from the infection.

The COVID Working Group and the COVID Student Liaison Office are monitoring all 14 students. As in previous cases, university officials continue to work closely with the Marion County Health Department to complete investigations and contact tracking.

Fairmont State University has begun to conduct systematic tests on all students, faculty and staff who start classes, attend classes or visit the university’s campus on August 5. The test continues until September 3.

On campus, the number of seats has been reduced, job opportunities for self-service food are now provided by employees, and the cleaning of frequently used areas has been increased.

Currently, students are taking classes in person and/or through synchronized live classes.

The positive COVID-19 case of a student related to Roane County High School forced the cancellation of extracurricular activities related to the school that weekend, including the Roane County and North Marion football match.

The high school students were sent home early on Friday to clean the bus before the junior and elementary school students were taken home.

Clay-Battelle High School in Monongalia County was forced to cancel its Friday night match against Calhoun County due to the coronavirus.

The Monongalia County Health Bureau issued the following statement:

"In cooperation with the Monongalia County Health Department, the Monongalia County School has confirmed a positive COVID-19 case in Clay-Battelle. When we conduct proper contact tracing, all areas within the school will be disinfected on Saturday, October 3, 2020 The Clay-Battelle football match has been cancelled on Friday, October 2, 2020. Extracurricular activities on weekends can be conducted using only external facilities."

The Marion County Veterans Committee announced that the 2020 Veterans Day parade has been cancelled. Officials issued the following statement online on Friday:

"After talking with city/county officials, the parade coordinator and the Marion County Veterans Committee, the decision was made last night to cancel the Veterans Day parade. The Fairmont Lions Club has also decided to cancel the Christmas parade. Hope 2021 It will be better for all of us."

This is the live broadcast:

This is the live broadcast:


Live here

The Democratic nominee for governor, Bal Salango, was at a press conference at 9:30 a.m. describing how he would respond to the covid-19 pandemic in West Virginia.

The Salango briefing may continue to air

Then at 11 p.m., the current Republican Governor Jim Justice was giving a briefing to describe how West Virginia calculates possible changes in the case.

Prior to this, the justices held a 5 pm meeting with advisers on Monday.

This is the live broadcast of justice:

There is also a state school board meeting, starting at 11 am

This is a live broadcast of the State School Board



Governor Jim Justice and state officials will hold their Wednesday coronavirus briefing at 12:30 pm on Wednesday

The briefing will be streamed on the governor's YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages. MetroNews will share newsletters on this page.

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has postponed its tire collection activities until further notice.

Activities hosted by the department’s "Remediation of the Environment Action Plan" give residents the opportunity to properly dispose of tires.

The department urges people to contact local tire shops or landfills to learn about disposal methods. County recycling programs and solid waste management departments may also accept tires.

Due to the coronavirus, this year's Oglebayfest has been cancelled.

Organizers announced the decision on Tuesday, citing the coronavirus pandemic and related health issues.

The autumn foliage weekend is still scheduled for October 2 to 4. The organizer said that this event will include "all kinds of autumn activities that are distant from society."

After several time changes, the governor plans to brief the state's coronavirus response at 12:30 pm.

Prior to this, a 10:30 am rally will be held to support those on the non-stop high school sports schedule.

The rally came after a map released on Saturday night, which showed Monroe County as "red," which means complete discontinuation, while Cannavaha, Logan and Fayette counties are in the "orange" category, which means The team can practice but cannot participate in the competition. Due to specified reasons, there will be no more opening games of high school football.

This Friday is the beginning of the high school football season. Other sports will also be affected by the name of the map.

The description of the rally said: “Call all student athletes, families, coaches, teachers!!! We need to let our voices be heard and stand up for our athletes. Let us protest peacefully in the State Capitol.”

The rally was originally scheduled for noon, but then it was part of a series of time changes.

Governor Jim Justice was supposed to give his Monday briefing at 1 p.m. an hour after the planned rally. The judge’s office announced late on Sunday that the briefing was held at 9:30 am and then changed to 12:30 pm

It's 10:30

The Coronavirus Response Coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Deborah Birx, is scheduled to meet with West Virginia officials this morning.

Later, some congressional delegations from West Virginia will participate in Governor Jim Giff’s regular briefing on the state’s coronavirus response. Senators include Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito and Congressman Alex Mooney.

The briefing will be scheduled at 1 pm

Governor Jim Justice plans to hold a briefing on the coronavirus response at 12:30 this afternoon. This is the first time he has issued a number-driven guide to whether the school system can return safely this fall.

After the governor first explained how the guidelines work, many questions are still spinning.

At the same time, the House Education Committee held an information conference after school, and a coronavirus response occurred at 1:00 this afternoon. It is expected that delegates will ask various questions they have heard in the community.

Governor Jim Justice slightly postponed a coronavirus notification today, saying it would be noon. Initially set to half an hour.

Now ~ noon

This is the live broadcast:

An employee in Mingo County tested positive for the coronavirus.

The State Department of Health and Human Resources told MetroNews that this person worked for the Mingo County Child Support Executive.

The employee had no symptoms at the time and was still practicing coronavirus procedures.

The office has been closed for deep cleaning and employees will work from home until further notice.

Mingo County Health Department will follow up contact persons when necessary.

The Department of Health of the Central Ohio Valley announced Thursday that there were coronavirus-related deaths in Pleasantz County

The health department pointed out that the death was the first pandemic-related death in the county. It does not reflect the current figures in the National Ministry of Health and Human Resources.

A Kanawaha County Hospital designated to handle a large number of positive coronavirus cases has accepted the first patient.

