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Dearborn, Michigan – This year's Wilde Award is different from the past few years for many reasons.

The 2019-2020 season has been shortened, and the last performance we can see was in early March. After COVID-19 shortened our season, the staff of EncoreMichigan spent weeks discussing the best way to fulfill the work of the season. We have been discussing changes even before COVID-19 has changed our lives, but the damage the virus has caused to the battlefield has consolidated our thoughts on making changes.

After months of conversations between us and with thoughtful members of the community, the changes we have been considering before COVID-19.

The biggest change is that starting this year, we no longer specify the winners of a single category or even contact.

We call the new system "best". In other words, we are honored to be nominated for performances and works under the old system. Since all the critics cannot see every performance, we think this is more suitable for awards and the community.

We have changed the categories to accommodate the comments of critics. Although we divide drama works into drama and comedy, so we can reasonably consider the number of top shows, we have merged the individual performance category into drama and musical. This proves how good our theater is in producing a truly ensemble-driven theater. The reason why we give up our review of the Youth Theater is because we cannot keep up with the development of the product and therefore cannot win a legal award in this category. We also deleted the "Best Tour Show".

Sorry, it took us a long time to award the award.

God bless, we will return to normal in 2021 and can perform again. At the same time, the people who are committed to bringing us an alternative theater through Zoom and Youtube are really great.

We do not know that EncoreMichigan's future will be in 2021 and beyond. This is an open question. Some people in the community suggested that we leave. Others beg us to move on. It is still "to be determined".

However, you may feel a little bit about EncoreMichigan and Wilde Awards. Please note that the long time and cost of creating community gathering places is always out of love for the theater and the people in the community. This is an honor, and most of it is an honor. Writing, editing, and processing up to 230 job vacancies every year and organizing the Wilde Award are the volunteer work of many people.

The critics of this season are: Bridget Redman, Marin Heinritz, Keim Reinstadler, Angela Colombo, Tanya Gazdic, Patty No Lan, Sue Merrell, Amy Parent, Roy Sexton, Julie Lindley, Paula Bradley and David Keeley.

Congratulations, our team has chosen to recognize its outstanding performance and dedication in the most recent season. For all those performing theater performances, you will have our eternal love and respect.

Theaters that want to increase their visibility should promote it to "XXX Theater has won the 2020 Wilde Award from Encore Michigan, the leading theater news agency of XXX Play in Michigan." Or... "John / Jane Doe ) Won the 2019-2020 Wilde Award for his role in XXX Play/Music."

As always, if we make a spelling error, please send the correction to Therefore, we will make corrections for a week and then print out the award certificate.

Since there is no funds for the award plaque this year, EncoreMichigan will mail the two fragile certificates of each certificate to the theater in high-quality paper, one of which will be forwarded to the individual winners. By the way: If 2020 is not difficult enough, our long-term supply of plaques, Little Bill's, has closed down, and the owner, Bill Kandilian, passed away a few months ago. If the theater wants to order a plaque for their hall to match the plaque from the past few years, we can work with you to achieve this goal through a new trophy/plaque supplier.

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