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Delivery and assembly of new porch furniture in the Church Street Tower. 

A helping hand in the church street tower.

Assemble new porch furniture for 61 residents in the church street tower. 

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WEST CHESTER — Residents of municipalities with subsidized or affordable housing will now be more comfortable socializing and watching the world go by.

On Saturday, members of the Presbyterian Church and First Crew and good neighbors in the West Chester community delivered and assembled new porch furniture at the Church Street Tower at N 222 Church Street.

Thanks to the generous donations of some community partners and a donation of US$12,200, 61 residents in 56 apartments received six large chairs, six small chairs and two coffee tables. The furniture has replaced uncomfortable outdated seats.

The Chester County Housing Commission, the Sunrise Chapter of the Rotary Club of West Chester, the Westminster Presbyterian Church and individual donors including Lou Beccaria of the former Phoenix Health Foundation, all Attended the meeting. Good neighbors in the community have been raising funds since the summer.

Dawn Douglass is the president of the neighborhood and a resident of Church Street Tower. She said that the porch is a window for residents to the world.

Douglas said: "People sit and enjoy the fun of passersby while enjoying each other's company." "A lot of people are struggling now. It's amazing that people reach out to help us."

Randy Taylor was with "good neighbors in the community" and said that the purchase was a joint effort of both parties.

She said: "This will improve the atmosphere on the porch." "This is a great thing, and we can work hard for it."

GIANT and ACME supermarkets also helped all subsidized housing residents in the town through “holiday food” donations. Wawa donated coffee and hot chocolate.

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