Governor Jim Justice announced Monday that if the number of cases increases sharply, St. Francis Hospital in Charleston will be used.

The two floors of St. Francis Hospital were reconfigured in April to serve up to 75 coronavirus patients.

St. Francis Hospital does not accept visitors. The organization's parent community, Thomas Health Systems, provides employees with iPads to enable virtual patient visits.

Governor Jim Justice plans to make two consecutive briefings on the state's coronavirus response.

The first one is 10 o'clock in the morning, which is the "Evaluation of the Impact of the Pandemic." The Justice Department said he will appear in court with officials from the state taxation bureau.

The second time is 11 o'clock in the morning, which is the Justice's regular coronavirus repair update.

This is the live broadcast of the covid briefing:

Democratic governor candidates plan to give a briefing at 10 this morning.

Governor Jim Justice plans to update his coronavirus response regularly at 10:30am

This is the governor's bulletin

This is live

This is the flow

Governor Jim Justice and state health officials will provide updates on the coronavirus pandemic at 12:30 noon on Wednesday.

The press conference can be viewed above.

WVU Medicine requires all adult patients to attend clinic appointments individually to minimize the number of people entering the facility.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the health care system also requires patients to arrive no more than 15 minutes before the appointment. Patients over two years of age must also wear a face mask.

WVU Medicine Berkeley Medical Center, Jefferson Medical Center and university healthcare physicians will maintain a no-visitor policy.

Due to the recent increase in coronavirus cases, the two Beckley hospitals do not allow most visitors to start on Wednesday.

Raleigh General Hospital and Beckley Appalachian Regional Health Hospital will restrict access to guests.

Raleigh General Hospital will allow one adult patient to be an obstetrics and gynecology and pediatric patient. Patients receiving end-of-life care will also be allowed to receive guests.

Beckley Appalachian Regional Health Hospital will allow two guests to receive hospice care. Pediatric patients may have adults. Guests with a fever of more than 100 degrees are not allowed to visit.

Except for one county, all counties reported a decline in the unemployment rate in June.

According to data from WorkForce West Virginia, the statewide unemployment rate fell to 10.4% last month. Pendleton County reported the lowest rate at 6.5%, followed by Hampshire County (7%) and Dodridge County (7.1%).

Mingo County has the highest unemployment rate at 18.4%.

McDowell County was the only county where the unemployment rate rose in June. The ratio is 14.2%.

The total number of confirmed coronaviruses in West Virginia is close to 5,200.

The State Department of Health and Human Resources announced on Tuesday night that the state has identified 5,199 cases, of which 1,552 cases are still in progress.

The Department of Health announced earlier that day that 101 West Virginians had died as a result of the pandemic: a 67-year-old woman from Carbell County.

The daily positive rate of cases was 1.77%, and the cumulative rate was 2.16%.

The department also updated the number of confirmed and probable cases in each county: Barber (26/0), Berkeley (550/19), Boone (59/0), Braxton (7/0), Brook (39) /1), Cabell (220/7), Calhoun (5/0), Clay (17/0), Fayette (101/0), Gilmer (13/0)​​, Grant (25/1), Greenbrier ( 80/0), Hampshire (51/0), Hancock (64/4), Hardy (49/1), Harrison (142/1), Jackson (150/0), Jefferson (269/ 5), Cannavaha (539/12), Lewis (24/1), Lincoln (30/0), Logan (49/0), Marion (138/4), Marshall (83/1), Mason (32/0), McDowell (11/0), Mercer (74) / 0), Minerals (76/2), Mingo (62/2), Mononglia (751/15), Gate Luo (16/1), Morgan (21/1), Nicholas (22/1), Ohio (181/0), Pendleton (19/1), Pleasant (5/1), Pocahontas ( 39/1), Preston (92/22), Putnam (116/1), Raleigh (108/3), Randolph (200/2)), Rich (3/0), Luo En (12/0), Summers (2/0), Taylor (30/1), Tucker (7/0), Taylor (10/0), Upshur (31/2), Wayne (160/ 2) Webster (2/0), Wetzel (41/0), Werther (6/0), Wood (204/10) and Wyoming (11/0).

This is a live broadcast of the governor's profile

Governor Jim Justice and state officials will hold a coronavirus briefing at 11:30 am on Friday

The newsletter can be viewed below.

The West Virginia Environmental Protection Agency cancelled this year's cleanup of the Great Kanawaha River due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The event is usually held on the first Saturday in September.

According to the department's data, more than 130 volunteers spent 290 hours cleaning up the river, including 3.5 tons of garbage and 361 tires.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, West Virginia University is relaxing its standard testing requirements.

If the policy takes effect on August 1, but their GPA shows academic ability, SAT or ACT applicants who are still unable to enroll can still be admitted.

The agency's executive director of admissions and recruitment, George Zimmerman (George Zimmerman) said: "We found that GPA can better predict university success and reflect the overall academic performance of students."

Certain scholarships and individual courses may still require test scores, including PROMISE scholarships.

At least 24 coronavirus cases can be traced back to Charleston Church.

The Kanawha-Charleston Health Department announced on Wednesday that an outbreak occurred in the North Charleston Apostolic Church, affecting 19 residents of Kanawha County, 4 residents of Putnam County and residents of Logan County.

The health officer and executive director of the health department, Dr. Sherri Young, said people need to be careful when participating in religious activities.

She said: “Please consider participating in the service electronically, especially if you are at a high risk of complications due to COVID-19.” “If you are going to participate in the on-site service, please wear a mask and keep it between other pollutants. Keep a distance of six feet and wash your hands often."

The leadership of the North Charleston Apostolic Church has agreed to close the church for three weeks for deep cleansing.

Students at Glenville State University must be tested for coronavirus before arriving on campus during the fall semester.

Institutional officials announced on Wednesday that students must obtain test results a week before returning to campus, and the results should be sent to the university by the medical institution that administers the test.

Students who return from the orientation or approach activity will be tested again on campus.

Individuals who arrive on campus without prior testing information will have to undergo antigen testing twice within 48 hours.

The unemployment rate in West Virginia fell to 10.4% in June, a drop of more than two percentage points from the May report.

WorkForce in West Virginia noted that the number of unemployed increased by 41,700 in one year.

The national unemployment rate in the United States is 11.1%.

According to data from WorkForce West Virginia, the unemployment rate in May was 12.9%.


The Health and Human Resources Committee described the

Bill Crouch (Bill Crouch) and Clay Marsh (Clay Marsh) 10 am. Flow here:

Governor Jim Justice will brief on the coronavirus at 12:30 pm on Friday

This is a live broadcast of the covid briefing

This is the governor's first notification since the state health officer Cathy Slemp was forced to resign.

The justice also stated that he plans to develop a fiscal plan involving $1.25 billion in federal relief.

The briefing was initially scheduled at 1:00 pm and then postponed to 2:30 pm


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the fall semester of the University of Charleston will begin to change on August 24.

The course will last until November 21, and students will have a Thanksgiving holiday. Courses on the Charleston campus will continue online until December 4, and students on the Beckley campus will participate in online teaching as needed. The winter vacation will begin on December 12, and the spring semester is scheduled to begin on January 11.

The staff will return to campus in early August, and the arrival of students will be stagnant. Employees, faculty and students must complete health and safety practice training before arriving on campus. International students may need to self-check for 14 days.

People will be required to wear masks in classrooms and public places. No visit is allowed without prior approval. Employees and students will have to participate in daily health assessments.

West Virginia University released more details about students interested in seeking federal financial relief during the summer semester.

Colleges and universities across the country received money from the federal government earlier this year to provide students with money lost due to canceled courses.

Students must be eligible for the fourth type of subsidy, cannot specifically participate in online courses before the suspension, and must attend at least half of the time in summer for consideration.

Students should also check whether their student name, ID and MIX email match the information in the STAR account.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Fairmont State University has cancelled its August graduation ceremony.

The agency noted on Monday that current restrictions limit the number of people at gatherings to 100 people.

"This decision is not easy. I want you to know that I am sorry to have to give you this news. The beginning of school is one of my favorite times of the school year," said President Mirta Martin. "Every year, I look forward to standing in front of new graduates and celebrating this important milestone in their lives because they have transitioned from being a student of this great university to becoming the newest alumni."

The university stated that graduates of the spring semester will be invited to attend the opening ceremony of the winter semester to be held from November 21 to 22.

Glenville State University will open campus courses in the fall semester on August 17.

Students will move to campus in phases, and the agency said on Thursday that the campus may include screening and testing for the coronavirus.

After the Thanksgiving break on November 21, there will be no autumn holidays and students will not return to campus. Instead, a week of virtual teaching will begin on November 30, and then the online exam will begin on December 7.

All foreign trips were cancelled during the fall semester.

The West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles will open three more offices next week.

Spencer, Lewisburg and Moore regional offices will begin accepting appointments on Monday to conduct driver license knowledge tests, driver license and ID transactions, and new titles and license plates.

You can make an appointment here

Or call 304-558-3938.

Governor Jim Justice scaled back the schedule of daily briefings on the coronavirus. The schedule for this week is Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday-Thursday, right? -Briefing at 12:30

Beckley VA Medical Center will expand its existing services from June 15.

The facility is implementing a "phased approach" to reintroduce services to ensure that people can be protected from the coronavirus.

Director Desmond McMullan said: “When we consider how to provide healthcare services and procedures during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the safety of veterans and staff is a top priority.”

"As we gradually reintroduce healthcare services, Virginia will take into account the guidance of various agencies including federal, state, and local governments. As a high-reliability organization, safety is always paramount and will continue to guide Our decision."

It was originally scheduled to be 11 o'clock in the morning, but later moved to noon.

The third student athlete from Marshall University tested positive for the coronavirus.

The agency announced on Wednesday that the case had nothing to do with the three cases announced on Monday, in which two positive laboratory results involved other athletes.

Every student has no symptoms.

Marshall University pointed out in a statement that the test results of the other two student athletes are waiting.

The statewide total number of deaths related to the coronavirus pandemic remains 78 in West Virginia.

The State Department of Health and Human Resources stated in a two-day report on Wednesday night that 104,333 laboratory tests had been received, of which 2,077 were positive.

The statewide daily positive test rate was 1.44%, while the cumulative rate was 1.99%.

The department also released the latest statistics on confirmed and probable cases in each county: Barber (8/0), Berkeley (315/11), Boone (9/0), Braxton (2/0) ), Brook (4/1), Cabell (65/2), Calhoun (2/0), Clay (6/0), Fayette (52/0), Gilmer (10/0), Grant (11/1) , Greenbrier (9/0), Hampshire (31/0), Hancock (17/2), Hardy (39/0), Harrison (39/1), Jackson (137/0), Jefferson (194/5), Kanawa (228/2), Lewis (9/0), Lincoln (5/0), Logan (19/0), Marion (50/1), Marshall (30/0) ), Mason (15/0), McDowell (6/0), Mercer (13/0)​​, Minerals (45/2), Mingo (6/2), Mononglia (124/11 ), Monroe (7/1), Morgan (18/1), Nicholas (9/0), Ohio (47/0), Pendleton (11/2), Pleasant (3/1), in the wind Pocahontas (20/1), Preston (19/5), Putnam (37/1), Raleigh (16/1), Randolph (132/0), Rich (1/0) , Ron (9/0), Summers (1/0), Taylor (8/1), Tucker (4/0), Taylor (3/0), Apshu (6/1)), Wayne (102/0), Wet Pepper (9/0), Werther (4/0), Wood (50/3) and Wyoming (2/0).

The West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office has handed over the absentee ballot fraud scheme to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

These allegations were first submitted to the West Virginia Election Fraud Task Force.

"Our main strategy is to prevent and prevent election fraud. I prefer to comply with the law rather than criminal convictions." "But those who try to interfere with our elections will be held accountable. This is the case with the charges filed with American lawyers today. ."

The Secretary of State’s Office cited state law for lack of information about the investigation.

The county mails information about absentee voting to every registered voter in the state.

Visits to the National Cemetery will be open throughout the Memorial Day weekend, but during the veterans coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has established regulations on appropriate practices.

Flags and flowers can be placed in the cemetery. Public activities have been cancelled, including "any group placing and recovering grave signs on a large scale."

Cemetery staff will hold a wreath ceremony and share pictures on social media.

West Virginia National Cemetery is located in Grafton.

Virginia Senator Joe Manchin said on Thursday that the department should reconsider the policy.

He said: "The placement of wreaths and flags is a solemn personal gesture that can be adapted by using health and safety guidelines."

The Unified Bar Examination is still scheduled to be held on July 28 and July 29.

The West Virginia Law Examination Officer said Thursday that it has been working with public officials and medical leaders to develop agreements to ensure that the examination can be conducted safely.

The agreement includes asking applicants, administrators and supervisors questions and checking the temperature before entering the exam site. Anyone whose temperature is equal to or higher than 100.4 degrees is not allowed to take the exam.

Out-of-state applicants must be isolated for 14 days before inspection.

Only one applicant will sit at a table, and applicants must maintain a distance of six feet when entering and exiting the test site. A mask must be worn at all times.

Monongahela National Forest Park will open some developed entertainment venues on Thursday.

The areas that people are allowed to enter include the Allegheny Camp day use area; the Cheating Summit Fortress day use area; the Bickle knob observation tower; the Stewart Recreation Area, except for group camps; the highland scenic area highway overlook; the Williams River fishing pier; Olsen Observation Observation Tower; Big Bend Camp; Cranberry Forest Trail; Waterfalls on the Hills Creek Trail; Peak Lake Day Use Area (except for the campground); Seneca Rock Picnic Area and Trail; Seneca Shadow Camp and Spruce Knob Lake Camp.

Groups of more than 10 people are not allowed.

Forest Supervisor Shawn Cochran said: “Although we know that returning to these recreational areas may be a bit exciting, services or space may be limited.” “We ask tourists to apply wherever they choose to visit. Continue to comply with local, state and federal guidelines on maintaining safety and maintaining good hygiene and staying away from social interactions."

The Horseshoe Recreation Area in Parsons will open on Friday.

Due to the epidemic and people's concerns about large gatherings, this year's Shanzhou Craft Fair has been cancelled.

The chairman of the board of directors Jean Smith (Jean Smith) said: "Our decision to postpone the decision cannot be taken lightly." "We contacted exhibitors and sponsors for their opinions."

The music festival has been held in Cedar Lake since 1963.

Next year's event will be held from July 1, 2021 to July 4, 2021.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons reported on Thursday that a staff member at the McDowell County Federal Prison (FCI McDowell) has tested positive for COVID-19.

BOP still lists five prisoners of the virus in Gilmer County Jail.

Two weeks ago, after the facility was designated as a quarantine facility for new prisoners entering the federal system, more than 120 prisoners were transferred to FCI Gilmer's top positions.

The Pittsburgh Regional Corps of Engineers said that in accordance with state guidelines, the Corps facilities on two lakes in West Virginia will be open on Memorial Day weekend for the 2020 leisure season.

During the pandemic, the boat sewers in Tyler County’s Tigert Lake and Lewis County’s Stonewall Jackson Lake remained open. The Corps said parking lots and picnic areas will be open on holiday weekends, but due to state guidelines, playgrounds, visitor centers and beaches may remain closed.

The Corps encourages residents to call ahead to see what facilities are open.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the University of Charleston will hold a summer welcome party online just in case.

Summer orientation, consultation and registration activities will enable students to arrange classes, meet with tutors, meet classmates and learn about accommodation and meal plans. The activity will last from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. The selected video session takes at least five minutes.

The program is free for enrolled first-year and transfer students.

The orientation will be held on May 23, June 24 and July 18.

Testing continued at the Pilgrim Pride factory in Hardy County on Tuesday, and various organizations have tested more than 160 employees.

The West Virginia National Guard is leading the work and transferring the tests to three laboratories in the state.

As the testing period approached, several meat factories reported that employees were positive for the coronavirus.

About 850 people work at the Moorefield factory.

Haha 4:30 your cunning dog

Marshall University said on Wednesday that it plans to hold its spring opening ceremony in Huntington on August 8.

"We very much hope that the pandemic situation in the late summer will enable the university to make progress before the start of school on August 8," said Dr. Sonja Cantrell-Johnson, Marshall's registrar. Said in the press release. "The 2020 course is one of the most flexible courses in our university history. We hope to pay tribute to them through the traditional opening ceremony."

The original start date was May 2, but it was postponed due to COVID-19.

Marshall hopes to host the August event at the Mountain Health Arena in downtown Huntington. Organizers said that if there are still concerns about social distancing, they will move the ceremony outside.

The specific location will be announced early this summer.

Concord University will hold the 2020 virtual graduation ceremony this Saturday.

The ceremony will be held at 10 am and 2 pm, and students will be divided by university and course.

The morning ceremony will honor graduates of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Health; candidates for interdisciplinary studies; and those who have received a Bachelor of Arts in Regent.

The afternoon ceremony will be composed of graduates of the School of Professional Studies; Department of Business and Entertainment and Tourism Management; Department of Communication Arts and Media; Department of Education; and Department of Social Work and Sociology.

The ceremony will be streamed on the YouTube and Facebook pages of Concord University and the institution's website.

Harrison County has received approximately $58,000 from the U.S. Department of Justice to address the coronavirus pandemic.

US lawyer Bill Powell announced the news about the grant on Tuesday.

The Harrison County Council is the recipient of the grant. This money can be used to hire personnel, pay for overtime, purchase protective equipment and allocate resources to disaster-stricken areas.

The money comes from the federal economic stimulus plan, which became law in March.

The flow is here:

Due to the health pandemic, the Marshall University camp has been cancelled until June.

Including the Governor’s Honors College (June 14 to July 13); iCanShine Bike Training Camp (June 1 to June 5); Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science Summer Camp (June 15 to June 19) ); Computer Science AZ Student Summer Camp (June 22 to June 26); School of Journalism and Mass Communication High School News Workshop (June 22 to June 25); and all by the Marshall University Recreation Center and Marshall Games Sponsored camp.

Marshall Athletic will refund its camp through payment; credit card payments will be refunded and processed. The processing process may take up to four weeks.

The recreation center is reviewing its July and August camps.

Information about future refugee camps will be released later.

Fairmont State University will host all summer courses online or through other digital means.

The summer semester will run from May 18th to August 6th and will provide more than 160 courses for undergraduates and graduate students.

"As we continue to experience the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, for students hoping to earn a college degree, or for current students to catch up or make progress, our current summer semester is more ideal than ever. In the course, "Provost Richard Harvey (Richard Harvey) said.

The office of Governor Jim Justice issued a statement on Tuesday night


Before the possible reopening date.

If the state can maintain the positive detection rate of the coronavirus below 3%, the new guidelines will take effect as early as Monday. On Monday and Tuesday, interest rates in West Virginia are below 3%.

The code requires entities to keep sick employees, volunteers, and guests at home, and always maintain a six-foot height between people. Wash hands frequently between service staff and customers, and clean and disinfect the area.

Professional service businesses such as hair salons and pet grooming businesses will reopen in the next phase of the reopening plan.

The University of Charleston will hold a virtual graduation ceremony this Saturday to honor graduates.

The Saturday ceremony is scheduled to be held at 10 am. Approximately 700 students graduated from this institution this semester.

Students who are about to graduate will also be allowed to attend the university’s December graduation ceremony.

Agency President Martin Roth said on Tuesday: "We all look forward to this day, when students will take to the stage, receive generous diplomas, listen to the cheers of family and friends, and celebrate this important milestone. "We promise to keep it special. Although this is not the ceremony we all expected, we will still celebrate the graduation of the University of California."

US Senator Shelley Moore Capito (Shelley Moore Capito) will deliver the opening speech. Kelsey Matusic, outstanding senior student of the year, and Glenn Schiotis, outstanding graduate/professional student, will also deliver speeches.

The West Virginia American Water Company requires owners and operators of large buildings to take proactive measures when they reopen during the coronavirus pandemic, including flushing standing water in facility pipes.

Long periods of inactivity may have a negative impact on water quality and increase the risk of lead leaching and legionella growth.

The toilet should be flushed at least twice, and the shower and faucet should run at full speed for at least two minutes. Other equipment should be flushed until the smell of chlorine is visibly smelled.

Other measures include regulating the temperature of hot water and maintaining plumbing and heating/cooling systems.

Fairmont State University will refund students 40% of their spring semester fees, which includes campus rental and meal plans.

University officials said Tuesday that the funds will be allocated on May 13. The university recommends that students check their student accounts to make sure their mailing address is correct before May 1.

Affected students will not need to apply for a refund.

The head of the Wellington-Charleston Diocese will bless medical workers and key employees later this week.

Bishop Mark Brennan will conduct prayer services and blessings at Wheeling’s Wheeling Hospital at 2:45 pm on Thursday, and will start at 2:30 pm on Friday at the Risbek Food Market in Wheeling. Prayer and blessing.

The diocese said in a statement: “As believers in West Virginia, it’s time for us to stop and pray.” “Our community is now more dependent on our healthcare professionals and loyalists than ever before. Employees, these employees are now considered vital, including our grocers."

Each service will be performed externally, so participants can maintain a safe social distance. All participants should wear masks. The diocese will stream the event on its Facebook page.

Live here

Due to the coronavirus, an introduction meeting for new students from Marshall University will be held online.

The university announced the change on Monday. The entry requirements for freshman and transfer students will retain the original date.

"Students can look forward to an exciting and engaging online experience that includes group meetings, live Q&A, university academic meetings with deans and academic advisors, student life and housing information, other resource information, and one-on-one contacts with the following members The opportunity the agency said in a press release.

Students who have not registered can visit

. Online admissions seminars remain open in June, July and August. They need to pay a deposit of $100 or get a registration deposit exemption.

Fairmont State University is canceling the most standard entrance exam requirements for graduate degree programs in the fall of 2020.

Due to the continued epidemic of the coronavirus, the university cancelled its requirements for this semester.

Susan Ross, director of graduate research at the institution, said: “When reviewing applicants, our graduate programs have established standards to measure various characteristics, so as to provide graduate students with different strengths and talents. Course admission."

"By abolishing entrance exam requirements, now a wider variety of students will receive an affordable advanced education degree or certificate, which will push them to achieve personal and professional goals."

If their financial situation changes, the university will also cooperate with students individually on financial aid.

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals issued an interim order on Friday to allow judges to hear various cases as long as the hearing is conducted by telephone or video conference.

The order encourages judges to evaluate pending civil cases with a hearing date of less than six months, and allows judges to consider fully submitted motions. Discoveries in civil cases can also continue.

Unless the person providing medical services or the emergency personnel involved in the treatment of the coronavirus, deposits can be made remotely.

Marshall University plans to hold a six-day virtual celebration starting April 27 to commemorate the graduates of this semester.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the agency postponed the start of the exercise on May 2.

The celebration will include sharing graduates’ work on social media from April 27 to May 2. University leaders will also send congratulatory speeches.

The university still plans to hold a formal graduation ceremony for spring graduates under safe conditions.

This is the link to the live broadcast:

The Marshall University Budget Committee is discussing how to deal with the estimated financial losses.

President Jerome Gilbert (Jerome Gilbert) said that this possibility comes from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"Our core operating budget is largely determined by tuition income, and lower enrollment rates mean less money. It's that simple," he said.

"Most higher education surveys predict that the number of new students enrolled in the country will decrease by 10-15% next year. We must address this possibility. Students and their families seem to be full of uncertainties about whether they will be on campus next fall. There are big doubts."

Gilbert also cut his salary by 15%; senior vice president of academic affairs Jamie Taylor cut his salary by 10%.

This is the live link:

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals expanded judicial emergencies related to the coronavirus pandemic and the ability of officials to resolve issues via telephone or video conference.

The emergency order was originally scheduled to expire on May 1, and is currently valid until May 15.

The suspension of jury trials and grand jury proceedings still exists. Uncontested adoption procedures can be held, and circuit court judges, family court judges and justices of the peace can conduct telephone or video procedures without the consent of the court in an emergency.

Judges and magistrates can also impose deadlines related to non-emergency hearings and proceedings via telephone or video.

Unless significant harm is caused, the hearing for improper occupation and removal will be further postponed to May 18.

Huntington extended the period to waive fines related to arrears of municipal services and garbage charges to June 30.

This period is limited to expire at the end of April.

It only applies to property occupied by the owner and does not affect the principal and interest owed.

The National Bureau of Children and Families is providing special assistance to families temporarily losing their income due to the pandemic.

The pandemic cash transfer assistance is open to families who have not participated in WV WORKS who have a dependent child and have low or no income due to the coronavirus. Expect a job or income after the pandemic.

WV WORKS asset limits will apply, although financial growth will not be included in the 60-month WV WORKS limit or other state Department of Health and Human Resources benefits.

This is the live link of today's briefing:

Find the stream here:

The Berkeley County Parks and Recreation Commission of Martinsburg has fired most of the workers.


According to reports, starting on Saturday, 10 of these 17 employees were on leave.

The park board suffered thousands of dollars in hotel and motel tax losses for failing to open its revenue-generating facilities.

Park executive director Steve Catlett (Steve Catlett) said the park will need help from the city and county.

The Monongalia County Health Department said Thursday that the second case of coronavirus in the Evansdale residential area of ​​West Virginia University has been confirmed.

According to officials, 108 workers and residents were tested.

The person is in isolation. The health department is investigating the case.

The Evansdale cafe, restrooms and gathering area have been cleaned. Residents have received meals and protective equipment, including masks, gloves and disinfection wipes.

As the state continues to fight the spread of the coronavirus and all regional offices continue to close, the State Automobile Administration has extended the period of many driver’s licenses and vehicle transactions by 90 days, including the expiration of driver’s licenses in May.

The announcement revised the recent memorandum, which extended the expiry date of any of the following documents from the expiry date of the document to three months, that is, from March or April 2020 (now May) Three months from:

In addition, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced the extension of the federal REAL ID implementation period to October 1, 2021. This extension allows customers more time to obtain their REAL ID credentials. For more information about the "Federal Driver's License" of REAL ID and DMV, please visit:


Many of the transactions most needed by DMV can be completed

Or mail, no need to go to the regional office. Online services include:

For more information, you can call the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles at 1-800-642-9066.

Find the live broadcast here

This is today's briefing flow:

After the U.S. Department of Transportation suspended its prohibition on parking such vehicles in federally funded rest areas, the West Virginia Highway Bureau has established regulations on food trucks.

Since truck drivers and drivers have few food choices in the rest area, food trucks will be allowed.

Food trucks will have to submit an application to the state at each rest area location in West Virginia.

It can be streamed here:

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Bluefield Regional Medical Center will close its OB/GYN and surgical services department at the end of April.

The board of directors of Princeton Community Hospital pointed out that the closure will take effect on April 30 and is permanent.

Princeton Community Hospital said on Friday that it will make every effort to meet the needs of doctors and patients

This is the live link

The briefing originally scheduled to be held at noon today was slightly postponed until 12:30 in the afternoon.

This is today's briefing

The Sundale Nursing Home in Morgantown reported a second COVID-19-related death. Carl Shrader, Sundale's medical director, said the female resident died at Ruby Memorial Hospital on Tuesday night.

Schrader said the woman is in her eighties and has potential health problems. This is the second death of the resident. A 76-year-old male resident died on April 3.

This will be the fifth time the state has died from the coronavirus. The Ministry of Health and Human Resources has not officially reported on this.

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals will begin hearing oral arguments next Tuesday, albeit through remote technology.

Judges will only hear cases involving time-sensitive abuse, negligence and criminal matters. Other cases are being rescheduled.

The debate will still be broadcast online. The justices are lawyers and will participate remotely.

US Senator Shelley Moore Capito (Shelley Moore Capito) and other senators urged the Trump administration to allow local and state governments to use coronavirus relief funds flexibly.

According to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, each state can receive at least $1.25 billion to deal with the impact of the health pandemic.

The senator wrote to Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, asking the Treasury Department to reduce regulations so that states have more control over how the money is used.

15 other Republican senators signed the letter on Tuesday.

The chairman of the State Board of Education, Dave Perry, announced on Wednesday that he will interview candidates for the head of state schools from June 4 to 5. The interview was originally scheduled to take place from April 23 to 24.

Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, members of the West Virginia Board of Education have signed several preliminary waivers for certain education standards in response to the constant closure of schools throughout the state.

BOE held a meeting via conference call on Wednesday morning.

Generally, approved exemptions cover university and vocational standards for health education, vocational and technical education, as well as advanced elective teacher training and driver education regulations.

"We have been communicating with (State Board of Education) Chairman (Dave) Perry, there are indeed several exemptions that need to be resolved during the crisis," said school governor Clayton Burch.

Previously, members of the State BOE granted the president's immunity and again approved additional immunity because COVID-19 requires that the granted immunity be stated at regular BOE meetings.

Since students are not in the classroom, the state exemptions are separate from other necessary federal exemptions.

The power of the board is part of a speech by Heather Hutchens, general counsel of the U.S. Department of Education.

As of Wednesday, schools in West Virginia are planned to be closed until after April 30 and continue to teach through other methods.

Wednesday’s meeting began with an hour-long executive meeting.

The board members also briefly introduced the financial follow-up and intervention measures of the three county school systems in West Virginia: Lincoln, Brook and Berkeley.

The personnel and financial review is scheduled to take place in Lincoln County during the week of April 27th.

Members of the Brooke County Board of Education are expected to vote on many measures to reduce costs on Wednesday, including personnel changes and property sales.

The full report on Berkeley County, originally scheduled for Wednesday, will be submitted in May.

This is the link at 1:00 this afternoon

Press conference

The Hazel Ruby McQuain Charitable Trust has purchased $1.3 million worth of personal protective equipment for many hospitals and first responders.

The products purchased include approximately 1.1 million surgical masks, 163,000 surgical cork and 116,000 respirators, as well as disposable gowns, protective glasses and disposable suits.

WVU Medicine, Monongalia EMS, Roane General Hospital, Wheeling Hospital, Thomas Health System and Boone Memorial Hospital are all facilities that will receive these items.

Schools and vocational and technical education centers are donating more than 65,000 protective equipment to medical staff and emergency personnel, and are manufacturing 700 masks and 400 masks.

Unused protective equipment has been donated to the Cabell-Huntington Department of Health.

Educators and volunteers in Greenbrier, Fayette, Kanawha and Lincoln counties have been using 3D printers to make masks for district hospitals.

Berkeley County Schools and Jefferson County Schools have donated 3D printers to Shepherd University’s FASTENER Lab to make masks.

This is the link to the live broadcast:

West Virginia State University is changing its admission guidelines for the fall semester.

West Virginia State University exempts first-year students applying for the fall program from its standardized test requirements. The agency also provides flexibility for all students and schools who fail to submit official transcripts by August 1.

Applications for the fall semester will also be accepted until August 1.

"This is an unprecedented period, and we must act accordingly to ensure that all students seeking education from West Virginia State University can do this," said University President Anthony Jenkins.

"Our commitment to students has never been more firm. These temporary changes will ensure that we will continue to cultivate outstanding graduates who will continue to change every environment they enter."

The university will also provide virtual freshman guidance and counseling courses for all upcoming students. The Financial Aid Office will also provide financial aid with admitted students.

Today’s live broadcast can be found here

Mega Millions has adjusted the game starting jackpot on Friday, and has determined the subsequent starting jackpots one by one due to slow sales.

If someone wins the $121 million jackpot on Friday, the jackpot will be reset to $20 million before the withdrawal on April 7.

Gordon Medenica, Chief Director of Mega Millions, said: "The value of the Mega Millions jackpot is based on expected sales. Typical sales methods have changed because the current health crisis requires people to stay home."

"Our first concern is the health and well-being of everyone. At the same time, these adjustments will enable states and jurisdictions that sell "Millionaire" tickets to continue to generate much-needed revenue to support the state budget."

The previous jackpot started at US$40 million, with an increase of at least US$5 million per round.

To limit the spread of the coronavirus, Wal-Mart will limit the number of people who can enter a store at a time.

The company announced on Friday that it can only accommodate 5 customers per 1,000 square feet, accounting for about 20% of the store's total capacity. When other customers exit, new customers will be allowed to enter.

The new policy will take effect on Saturday.

Employees will mark the number of customers at the single entrance, which is the entrance to the grocery store in most locations.

Starting next week, the store will move one-way through the aisle to limit close contact with other people.

WVU Health Sciences Vice President and Executive Dean joins

Discuss how to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Look:

— MetroNews (@WVMetroNews)

Due to the impact of the coronavirus, a hotel group in Charleston has temporarily laid off approximately 70% of its full-time and part-time employees.

Monarch Hotel Group operates Holiday Inn & Suites and Fairfield by Marriott in South Charleston and the Hampton by Hilton in South Ridge Mall.

These hotels are providing assistance to employees, including providing pre-prepared meals. Staff can dine at Holiday Inn & Suites between 2am and 4pm.

The West Virginia Department of Education now has a one-hour program block on West Virginia Public Radio to encourage student participation.

"Education Station" will air on Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am. The Ministry of Education and educators will develop this section, which will feature individuals in the field.

State School Director Clayton Burch said that school closures forced education leaders to be "creative, flexible and focused on meeting the needs of our children."

Here is a place worth seeing:

The Monongahela National Forest has closed its recreational spaces and stipulated that the number of activities should not exceed 10 people.

This change affects all developed campsites, developed daily use areas, Zhongshan huts and bathroom facilities, and roadside campsites along the Cranberry and Williams Rivers.

Other recreational opportunities are still open to the public, including hiking, backpacking and fishing. Require visitors to comply with federal guidelines before and during the visit.

The US Forest Service also advises campers not to camp in the same location for 14 consecutive days. Campers must leave the field for at least 5 miles and cannot return until 21 days later.

Sheetz will launch a free meal plan for children and families in need on Thursday.

Kidz Meal Bagz is planned to be open all day. Interested families should request meals on the employee register, which will be provided as supplies continue.

A meal will be provided for each child’s family.

In the next two weeks, meal plans will be available at Sheetz’s locations in West Virginia, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The company will evaluate the plan after this period and determine its future.

Marshall University allows students to earn course credits in the spring semester instead of relying on the traditional grading system.

Letter grades A, B, or C will be converted to receive credit, and the final grade D or F will result in no credit. Only grades earned for credits are counted as graduation, but all grades will not affect the semester or cumulative GPA.

For the remainder of the entire semester, students will have to participate in all course activities, including assessments.

Students must choose to change the grading before April 24, and can make changes from course to course.


The briefing is 11 a.m.

The federal government has granted exemptions from two supplementary nutrition assistance programs to the State Bureau of Children and Families.

The exemption provides an extension to the plan to renew the plan for individuals who are eligible for review in March, April, or May. Extension for six months.

The exemption also allows supplementary payments to families that have approved benefits before April, and increases benefits to the maximum allowable monthly amount.

Federal lawmakers from West Virginia sent a letter to President Donald Trump on Tuesday, asking him to expedite his request for a statewide declaration of major disasters.

Governor Jim Justice requested this statement on March 13.

Legislators said the declaration will provide better support for testing, the West Virginia National Guard and ensuring that children eat.

They wrote: "Our goal is to support and help you to contain this virus, and to ensure the health and safety of our fellow citizens." "We have a lot of work to do together, and this declaration allows us to deal with it in the fastest way possible. The greatest number of people have the greatest impact."

Governor Jim Justice has signed an executive order that suspends several regulations regarding the coronavirus response.

The West Virginia Board of Nursing and West Virginia Medical Board urged the implementation of an executive order that exempted certain medical procedures and suspended the anesthesia request. The order also allows doctors who already have a relationship with the patient to supplement existing Schedule II opioids without personal examination.

Schedule II opioids include methadone, oxycodone and fentanyl.

The physician still needs to evaluate the patient and determine whether the supplementary prescription is appropriate.

The West Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Administration is recommending that retail liquor stores increase their distance from society and limit the number of people who gather in the store.

The organization issued a warning based on reports of West Virginians and outsiders buying liquor.

The government also recommends limiting the sales of liquor to three to four bottles per person, and recommends installing a plexiglass shield between the cashier and the consumer.


The briefing time is 2pm

The Public Service Commission of West Virginia temporarily waived the requirement for solid waste transportation vehicles to collect bulky goods.

Collecting large items requires additional travel and special equipment, which may divert resources from solid waste collection.

The committee stated that all waste collected can only be limited to items placed in airtight bags.

The West Virginia Environmental Protection Agency cancelled the annual Youth Environment Day event held at North Bend State Park.

The event was originally scheduled to be held on May 16, and this spring is the 57th consecutive year.

Every year, hundreds of youth group members are recognized for their projects aimed at improving the state’s environment and communities.

The project will be judged and the winner will be recognized in a format discussed later. More than $15,000 in cash prizes are awarded to winners each year.

Marshall University is changing its GPA requirements based on merit scholarships.

The agency announced on Monday that it has lowered the minimum standards for current students, reducing the overall GPA of first-year students enrolled from 2.75 to 2.5. Compared with the current 3.0 GPA requirement, other undergraduates must achieve 2.75 GPA.

It still requires students to earn 30 credits per year.

The Mayor of Huntington City, Steve Williams, announced on Monday that the police would be used to sabotage large numbers of people in his city who violated the full-time orders of Governor Jim Justice.

Williams said in the press release: "This is a critical moment, and everyone in our community plays a vital role in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic." "This means if you and/or your If family members leave your home for any purpose permitted by the governor’s order, stay at home and follow appropriate social counseling advice. We will not tolerate flagrant disregard of orders. Doing so will cause public health hazards, not only our The community is at risk, and all of our healthcare professionals and first responders are also at risk."

Williams said the order covers public and private gatherings.

Remind the public that the Huntington Police Department will implement

For any non-essential businesses that are still in operation and any large social gatherings outside the scope of this order, execute the orders of executives to stay at home. More:

—Huntington, West Virginia (@huntingtoncity)

The Kanawaha County Commission announced on Monday that it has sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Warner regarding the safety of pollsters in the general election.

"Yesterday, the President of the United States confirmed my speech since the first statement on March 13. I expect this to last at least 8 weeks, and the fe

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